Friday, December 4, 2009

Medical *S-coooool!

So I though I'd share with you all today my new favorite series. It is actually one of my old favorites as well, but with a new twist.

"Scrubs" has just kicked off their new season and has made it into a sort of spinoff. The new season, Season 9, has been dubbed "Scrubs: Med School". Now, I felt while watching the original "Scrubs" seasons, that it borrowed a lot of elements from Samuel Shem's classic "The House Of God" . I think that this, among other reasons, is why most people claim that "Scrubs" is the most accurate TV portrayal of hospital life out there. I love the show because there aren't one-in-a-million super rare diseases that have to be found every episode, or diseases that get mis-diagnosed five times before the real cause of the problem is found thanks to an epiphany by the main character. I also love it because of moments like these:

Priceless, no?

Now, the new season is just as hilarious and has many of the same hilarious stars as the original seasons! The new stars who play the first year medical students are amazing. Kerry Bishe's character is brilliant! There's no way to describe how funny this season is so far. You'll just have to follow this link to watch for yourself.

But I have a question. Is the new season as true in it's representation of medical school as the past seasons have been in their representation of life in a hospital? I'd like to think they're still trying to be as accurate as possible in their portrayal of these sorts of things, but I'm not the best judge, seeing as I am still trudging through undergrad as if it were molasses.

So to those of you who have both seen the new season's premire episodes and have been through medical school, I'd love to know how they're doing! Are they as accurate as they were with the original seasons or are they slipping? Are they doing a horrible job in their interpretation or are they pretty spot on? Any and all opinions are welcome. Especially if you are of the opinion that my hair is pretty much amazing today, because I would totally have to agree.

*Juuuuust a quick little side-note here, I've known how to spell "School" since 1st grade. The title is supposed to represent how the show "Scrubs" is putting the "cool" back in "school". It's a little pronunciation joke. Nothing to do with spelling. Which I am awesome at. Just ask my 4th and 5th grade spelling bee 1st place ribbons. They have the number 1 and bees on them, so they're pretty much as legit as it gets.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas time is here.

And so is Finals Week! This week is going to be killer. I seriously am NOT looking forward to the finals this week. I have so much work that's been piling up in the last month and I'm just soooo frustrated with all of it. I wish school would just go away.

Also, there's a dance coming up next weekend. It's kind of a church dance, but they're saying that it's a little more formal and there will be a dinner before-hand. They're also saying "Dates are encouraged, but not required". That's pretty much like saying "Bring a date, or you will feel really awkward". And it's not like high school prom, where I REALLY REALLY didn't want to go. Mostly because I have never really seen the point of prom. It's just "Hey, buy a really expensive dress that you'll only wear once and then put it in the closet to never be seen again so that you can impress all of these people that you'll never see again!" No thanks, high school prom, you can keep your shallow, material sentiments. I don't need them. But I do sort of want to go to this December dance. Just a bit. And maybe I just need to do something and the dance is all that is available to project my boredom solutions on, I don't know, all I do know is that I will probably end up not going for one reason or another.

Anyway, this is just a random brain dump, so feel free to ignore.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not the best of times, not the worst of times.

Don't you hate when things happen that not only inconvenience you, but anyone who is involved?

Today, I found out that my bank lost a check. It's not their fault. Technically, they sent the check to a collections service or something and THEY lost it. But the bank, naturally, has to deal with the inconvenient consequences (ie: telling me, working out a way to fix it, etc.).

Now, my bank has been extremely helpful to me in the past, and I understand that this sort of thing happens. I also understand that these people are trying to do the best they can to work out a solution and help me to straighten all of this out.

Their solution so far has been: E-mail the person who issued the check and see if they can issue another one. Either that, or see if they can wire the money directly to my bank account.

So this situation is inconvenient. Not only is it inconvenient for me (who doesn't have the money I expected to have before the Thanksgiving Holidays), but it is also inconvenient for the issuer of the check (who has to worry about the lost check and where in the world it might be and decide whether to send another one or to deal with the situation in another way), and for the bank employees who have to deal with who sent the check when and where it was sent and who put it where.

I think part of dealing with situations like this in a civil manner is understanding that there is not only one person inconvenienced by the situation at hand. It would be easy for one party or another to get frustrated with the outcome of a failed transaction and to start throwing blame one way or another. But I think that throwing blame is a good way to get nothing accomplished.

I mean, yes, I am frustrated with the amount of time it took to deal with all of this. The check was sent one day (with a little delay and unexpected inconvenience on that end, but that's alright), received one week later, given to the bank the day it was received, and was supposed to take 30 business days (no weekends or holidays) to be deposited into my account. So I have been waiting on this money for the better part of 2 months to find now that it's all for naught.

But being frustrated gets you nowhere fast.

I'd like, now, to quote 13-year-old me's favorite movie The Mummy. And trust me, I could recite that movie. My favorite quote from that movie is when the desert people are attacking Brendan Frasier's ship as it's on it's way to the lost city. Brendan Frasier is telling Rachel Weiz to jump overboard, and he's getting impatient. "Patience is a virtue!" she reminds him. "Not right now it isn't!" he tells her as he picks her up and throws her off of the burning ship.

Bottom line = There is no burning ship here. I can wait. I don't have to go overboard.*

*And oh my gosh, didn't that just turn out to be the best analogy ever? I just made it up, seriously, right on the spot! Man oh man! I done good!

Update- Everything seems to be fine now. The situation was handled quickly now that we've turned to the internet to help us. Haha! I am so thankful (hey, it's thanksgiving, right?) for the cooperation and professionalism that has been shown by everyone involved. It's moments like these that help me to appreciate being a "grown up" (yuck! I can't believe I just typed that!).

I'm a big kid now!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weird new toy.

Alright, so whilst veggin on the couch, channel surfing the other day, I came across an advertisement for a slightly disturbing toy.

At first glance, you see this young boy playing with his dinosaur toys and having fun, and then one starts squirting water out of it's mouth. Oh how fun! A dinosaur/squirt gun! "Yipee!" the kids shout. "I love my spitting dinosaur!".

But I know the only reason that child is not screaming his lungs out and fleeing for dear life is that he is too young to have seen Jurassic Park.

The only reason the kid in the commercial is not rolled up in the fetal position on the floor covering his face with both hands is that he is too young to have been witness to the terror that can be found in Steven Speilberg's 1993 dino movie Jurassic Park.

And if you are not at least squirming uncomfortably in your seats as I describe this terrifying toy, I feel I need to remind you of a little something.


(click only if you have a spare pair of tidy whities handy, cuz your gonna need 'em!)

Alas, if only Dennis the Jurassic Park Menace had thought before heading to the Docks in that horrible weather. I don't care if he couldn't have gotten another boat for awhile, he should've planned his law breaking ahead of time and left earlier! This last minute slip up of Newman's caused him his job, his integrity, his life, and his dignity. He got taken down by what size dinosaur? Really?

