Wednesday, October 31, 2007

oh look, halloween

Well, since this thing works... I guess I'll post a real post. I hate halloween, but I do enjoy dressing up for it. I'm going to be a doctor this year. I'll be sure to list how many people think that I'm a nurse just because I'm a girl. I'm going to a Halloween thing tonight. I hope I don't go crazy before then.

In other news... I have a paper due in English next Monday and even before that, I have to study for my Sociology class because I think we're having a test on saturday and I still haven't begun my Soc research paper. Even before that, I have a speech due in Public Speaking class. I have to inform them of something in my speech and keep it to 4-6 minutes without saying "um" once. That'll be hard. I love saying "um".

Random Thought: I like cereal

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