Friday, June 12, 2009

Side Hobby

Okay, so maybe you've seen and maybe you haven't the new show on ABC called "Castle". I'll admit, I've never seen it. But that doesn't mean I'm not going anywhere with this. One of the main characters (if not the main character- again, never seen it) in this show is played by a man who goes by the name of Nathan Fillion.

Now, this guy is hilarious. He really is. You've probably had a taste of it if you've seen even an advert for "Castle".

I found out who he was through this fun little internet movie called "Dr. Horrible's Internet Blog". If you haven't seen it, don't worry, you can check it out on anytime for free. I personally have bought the DVD and gotten a digital copy for my Zune.

Neil Patrick Harris is also in it. You know, "Doogie Howser, MD" (also on Hulu) or the guy from "How I Met Your Mother". He's a pretty funny guy. Also an amazing singer.

The show follows amateur super-villin Dr. Horrible (he has a PhD in "horribleness") who is trying to get into the Evil League of Evil by committing different crimes. He is thwarted again and again by his nemesis, Captain Hammer.

My big sister knows Nathan Fillion well. He starred in a sci-fi series called "Firefly" which, despite only lasting for a single season, was so popular it lead to a feature film: "Serenity". This came from both the cult-like fanbase and their demand for more and the sheer volume of DVD sales. Both series and movie were directed by Joss Whedon. He'd done alot of things before, and I think some of the fans of "Firefly" were rollover fans from his previous series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Another little "Branch" of this complicated tree is the internet series "The Guild". This series was sort of an inspiration for Whedon's "Dr. Horrible" movie, and stars the beautiful and talented writer and producer of the series- Felicia Day. She was cast as Neil Patrick Harris' crush in the "Dr. Horrible" movie, and has one heck of a voice.

Let's change over to a different subject for a minute. Y'know how iceburgs are, right? Take a look at this generic picture to get the gist of things.

If you've ever taken a psychology class, any professor will tell you that the mind, like an iceberg, is deeper below the surface.

I think the same concept applies to this subject. I saw some fanart from a guy named Jeffrey Cruz over on and decided to check out "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". As soon as I saw it, I was a fan of the movie and wanted to know more about the actors in it.

So I checked out a few episodes of "Doogie Howser, MD" on hulu. I watched out "The Guild" on youtube. I didn't mean to get this far down in the iceburg, but it just happened.

How glad I would be to be able to go back to just being a "Tip of the Iceberg" gal. But no, I am officially weirder for having gone down this far.

But at least I can say that I'm not as obsessive as alot of other people. Like I said before, I've never seen a single episode of "Castle", and I haven't watched Whedon's newest series "Dollhouse". I'll admit I've seen one episode of "Firefly" and have experienced the cinematic followup, but I've not seen the whole season. Nor have I ever gotten so into Whedon's "Buffy" or "Angel" as to watch more than an episode or two.

So maybe there's hope for me yet. . . please?


Liz said...

Not as obsessive as some, but definitely more obsessive than most!!
It scares me sometimes the way your mind works! I never quite know where you're going with something.

Anonymous said...

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