I saw this movie at age 5. That part still scares the heck out of me! You all are lucky I was even able to find that clip for you! I still haven't watched the whole thing to see if it's ligit! I've watched, maybe, five seconds at each end.

Frickin' toy. That poor, ignorant child playing with it! If only he knew. . . if only he knew. . .

Sunday, November 8, 2009

School! So stay in it!

Unless you are one of those kids from that movie The Faculty. Then you can run away from your school as fast as your legs will take you.

But if you're in a normal school, then by all means, stay there! And I don't mean in the same way Ryan Reynolds did in Van Wilder, but in the way that all the students did in that movie Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman.

Stay in school to get an education and a diploma and degree, so you can keep yourself from being a hobo.

Side story, I fed a hobo the other day at the hospital. I gave him most of the fries from my chick-fil-a meal, and half of my chicken sandwitch. That counts as a good deed, right?

Does it still count as a good deed if the hobo is my brother-in-law? I'm sure it probably does.

Anyway, back to the subject of school.

Book learnin' is good for ya. So keep at it. If you're thinking "I can't do this, I should just drop out!" , then DON'T! Think positive thoughts! If Doogie Howser could handle it at the young age of 10, then you can do it at the not so young age of however old you are. I know you aren't ten. Ten year olds don't read blogs! The thought alone is ridiculous.

Education will serve you throughout your life. Education is the one thing you can take with you wherever you go. Education is the one thing that you cannot get too much of.

But don't take my word for it! Listen to "Swingin' on a star" by Bing Crosby, as sung by Bruce Willis in this classic clip from the 1991 movie "Hudson Hawk"-

I really only made this post for the references I wanted to make, links I wanted to share, and video I wanted to post. I had no real point other than to be. But stay in school kids! School is cool!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Karma is out to get me!

I don't know what I did. I don't know who I upset. All I know is that Karma is out to get me!

You'd think that after what happened at the end of September, I'd be on the safe side assuming I wouldn't have to visit the hospital for another year at least!

But this morning, my big sister called. And my little nephew has swollen lymph nodes in his neck.

I brought him lunch, and he seems fine, but his neck is swollen like crazy!

The hospital says they've only seen whatever it is twice before, and pediatrics have called Internal Medicine and ENT surgeon into it!

Even the medical students are being shown into my nephew's room to examine the weird frankenstien neck thing he has going on.

This poor kid is only 4 years old, and his doctor there is now saying that he might need surgery! I have faith as usual that what needs to be done will be done, but talking about surgery on my little buddy is kinda scary. He's my favorite little kid in the world and now he's going to have to get cut open?

I'm kinda frustrated with life throwing us these curveballs left and right. Thank goodness he's at the hospital he is. Our hospital here "has been ranked among the nation's top 50 hospitals in five specialties in U.S. News' 2009-10 publication of America's Best Hospitals."

None of the five ranked specialties have anything to do with my nephew's swollen lymph nodes, but it's still pretty impressive, yeah? Right? Riiiiiiight? Yeah, you know your jealous. Unless you live in Washington State, or Maryland, or Minnesota, or Ohio, or you know what? I don't care where you live. Just be jealous anyway. It will make me feel better.

My Little Buddy

(P.S.- this counts as a med-blog-gy post, right? Riiiiiiiiight? )

UPDATE: They sent him home Tuesday with an Rx for some pain meds and something to keep the swelling down. Hopefully, this was just a weird one time thing that will go away and never come back.

Monday, October 26, 2009

If I were a TV exec*. . .

Coming this fall to the new primetime lineup! A sitcom about a demoralized governer and his newly adopted illigitimate offspring from Argentina!

Introducing: Mark Sanford and Son!

Now that they're together, but on their own, they decide to start a family business of selling junk to people in a lower middle class neighborhood!

The theme song will sound something like this, but will be played by a mariachi band.

This odd coupling will have your family rolling as they try to figure out what life is all about!

*I wish I could make this be real.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Going to go have fun!

I'm going to go out tonight with my friends to a Halloween Themed YSA dance! I think it's going to be fun. It's a dress-up thing, so I'm going as a cowgirl. I can't get enough of being around people I love. It feels so awesome to get out and be around people who have my back. I won't be home until around 2am, but I honestly don't care because I'll be in good company!


Had a pretty awesome time! I met my "little brother"'s new gf, and shall report back to my "other mother" as soon as possible. Also, I almost entered the costume contest, but when I was informed that the prize would be a date with the host of the party, I decided it wasn't all that worth it. Hahaha! I think that guy likes himself too much.

Anyway, my favorite costume was some girl who was dressed up as Flo, the progressive insurance lady from the commercials! (linkage to my favorite commercial with her)

Anyway, I had a pretty awesome time, but was up super late! Got to bed around 2pm! Holy cow! But then I slept for ten hours, and now I'm all better.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I can't help it. . .

. . . if I have a legit celeb crush on Dan Gurewitch. Especially after he actually responded (on Ustream) after I asked if he was single on the trending (for like, 20 minutes) twitter topic #pranked . (Watch Pranked!) Other than co-starring and co-writing in The CollegeHumor Show that ran for a short season on MTV earlier this year, and acting in Giancarlo Fiorentini's HIT MOVIE The Old Man and The Seymour he also acts, writes, and directs sketches for the site.

And I do believe that this may be one of the most link-filled posts I've done, like, ever. I guess that's what I get for blogging about someone who works on the internet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Is it more ridiculous. . .

. . .That I got into a "Who loves Christmas more" argument. . .

. . .or . . .

. . .That I won after three solid minutes of comparing who has more christmas things?

I guess it just proves that I do love Christmas an aweful lot. I wish it came twice a year. And that we could just skip over Halloween.

And haha! Look at that! Christmas is even a posting label on my blog! Yay Christmas!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Upbeat Post

My big bro just texted me, and shared a hilarious story, and I thought I'd share it with you!

His text said "So theatre nerds just mobbed the crap out of me."

I texted back "Freak, man. For real?" ("freak was said because my phone can't spell "frick")

He texted "Yeah, there's a regional high school competition, so they're roaming the streets in hoards"

I texted him "I hope you are planning to elaborate"

Then he called me and explained that he was on his way to The Grind to get some hot chocolate, and when he walked in, a group of theatre students at a table looked at him. One of the students, a girl, said "That's him!!!" and they all rushed toward him.

My brother, of course, asked them what they were talking about.

Apparently, they said, they had a friend in the hospital with a broken knee.

At this point, he panicked, thinking that they were trying to blame him for the mishap.

But they went on to explain that she had one request before she went into surgery.

She said that the last thing she wanted to see before surgery, (in case she didn't make it through) was a hot guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Apparently, this describes my brother. I personally have no idea if he's hot or not, so I have to rely on outside sources, which confirm that he is a looker. All this means to me is that I have to help him beat off the crazies with a stick. But other than that, good for him.

So they took his picture, sent it to their hospitalized friend, thanked him and left.

My poor big brother. I hope he can learn to avoid situations like this in the future. I'm not out there at school with him (He's in Utah!) so therefore can't defend him from the evils of girls and theatre kids.

Watch out Bro! Keep an eye on those ladies! They're tricky!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I hope, one day. . .

I hope, one day, I'll be as wise as my mother was.

I hope, one day, I'll be as brave as my father is.

I hope, one day, I'll be as independant as my sister.

I hope, one day, I'll be as strong as my brother.

I hope, one day, I'll be as loving as my uncle.

I hope, one day, I'll be as caring as my aunt.

I hope, one day, these traits I will have.

But now, today, I can only hope.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Last Day

My last day with my mother was yesterday.

She wanted me to take my brothers to seminary and school because her head hurt.

I did.

She wanted me to take her to the store because she wanted to buy presents for my little brother's birthday.

I did. And we waited a half hour outside a store that opened later than we thought it did.

She wanted me to take her to Publix, so she could buy milk for later.

I did.

She wanted me to drop the kid off at pre-school so that she wouldn't have to drive. And then get to class immediately afterward.

I did.

She texted me in the middle of Math class. It said "Call Me".

I walked out of the class right then and did.

She said that she called the nurse at her doctor's office and that the nurse told her to go to the emergency room.

I immediately told her I'd be right there, hung up, and ran to get my stuff and get to the car and sped home. I think I made record time.

She wanted me to drop her off at the emergency room, so that I would be able to continue with the things she wouldn't do, like picking up my little brother from school.

I walked her in and said that I loved her and goodbye.

She called from the hospital later telling me that they said everything was alright.

And then they called later than that. And I went down there.

And everything is not alright.

she's gone

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Checkup from the Neck-up.

That was a line from Fern Gully. Such a good movie.

Anyway, so I've been collecting quotes from my American Government teacher for quite some time now (as I did with my Anatomy and Physiology teacher) and I don't care if this means I have one less quote to include in a future blog for fear of being too repetitious. It went a little something like this. . .

"When a government fails, who's fault is it? It's your fault. It's your neighbor's fault. It's your mother's fault. It's always been your mother's fault. Always."

. . . My first thought? Don't you be talkin' bout my momma like that.

My second thought? He is out of his mind.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is the government my 5th grade math teacher?

They can get anyone to apologize for anything.


  • After the President used some less-than-kind words to describe a certain stage-rushing musician, and then was quoted, the person who quoted him had to apologize for "quoting words that were never intended to be made public". But I think that's kind of silly, don't you? Shouldn't one be held accountable for what they said instead of someone else being held accountable for repeating it?

  • When a certain congressman from my own state shouted out very rudely during a presidential address, he rightly apologized to the interruptee. But apparently, that's not good enough. Not just one, but two or three apologies are needed! Geez!

So I have a question for you. Can the government do me a favor and make all the mean kids from 6th grade apologize? Ohh! And my 6th grade music teacher. He was really rude to me. OHH OHH! And that guy from 9th grade who drew mean things in my yearbook. Can the government make him apologize too? OH OH! And my 6th grade school psychiatrist who wouldn't believe that I was kidding about having an imaginary friend, so he called my mom to ask her to get me "psychiatrically evaluated"? 6th grade was an ugly year for me. The government should just find everyone I came in contact with that year and make them apologize for all the stuff I had to deal with.

Oh, and since they're in the business anyway, can they make my little brother apologize for running into my fist? It was a traumatic experience for me watching him writhe in pain while I stood over him and laughed. And maybe the government should make whoever it was that told that one girl that I thought her shoes were ugly apologize for spreading it around. That'll be good enough until I make another mistake or misspeak. Maybe if this blog is taken the wrong way and critisized meanly, the government can make everyone who read it apologize for their pre-suppositions!

Friday, September 4, 2009

There are no bells in college!


We all know what it's like. We've seen "Animal House".

We've seen "Accepted".

We've all seen our share of college-themed movies and shows.

Some of us, me included, are actually in college ourselves!

And we know what it's like. The drinking, the partying, the tiny refrigerators with the too-small freezer that you can maybe fit a few dozen fla-vor-ice freeze pops in, the R.A.'s, the microwavable meals. . .they all give the impression of "yeah, I'm in college"

Now, we've all seen that show Saved By The Bell, right? The high school kids, the early 90's, and the antics that followed them through all four years of school?

You know you have. Don't act like you didn't laugh that time Slater and Zack had to fix Mr. Belding's car before he got back to school but the shop kids took the whole thing apart. Oh those roughneck auto shop kids; always making things more difficult for Zack and the gang!
The hilarity is almost overwhelming!

Now, like a good show about kids in school, it stuck to the time limit of four years. So the kids went from freshman year all the way to graduation in a very timely manner.

But in 1993, they tried to send the kids to college. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of higher education, but anyone can see why Saved by the Bell: The College Years only lasted one season.

While they attempted to cover the basics of fraternities, sororities, and raising money to go to spring break in Cancun, they failed to grasp college as a whole.


  • They went to all of their classes. And when Kelly skipped a class or two, Zack yelled at her and told her that she'd "never amount to anything" if she continued the behavior.

  • They all went to the same college and stayed best friends forever. Zack even married his high school sweetheart in the season finale! (oh, come on, you know you weren't planning on watching this anytime soon!)

  • They were all best friends with their Resident Advisor who is an ex football player and way too old to be in college. (NOTE: My apologies. There's no such thing as "Way too old to be in college", and I should not have said that. My anatomy and physiology study buddy last semester was in her 60's at least and making better grades than me! So my bad on that one.)

  • I didn't see a single illegal substance during the whole one episode I watched.

  • And lastly- There were no Bob Marley, John Belushi, Scarface, or generic hot chick posters anywhere!

Oh Saved by the Bell. You disappoint me.

Hopefully, one day, we'll have a show that tells it like it is. A show that does for college what The Office did for desk jobs. But for now, we'll have to either put up with ABC's "Greek", or just stick with National Lampoon's classics.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go check out some Collegehumor.

I love Jolly Ranchers!

Alright, so I have a Public Speaking class this semester. My first speech has to be a process speech. It can be about anything (says my teacher). She even said I could trace the history of a specific company if we wanted to! Like presenting a timeline to the class! The company I've chosen is Connected Ventures.

I spend enough time on their sites and know enough about the company already, it'll be easy to talk about it. And I'm sure I won't have any problems with finding enough information to present. I think my biggest problem will be making a smooth segue from one point to the other.

I think segues are my biggest issue when required to speak in public. I've spoken plenty of times, and have no problem doing so. I live for the laughs I get when addressing a group of people, but I hate spending time coming up with ways to transition from one subject to another.

But I have until next Wednesday to prepare and to make sure my transitions are smooth.

I think the only type of Jolly Rancher I'm not fond of is the apple kind. Can't they find someone who likes the apple kind and give them all the ones from my bag? Can't I just have a bag of blue, red, pink, and purple?

See? Did you see the complete lack of segue there? I mean, I went from talking about a class to talking about jolly ranchers! What the heck is that?! Where did that come from? I don't know. You don't know. No one will be able to find a connection that isn't there!

But seriously, Jolly Rancher people, if you could just find it in your hearts to make customizable bags, that'd be great.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dang yall. . .

Today my American Government teacher said what he'd been wanting to say since he first met us.

-Direct Quote-

"I am smarter than all of you."

Yes, that's right. Not "I'm smarter than all of you when it comes to. . . " No. He finished it with a period and everything. Question- Am I surprised? Answer- Not really. I've been waiting for it, actually.

But ah well. At least I'm passing. That matters much more right now than his ego.

I'll be able to stick it out for the next however many weeks and deal with it. A silly unrelated to the discussion comment here (ex: wow, those are really big words you're using) , a random personal question there (ex: did you get a haircut? cuz it looks - aaamazin'!) and I'll be out of there in no time.

Also- anyone who wants to buy one of these for me can if they want to. . . (hi mom!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Any Advice?

Thinking of switching from blogger to Tumblr. Any thoughts? Objections? Advice? I don't really know alot about Tumblr but I think you can customize a whole lot more. But I also don't know alot about designing something like that. Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there. Dunno if it'll be a good idea, but I'm just trowing it out there.

Friday, August 28, 2009


My adorable nephew came by today and we had fun playing video games! I'm glad he's around to help make it look like I'm awesome at them. And make it look like I'm taller than I am.

This is us being very very serious. See our serious faces? Nothing silly or funny going on at all in this picture!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School is. . coool?

Well, not all the time.

I've started a new semester and it's on to dealing with a whole new group of teachers. My American Gov. teacher seems to want to turn his class into an ethics/philosophy class, my Stats teacher wants to show us the long way even though we "won't ever need it", and my pub. speaking teacher was out for the first two weeks havin a baby and I haven't met her yet. My American History teacher is a little too enthusiastic, but other than that, fine.

Meanwhile, my big bro is across the country going to school in Utah. He gets to have a snowboarding class. How unfair is that?! And he hasn't called his favorite sister at all since he left! I guess he's having too much fun without me. . . but I miss my wingman.

Anywho, I've got a busy schedule and lots of homework. I'll be transferring next fall to USC and I've got to get my GPA up to a reasonable level. Dude, I'm such a slacker sometimes. I let videogames and hackeysac get in the way of more important things. But ah well. I'll get it together before I transfer. F'real.

Also- Mom has "Tennis Elbow". How funny is that? I mean, it's not cool at all for her, but it's funny that they call it tennis elbow, because she doesn't play tennis at all. But she's been Wii Boxing like crazy! So maybe she has "Wii Elbow". That should be a thing. Somebody make that a thing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My vid for Annie, Kimmeh, and whoever else.

Already showed them, but I figured I'd put it up here for y'all to check out.


I was sittin there, at the Annie and Burl show last Wednesday, and the topic of conversation was Pickup Lines. So I have a pretty good one that I've learnt and it helps me pick up spanish speaking hotties. But that is a lie. So I shared it with the chat room, and Annie tried to pronounce it. Which turned out to be hilarious. But at least she was braver than kimmeh and burl! Who both dismissed even attempting to say it.

So during the show, I figured I'd make a quick little vid about how to actually say it! So here is the video for you guys to check out. Enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Today, whilst joining in some horseplay with my little bro, I went too far ( I guess). You know that movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop? That part where Kevin James' character headbutts the guy and they're in the ball pit and he moans afterward "Nobody wins with a headbutt!" Thats sort of not true. I won. Well, and I lost. See, I got in trouble for it, but at least I didn't cry about how bad it hurt like someone. So I won and lost at the same time, I guess. Is this proof that I'm tougher than my little bro? I think so. And don't forget it!

I'd take a picture of the bruise I left on my head, but my camera is M. I. A, so I can't. But it's a pretty big red circle on my forehead. Luckily (even though I have a class tuesday night), it's like, 4 days until the next ysa dance, so I don't need to worry about it. It'll be gone by tommorrow most likely. And if it bruises, that'll be long gone come friday night.

Here's some music to send y'all off with, and a sweet fanmade vid to go with it- check it out, y'all!

I'm gonna go take an advil for this headache. (Totally unrelated- the headache is from the paint fumes filling our house right now thanks to the painter guys painting our house with paint.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

To Kimmeh

Congratulations and feel free to gloat. I'll be over here grumbling about it.

Never have I been more dissappointed than after last night's game.



Check it out Here if you must.

I'll be telling myself that at least we didn't lose as bad as a certain other team in a certain 5-0 game. *coughcoughgamefivecough* And that at least it wasn't a slaughterfest/shutout like said previous game.

Have fun with that cup while you can, because by this time next year, it'll be back where it belongs.

(hehe, I love hockey)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Side Hobby

Okay, so maybe you've seen and maybe you haven't the new show on ABC called "Castle". I'll admit, I've never seen it. But that doesn't mean I'm not going anywhere with this. One of the main characters (if not the main character- again, never seen it) in this show is played by a man who goes by the name of Nathan Fillion.

Now, this guy is hilarious. He really is. You've probably had a taste of it if you've seen even an advert for "Castle".

I found out who he was through this fun little internet movie called "Dr. Horrible's Internet Blog". If you haven't seen it, don't worry, you can check it out on anytime for free. I personally have bought the DVD and gotten a digital copy for my Zune.

Neil Patrick Harris is also in it. You know, "Doogie Howser, MD" (also on Hulu) or the guy from "How I Met Your Mother". He's a pretty funny guy. Also an amazing singer.

The show follows amateur super-villin Dr. Horrible (he has a PhD in "horribleness") who is trying to get into the Evil League of Evil by committing different crimes. He is thwarted again and again by his nemesis, Captain Hammer.

My big sister knows Nathan Fillion well. He starred in a sci-fi series called "Firefly" which, despite only lasting for a single season, was so popular it lead to a feature film: "Serenity". This came from both the cult-like fanbase and their demand for more and the sheer volume of DVD sales. Both series and movie were directed by Joss Whedon. He'd done alot of things before, and I think some of the fans of "Firefly" were rollover fans from his previous series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Another little "Branch" of this complicated tree is the internet series "The Guild". This series was sort of an inspiration for Whedon's "Dr. Horrible" movie, and stars the beautiful and talented writer and producer of the series- Felicia Day. She was cast as Neil Patrick Harris' crush in the "Dr. Horrible" movie, and has one heck of a voice.

Let's change over to a different subject for a minute. Y'know how iceburgs are, right? Take a look at this generic picture to get the gist of things.

If you've ever taken a psychology class, any professor will tell you that the mind, like an iceberg, is deeper below the surface.

I think the same concept applies to this subject. I saw some fanart from a guy named Jeffrey Cruz over on and decided to check out "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". As soon as I saw it, I was a fan of the movie and wanted to know more about the actors in it.

So I checked out a few episodes of "Doogie Howser, MD" on hulu. I watched out "The Guild" on youtube. I didn't mean to get this far down in the iceburg, but it just happened.

How glad I would be to be able to go back to just being a "Tip of the Iceberg" gal. But no, I am officially weirder for having gone down this far.

But at least I can say that I'm not as obsessive as alot of other people. Like I said before, I've never seen a single episode of "Castle", and I haven't watched Whedon's newest series "Dollhouse". I'll admit I've seen one episode of "Firefly" and have experienced the cinematic followup, but I've not seen the whole season. Nor have I ever gotten so into Whedon's "Buffy" or "Angel" as to watch more than an episode or two.

So maybe there's hope for me yet. . . please?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My awesome week!

So last year around November, I got a letter from the clerk of court calling me to serve JURY DUTY!!! Super awesome, right? Wrong! They then, a couple weeks later after I responded with the thing they asked me to fill out, postponed my Jury Duty until May '09! What?! I was so mad! I wanna be a jury person!

So May rolls around, and the first day I'm supposed to be in court, I am late for forgetting all about it! How horrible is that? But at least I showed up, so they moved me back a week.

So I go in on time the next week, I go through security, I go sit in a big room with about 150 other potential jurors, and I wait.

Eventually, the judge comes in and starts his spiel on how he knows we don't want to be here and have so many better things to do, but that he hopes that we will take advantage of the opportunity that has been forced upon us.

He then went through the list of exemptions that almost no one met. We were then split up into groups of 30 and sent to random courtrooms to be chosen or not for a certain case.

I was in the first group, and so I went up the stairs to the courtroom and sat waiting for some Jury action!

The judge explained the case and told us that we would then be called by name and either dismissed or called by the court to serve. Now, this process is pretty nerve-wracking. You stand up when they call your name, and if either the defense or the prosecution objects to your being a juror, you're out! How uncool!

But I guess fair is fair. So I watched, as one by one, my fellow jury duty people got called and then dismissed. It was intense. By the time I stood up, there were 7 people left who hadn't been addressed and only 3 spots on the jury.

They asked the state about me. The state said YES! (Well, they used alot of technical court jargon to say it, but basically, they said yes) They then asked the defense what it thought. I didn't think I was getting it. The defense had rejected so many girl jurors that I figured I was just one more, but I crossed my fingers and waited.

And finally, the defense attorney (in her equally fancy court jargon) said YES!! I quietly "whooped" to myself, and high fived people on my way out. "Cuz I'm a winner!" I whispered to them. That caused some giggling. But I really was excited to be on a Jury!

From then on, Jury escapades ensued left and right! I absolutely loved listening to the opening and closing statements. And we got our own little Jury room, and it was adorable hearing the D.A. yell "Objection!" left and right. I think that was her favorite word.

And it was also fun watching the State's attorney trying to win us (the jury) over with his shiney smiles. It was as if he had a checklist in his head:

Smile at the Jury to show them I'm on their side. . *flash a smile* And Check!
Stand next to the Jury in order to better relate to them . . . *move to the jury box* And Check!

He even brought a cute little posterboard of the crime scene! It was adorable! Like it was a show and tell he had worked on for a week with his mom.

I was kind of sad when the Defense didn't even present a case. That meant no more witnesses or evidence. Both of which I enjoyed very much! How cool!

So in the end, we deliberated. That was my favorite part. And we decided Guilty or Not Guilty. And then we watched as the decisions were presented.

If it didn't pay only $10 per day, I think I would want a job as a professional juror. How fun would that be? Only, of course, until I finished college and moved on to medical school.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time, and I hope to do it again sometime, but they said that the cycle only allowed for you to be called once every three years! How uncool!

Anybody got any jury duty I can take off their hands? I'll trade ya!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My birthday!

My birthday was Wednesday. I am now 21. I don't feel any older. I guess 21 is something you have to grow into.

We had a party Sunday. The whole family was there. I got some cool presents and some not so cool presents. The coolest of which included:

-A Flight of the Conchords CD!!!
-A The Fray CD!!
-Toy Night Vision Goggles!!!


- Bagles! I love bagles!

The worst present I got, I won't mention, but the person who gave it knows who they are. And to them I have this to say:

Despite the ridiculous lack of effort on your part, I still love you and I know that you love me. I know that you were probably too busy or something like that. So even though the gift I received was something I saw the next day on a mcdonalds commercial as the give-away toy, forget about it. I know I'll try to as well.

Now! I think I'll kick back and watch the old version of Escape to Witch Mountain. You know the one. The two kids and one plays a harmonica and there are flashbacks to a tragic accident. . . etc. Anyway, I hope I'll get to see the other one sometime in the future.

Friday, April 17, 2009

How I waste my time-

Here's another special "skill" of mine.

Thinking about how some people could possibly know other people. Just listen to what I'm saying, alright? It won't make sense and I'm not promising it'll be completely sensible, but check this out.

By the way, this is another one of my special skills.

I am friends with Dr. Val, right?

Well, at least, I certainly hope so!

And Dr. Val did an interview with Phylicia Rashad about peripheral artery disease back in September, right?

And it seems like the interview was a pretty good one! So it's safe to say that they could be considered friends, right?

Now, assuming that I'm correct so far, let's now go to The Cosby Show. In which Mrs. Rashad starred alongside Bill Cosby and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. So it's probably safe to assume that Mrs. Rashad is still quite good friends with those men she shared the stage with for so long, yeah?

We're going to assume I'm right.

So Malcolm-Jamal Warner recently filmed in a movie with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson called Fool's Gold.

I think it's safe to assume at this point that they're all good friends from spending so much time together during filming, right?

Now, going from there:

Matthew McConaughey just recently finished filming his newest movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which also features Breckin Meyer.

Breckin Meyer guest starred on an episode of House, MD back in 2008. Alongside both Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard.

Robert Sean Leonard starred alongside Robin Williams back in 1989's Dead Poet's Society.

One of my favorite movies with Robin Williams is Hook. In which he stars as Peter Pan across from Dustin Hoffman's Hook and Julia Roberts' Tinker Bell.

Julia Roberts was spectacular in her performance in Stepmom alongside Susan Sarandon.

And finally, Susan Sarandon starred in 2008's spectacular musical sensation Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey.

So if we assume that everyone is friends with everyone they meet at least once, that means that I AM FRIENDS WITH Dr. Val who is friends with Phylicia who is friends with Malcolm-Jamal Warner who is friends with Matthew McConaughey who is friends with Brekin Meyer who is friends with Robert Sean Leonard who is friends with Robin Williams who is friends with Julia Roberts who is friends with Susan Sarandon who is friends with PATRICK DEMPSEY!!

As you can see, it's very exciting.

Cuz Brandi Chastain says so.

Which reminds me. Not only are there only 12 days until my birthday, but there are only 419 days until the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa!!!! Wooo-hooo!! Start picking your teams and checking their groups! I think Romania has a very good chance this year! They were so close to the semi-finals in Euro '08 last year! But I still love Italy and Spain from Fifa '06!

Anyway, that's all from me. I hope you weren't too weirded out by my crazy movie association game. But I do it all the time. I just thought I'd share this one with you. I spent a good five minutes figuring it all out. And be sure to keep in mind that Fifa '10 Cup is coming up! And that my birthday is coming up sooner. I'll be 22 by the time the Cup rolls around, how weird is that?

But alas, it is time to finish up this blog post!

Farewell all!


La revedere!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You look like you could use a haircut. . and maybe some surgery.

So lately, there have been alot of . . . injuries . . in my family. A little more than a month ago, my little brother broke his leg. Both the tibia and fibula.

Luckily, doogie howser-lookin' resident at the local children's hospital was able to fix the bones and put them back in place. He did a really good job, so my little brother didn't need surgery. He would've needed a plate and some screws if it hadn't gone as well as it did.

About a week after he got his cast on, my big brother called from a hospital up in North Carolina about his broken collarbone. He had been snowboarding and I guess he fell off of the lift straight onto his face. So he's been hurting for a little less than a month.

He is going in today (I'm writing this friday and posting it saturday) for surgery, and will be home later this afternoon. So he'll be getting a plate and 3-4 screws in his collarbone to stick it all back together. It was broken in three different places!

But he has been super frustrated. He's afraid that the bone will have healed wrong by now. And he was really mad that Surgery was "scheduled" for Tuesday, and then moved to Friday. Apparently, the person who told him surgery was on Tuesday was new and made a mistake. He apologized and scheduled (for real this time) his surgery for Friday.

Big bro wasn't too happy about that at all.

But he's finally going in today for some outpatient surgery. So he'll be home later and I'll be in charge of watching him tonight while mom and dad have their weekly date night. So I guess that's neat. Getting to make sure he's comfortable. I think that he'll be asleep most of the time, though. Poor big brother.

(Quote in the title was from the hilarious show "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack".)

P.S.-25 days until I turn 21! Hurry up and find him! Hahaha!

Friday, April 3, 2009

La Pelota

So a year ago, FIFA released a video displaying amazing soccer tricks. Look up Fifa Street 3 anywhere and chances are, you'll happen upon this video:

Now, I don't know how much (if any) of this is photoshopped or fake or whatever. I do know it looks flipping cool!

When I first saw this video, I really dug the sound. That song playing in the background sounds awesome! So I tried to find an actual mp3. But they didn't actually record a track or release an mp3! They made it just for the video! So I went on for months searching for the mp3, eventually giving up.

But I was looking it up today, the first time since last november, and I discovered THIS! The song wasn't La Pelota by Alejandro Londono- it was La Pelota by Massive Music feat. Alejandro Londono! AND! They provide links to download the mp3 for free! How amazing! So now, I have a brand new song on my zune and I love it!

Happy early birthday to me! :)

P.S.- I've posted this on facebook, but I wanted to say it here as well. My birthday is in 26 days. You all have until the 29th to find Patrick Dempsey, put him in a really big, really pretty gift box, and send him to me. Get going! What are you still doing here, reading my blog? GO!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a skill. It's a super-secret skill. And I would like to discuss the unique aspects of my "talent".

I'd probably better start by telling you what it is.

I can sleep anywhere, anytime and on virtually anything.

Let me just say here, that no, I'm not narcoleptic. I am just skilled at sleeping. I think it comes from my high school years. But I think my mom would say it comes from years of practicing and staying up late.

But high school is boring. The classes weren't too terribly hard, the work load was light, and there wasn't alot going on. The teachers weren't engaging or interesting, and some classes, even the people around me were boring.

So, like most young high school students, I developed the ability to sleep in one of those desks that has the chair and desk attatched by a metal bar.

Sometimes, when the class was emptier and the day was slower and the teacher was lazy and didn't want to teach, we would have a lazy mess around day. On one of these occassions, I slept in three desks at a time. You just have to arrange them the right way!

So while I was remembering this, and recalling all of the things I've slept on, I came up with a pretty big and quite impressive list!

I've slept :

  • On School Desks
  • In a movie theater stretched across several seats
  • Sitting back to back with a friend one morning in high school
  • In a tent with a sleeping bag out camping (several times)
  • On a rock. It was a big rock.
  • In a tree. Just find a couple of branches close together or one big branch and drape yourself across them! Many an afternoon were napped away in the branches of the big tree in the backyard in Atlanta.
  • On a picnic table in an adarondac.
  • On a hammock (not that hard)
  • In a bed (easiest place for falling asleep)
  • On neumerous floors. Carpeted, hardwood, you name it.
  • On the ground. Concrete ground, outside of school.
  • On the grass, outside
  • On the dirt, with lots of rocks and pebbles around.
  • Backstage on misc. props whilst waiting for curtain call.
  • On a ladder. It's quite easy if it's a stepladder.
  • Chairs. Wooden chairs, plastic chairs, even metal folding chairs.
  • Stairs. Actually quite relaxing.
  • In the pool. This requires a floatation device.
  • On a boat.
  • On a plane.
  • On a countertop.
  • On our back porch.
  • In a car. (Backseat, front seat, truck bed, even the trunk! Cars are one of the easiest places to fall asleep)
  • Couches (any couch can be easily converted into a bed by laying lengthwise on the couch.)
  • In a closet
  • In a bathroom (oh like you haven't! And it was whilst taking a bath, weirdos)
  • On bleachers. While they are, at first, kind of cold, it's do-able.
  • On top of cardboard boxes. They're warm and soft and comfy.
  • On a car. I already said in, but I've fallen asleep on top of a car before.
  • On a beach, lying on a towel. Again, not difficult to do.
  • Leaning against a wall.
  • Sitting in an empty kitchen cupboard. There are pictures.
  • And last but not least- in the middle of a road. On the warm asphault. Soaking wet.

That's all I can think of at the moment. The list includes dangerous places where I don't suggest you attempt sleeping in. And some were for as little a time as 1 minute and as few times as one. But sleep is sleep.

I must say that there are some instances mentioned that happened when I was little, and haven't been tried since I was 12.

So there you have it! Proof, no doubt of my amazing sleep-tastic talent! No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I can best the beast of tiredness using sheer willpower and thinking happy thoughts.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, just leave a comment! I'll be glad to give you the story behind any of these. I'll respond in the comment section as soon as I can, so go ahead and ask about any you feel weren't accurate or weren't safe or just sound like they have an interesting back-story!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Cleaning? Well, I'm packing up stuff and cleaning things out. I cleaned out my clothes a month or so ago and I'm cleaning out books and things now. Packing up things, etc. I so far have three and a half boxes full of dvds, tapes, and other things. I'm going to be organized by my birthday. True story. And it's funny that even though this is spring, it snowed last night. It was fun stuff! I got a couple good pictures and a good video. So I have lots of time on my hands. Yep. . . lot of time. In fact, that's why I've started cleaning. Too much time, too much mess. And yes, I know you have alot of stuff for me to do if I'm bored mom. But not bored enough that I'll clean everything all day. I just want to start small. With my own room and stuff. Maybe then, I'll feel as if I have time enough for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen and the dining room and the rest of the basement. We really should move my room upstairs. Then we could paint the basement and not worry about anyone being down there! Make it picture perfect and then leave it that way whilst I move up to a brighter room! And no, this isn't my excuse for getting a room that isn't blue or in the basement. This is me thinking of you. Aren't I just so thoughtful?

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have no fans.

And before you start thinking I'm emo or something, let me explain.

What I mean by fans is hard to explain. Part of it comes from the site "friend or follow". I've been checking it for awhile. And I kind of hate seeing people who I'm following but aren't following me back.

I mean, in some cases, it's fine. I'm following around 4 romanian twitterers, because I am in the process of learning the language. Eu stiu putini, dar nu vorbesc foarte bine. I'm working on it. Anyway, as a step in learning it, I follow these 4 romanian twitterers to measure how much I know, and compare it to how they type. It's helped alot so far with understanding spelling and, since alot of their tweets are in the first person, helped with understanding the grammar a little as well. I don't care if they're following me back. I really don't. I'd feel guilty if they followed me just because I followed them.

And I also hate seeing the number of people who are following me but I'm not following them back. Because I don't know how many people are empty followers, or how many are spam, or how many are just trying to get followers of their own. I don't count these people as fans because I have no interaction with them. I never hear from them, I never communicate with them, and I am pretty sure alot of them don't care. But I can't speak for every single one.

Now, I found friend or follow through a friend, and since it's one of those sites where you can pretty much put in any username and review their stats, I checked out a few other twits' fans friends and following lists.

See- some people I don't mind if they follow me or not. I really don't. But when I consider someone a friend and follow them on twitter, and they don't feel the same way and don't follow me on twitter, I feel bad. Especially if it's someone with, say, 420 followers (don't bother checking, it's no one who actually reads this blog, I'm sure) who only follow 58 people, and one of those people isn't me. Sure, the person responds to my "@replies", but since they don't follow me, they respond through direct messages. And even then, only if I'm "lucky" enough for them to even notice I've repied to a tweet in the first place.

This sort of thing is something I've come to sort of despise. It feels like hero-worship. As if I am just a lowly fan, and they don't realize that respect is a two-way street. I respect people, I really do. I respect alot of people, but when it gets to the point where I'm the only one showing any respect in a "friendship", I kind of lose the respect I feel for the person.

Now, I hope hope hope that I have no one like that. No one that I've snubbed because of a "I'm better than you" complex that shouldn't exist. If you feel I'm ignoring you unjustly, let me know! I know how it feels. I definetly hope I have no "fans" and hope to death that I only ever have friends.

(I have since stopped following the person on twitter, because I felt like a number, not a friend. Though I still read their blog, I don't know how to handle the situation. One of the last times I've commented, I was made fun of by a fellow commenter and the blogger's indifference has discouraged my willingness to keep up with them at all, but I'm hanging in there to see what happens. I always thought I was more than "just a fan" and more like friend to this person, but we'll see. I'm beginning to lose interest.)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

QLD and the blind.

Have you guys heard of the best job in the world? I heard it from Leif Pettersen. I applied. Check it out HERE!

Rate my video to help me get the job HERE!

Thanks guys! I know I've already e-mailed some of you and I'm sorry if you don't like getting e-mails like that, but I'd still appreciate your help to get me into the top 1o!

This is the shortest blog I've ever written I think.

But maybe not, because I feel a random thought coming on. . .

Why don't dollar bills have braile on them? I mean, blind people can't tell the difference between bills! How much more convenient would it be for them if bills were different? Y'ever thought of that? They have to rely on people to tell them which bill is which. And some people are dishonest, and might not tell them the truth.

Yes, I watched that new reality show that came on after Deal or No Deal. So sue me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Alright, so you all remember my post about the company that was trying to get my content on their site? If not, refresh your memories here.

I politely declined their invitation. Hee hee.

But the aforementioned company was a place called Wellsphere.

Well, as I mentioned in that post, alot of other medical bloggers had been contacted about also allowing their content to be on the site.

But the catch was, if you offered to put your posts on the site, they became the intellectual property of Wellsphere.

This catch was written in small print in the Terms and Conditions page. And everyone knows that rarely anyone reads the Terms and Conditions when signing up for things. I know I don't alot of times.

But since then, I've started to!

So Wellsphere and it's content provided by over 1,500 bloggers has recently been sold to Health Central Network.

Which means all of it's intellectual property is now HCN's intellctual property. And they got money for it.

None of the bloggers who contributed to the site saw as much as a penny.

Fair? I think not. After you've checked my blog post and the two at the bottom, feel free to spread the word. Also- make sure to check out Dr. Anonymous' BlogtalkRadio show tonight! We'll be discussing Wellsphere and it's diabolical plans!
For further reading, see these blog posts. Written by very smart women who put it much more eloquently than I ever could.
Dr. Val sums this situation up very nicely here.

Helen Jaques provides an amazing take on all of this.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Used-to-be-President Bush

An open letter to the previous president of the United States. He might not have been the most popular president in the world, but he was my president. And I liked him. And I've always wanted to hang with him, so here's my letter.

Dear George W. Bush-

So, now that you aren't the president anymore, I bet you have alot of time on your hands, huh? Not so busy doing important things and talking to important people anymore I bet. So . . . what'cha doin'? Got any plans? I mean, now that you have time for other things. . . d'ya wanna be my best friend? I hear I make a pretty good best friend, and I've always really wanted to meet you. But seeing as you were always so busy with presidential things, and I've always been busy doing. . . kid stuff. I mean, you've been the president since I was 12! I grew up with you as the president! And I'm going to miss seeing you on tv! So I figure if we're best friends and hang out alot, I won't miss you so much! It's really the only solution I can see. I promise to never be mean or throw shoes, and if you want to play tic tac toe, I'm fine with that. If we play battleship, I want to be the red board, and if we play checkers, I'd prefer to be the black. But you can choose what color you want if we play chess and if we disagree on which movie to watch on movie night, I'll gladly play you in rock, paper, scissors to decide which one we watch. But I promise to never make you watch a chick flick. We'll stick to action, comedy and drama. I hope you can get this letter. Thanks!



Sugar and Spice but I'm not very nice.

Oh guh-ross! Barbies?? Blegh! I do not like Barbies. The doll that looks like it belongs in the playboy mansion. The doll that comes with . . . *shudder* Unicorns and. . . blegh, adorable pink bunnies, and even worse-

A career!

I just saw a commercial for Barbie. And let me tell you. I wasn't wrong to distrust those plastic boob havin' , 1950's Doris Day lookin', unattainable goal projectin' . . . punks!

Growing up, I played with toy dinosaurs. Those things are awesome. And they were the kind that had the name on the belly so you could tell what dinosaur you were playing with. I had two Pachycephalosauri who constantly bumped heads with my one triceratops. One Anklyosaurus, who liked to bludgeon my Iguanodon, a Tyranosaurus Rex, and an orange one that was bigger than the t-rex, but didn't have a name on the bottom. But he was a carnivore for sure.

Anyway, so whilst I was playing with my dinosaurs, my best friend was playing with barbies. When she brought barbies over to my house, I would play with them, yeah. But they'd be doing something awesome. Like re-enacting some scene from Rambo, or flying.

My mom never bought me Barbies. And I thank her endlessly for that.

This commercial I saw just a few minutes ago had the usual Barbie commercial song. Stating that you can "Be who you want to be! B-a-r-b-i-e!"

And you know what career they were giving her today? Today- the inaugural day of the first Black President. Today- nine years and twenty days into the twenty-first century. Today! The time when women can not only vote, but can also have careers and lives outside of housework and homemaking!! Hallelujah the strides we've made!

And today- Barbie was cooking. Barbie was making pie, I think, to be more specific.

Now, what's wrong with cooking? Nothing- lots of people do it. What's wrong with pie? Nothing, I enjoy pie, and I myself can make a pretty mean apple pie.

What's wrong with the commercial? Everything. Barbie is a sort of example for girls out there. A sort of spokeswoman if you would. And you know what she was telling your little girl? She was telling your girl to be who she wants to be. . . as long as it's feminine.

See, I have this sort of problem with these sorts of ads. I have a definite problem with multiple toy commercials. Commercials for barbies, commercials for hot wheels, commercials for video games, etc.

Any commercial that tries to draw a line and put "toys for little boys" on one side and "toys for little girls" on the other gets on my last nerve.

And McDonalds is the worst! Every month or so, they come out with a new promotion. Giving away new toys in their happy meals for little boys and girls to enjoy. What's the big deal? I'll TELL YOU what the big deal is! When you order a happy meal for your kid, they give you a specific toy based on the gender of your child. If you have a little boy, he gets a hotwheels car. If it's a girl, she probably gets a pretty little barbie.

But what if your little girl doesn't want to be restrained by the ideals of society? What if all your little girl wants to do is race her brother down a mountain with a wicked awesome car? Well too bad, little girl. You'll lose that race. Because you know what? Barbies don't come with wheels, specialty paint jobs and amazing modifications (. . . insert joke here). Barbies come with dresses and aprons and cleaning supplies. And those don't stand a chance against brother's new corvette up on that racing mountain. Not a chance.

Little Tikes Hot Wheels Car Adventure Mountain

Weird but relevant- Whenever I get happy meals, I always have to specify that I want a "boy toy" (. . again, insert your own joke here).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first (kinda) Video Post. . .

. . . In which I make a fool of myself.

Ummm. . . alright, so. . . . . . . . .

I was bored. . . it was late. . . my camera was, like, right there waiting to be used. . .

Sooooooooo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yeah.

I pretty much started off by saying hi and about two seconds into it, I thought that I was starting off my video the way that Doc A usually does. So I got a little carried away pretending to be everyone's favorite medblogger/podcaster. But it was fun. You have no idea how hard it was keeping a straight face.

Also- sorry but it's kinda sideways. I would've fixed it, but I honestly didn't want to spend that much time on it. I'm lazy. (Ask my mom- she'll tell ya all about it.)

So learn to deal. And just so you don't have to look sideways to see me right side up, I'll even put up a picture!

Awesome Hat was made by my friend Lisa's Mom! Thanks Lisa's Mom!! How awesome! I love it and I'll probably be wearing it nonstop for a while. I love it!

Awesome Polka-Dot Long Johns were bought for me by momma

Awesome Pink Tank-top was bought by me from some store down in Myrtle Beach this summer.

The vid is kinda dark, so I don't know if you'll be able to see that well. It was lighter on my camera . . .

Don't forget to check out the REAL Doc A show! Show number 67 this Thursday, January 15th, at 9pm Eastern time! It's gonna be gooood!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ninja Ropes

Ninja Ropes. It's a game of skill, intuition, luck and a bit of hand eye coordination. And it only works on. . . firefox. Well, at least for me. It's the only thing I use firefox for.

The Game:
Ninja Ropes Extreme

I have that open at the same time as I have youtube open. Because for some odd reason, Ninja Ropes only lets me get a super high score when I'm listening to the Ninja Ropes song. Here it is for you all to enjoy!

The Song:

The song came from "Commentary- The Musical!" which is a musical commentary that came with the DVD version of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". It's a pretty awesome movie. When you have 42 spare minutes, go check it out for free on !

The Movie:
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

I've never been the biggest fan of the director (Joss Whedon) before. I'm just not into the whole vampires, sci-fi, etc thing. I mean, it's not like they weren't good shows- I've seen an episode or two, they're just not my bag.

But this was fun. Dr. Horrible was brilliant. The songs are addicting and the acting is hilariously well done. I think I'm actually a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris now. I had no idea he could sing that well and his acting was superb. I even went back and watched a few episodes of his early series Doogie Howser, MD (also on hulu) and am now a fan!

So play the game, listen to the song, check out the movie, and have fun!

My Ninja Ropes record:

83.39 Yards Can ya beat it?

Screenshot Proof:

Extra Credit if you can see whose blogs I have bookmarked up at the top there. Speaks volumes.