Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Great Show!

Although I was a tad bit late to this one, tonight's show was a very fine one! Doctor Anonymous was interviewing Dr. Bruce Campbell, and I enjoyed that very much!

I laughed when, near the middle of the show, Dr. Val called in and kind of took over the interrogation for awhile. Dr. A and Dr. Val make a very nice tag-team.

I called into the show near the end using the convenient "click to talk" button that Vijay had tried and pronounced as deficient. I was very nervous, but it was fun, and talking to Doc. A. was pretty exciting! I was glad that I did it, and maybe next time I try, I won't feel so awkward doing it.

So all in all, it was a pretty fun show, and there were more people than I've seen in the chatroom! I'm pretty sure those of you who know me in real life (mom) might be interested to hear what happened when I called in. Just click play on the player to the right of this post if you wanna check it out. I don't call in for awhile, but the rest of the show is amazing!

I thought it was funny when the chatroom started saying how I sounded like I was from California. I don't think I've ever even been to California! But (and no offense to you hillbillies and hicks out there) I have to say THANK GOODNESS I don't sound like I'm from the south. I'm glad I've been able to avoid sounding like a Jeff Foxworthy redneck.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My A&P Champion

So I thought I’d take the time to look back at The Champ.

The Champ was my nickname for my Anatomy and Physiology professor last semester. He was one of the more amazing teachers I have ever had. Mostly because he would go off on tangents about random things and we would learn all about how something he did “Back in ‘Nam” relates perfectly with the numbering of the Cranial Nerves.

But at least it helped us remember to some degree.

So I had, throughout the semester, written down quotes from The Champ that were memorable in some way or another. The reasoning behind this, initially, was so that I could show them to one person or the other sometime later for a couple laughs.
But as I gathered quote after quote, I realized that I had a pretty good number of them, and that I could compile a list of them all.

So here is the finished product. The original quotes, and what they meant or referred to, so that you all can enjoy a little humor courtesy The Champ.

1. Bottom Line- Whenever The Champ asks you what this is, you must respond with “Money!”.

2. Criminently!- An expression of frustration used when The Champ finds yet another mistake in the textbook.

3. Hogwash- The word you hear when The Champ has just read something out of the book that is ridiculous to him. Ex: They’re not Electrical Impulses, they’re Action Potentials!

4. Malarkey- This word is used when there is some fantastic claim in the news or popular media that The Champ knows to be false, and wants us all to know it.

5. Folks- This is used when he addresses the class as a whole.

6. Kiddies- This is the word he uses to address that one group of kids in the back who are making noise when he is trying to start the class.

7. Ylo- Apparently, this is how The Champ spells yellow.

8. “I have no morals after final exams”- The Champ on how he doesn’t take any phone calls after the finals are done.

9. “Just like poker, ya plays yer money and ya takes yer chances”- Apparently, this is how The Champ explains the risks and benefits of being out in the sun.

10. “When I got to Vietnam, I was blowing up everything I could get my hands on”- The Champ on Explosives. This is story was somehow connected to the Organ of Corti.

11. “We all start out as little girls. Go home and tell that to Fang, it’ll get him right in the Macho!”- This is The Champ’s explanation of genetics and chromosomes.

12. “If you have motion sickness, even one fluid movin’ is enough to make you blow your tubes. Lookin’ for Ralph. Huey.” – The Champ’s vast vomiting vocabulary. This was in relation to the semicircular canals and how they affect your equilibrium.

13. “That’s real whiz-bang stuff right there” This is The Champ’s way of explaining that something is complicated.

14. “Don’t look at the clock now! I wanna spend another 10 minutes telling interesting Navy Stories!” – About everybody checking the time near the end of class.

15. “Who? Your feet don’t fit no limb”- Used when someone was stuttering in the process of asking about someone else.

16. Turnin’ and Burnin’- This is apparently what happens when a muscle is at peak levels of activity.

17. That's as cool as all get out- This was an exclaimation used to express The Champ’s feelings of amazement.

18. “If some guy in a pickup truck pulls out in front of you on the highway, what happens to your heart rate/blood pressure?”- A question that is frequently heard when talking about the cardiovascular system. The answers (for those with no common sense) are that your heart rate goes up and your blood pressure increases.

19. Packaging Peanuts- How The Champ describes loose areolar connective tissue.

20. “Why do we have butts? I’ll tell ya why. No, they’re not for sittin’, they’re for walkin’!”- During our lab discussion about the pelvic girdle.

21. Yer Sideburns- The masseter muscles.

22. Yer Smilers- The risorius muscles.

23. Yer Spitter- The buccinator muscles.

24. Yer Frowner- The depressor angulis oris.

25. Thingamabig- Word used to describe something large when The Champ can’t think of the word.

26. “When you’re out at night sneaking around at night being sneaky”- The Champ on when the rod-shaped photoreceptors in the eye come in handy.

27. “See?? It looks like a bird!!”- Apparently, this is how The Champ sees the saggital cross section of the Diencephalon. The hypothalamus is the beak, the intermediate mass is the eye, and the choroid plexus is the eyebrow.

This is also an attempt to get this pre-med blog back on it's pre-med topic. I've been slacking lately. So here's to The Champ. And to my pre-med Anatomy and Physiology class. It was a good one.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My very eventful day.

I had a very full day today. I slept in until about 10:45. Which was fun. I wish I could do it more often. Anyway, we went to pick up a friend who lived 15 minutes away because she had directions to the park and we didn't. She apparently made arrangements with someone else to pick them up as well, so we drove another 15 minutes to go meet up with him. It took us a half hour to get to the park, and we kept getting lost, but we made it.

But we got there, and there were four people there already. So we doubled the numbers just by arriving! And by the time we finished off our turkey burgers and cheesy chips, we had gone from eight to thirteen, and were ready for some games. So we walk over to the adjacent field, and get out some water balloons and towels for a round of "no one knows what this game is called". So we play that and then empty the rest of the balloons by having a water balloon fight, and then get together to decide what to do next.

We decided on Ultimate Frisbee, and my team totally won. We took break for awhile and sat around just hanging out talking. Once we were fully energized, we ran headfirst into a very active game of volleyball. My team lost, but not horribly. Just by a bit.

So after all that, we headed back home and dropped one guy off at his car, and then went to go pick ours up at our friend's apartment. But the battery was dead. There wasn't even any "chugga chugga" when we turned the key! How ridiculous was that? So we sit there and wait for our dad to come and give us a jump start.

On the way back home our dad, who was driving behind us, noticed that our break lights were on. We tried everything we could to turn them off, but there they were, sucking the life out of our battery, even when the car was off.

So I let my brother and dad deal with it while I went to a neighborhood get-together with my Mom. It was pretty fun, and there were lots of people there who were happy to see me, so that was nice. I played with some of the kiddies and pushed them on the swings, and I let my little brother's buddy chill with my zune for a while. Surprisingly, he seemed to enjoy the music!

So all in all, it was a very eventful day, and I had fun making new friends and joking around with some of the old ones. I really do wish the car would stop messing up, but I guess that's life.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

They call it "Myrmecophobia".

And it was the reason I was sobbing in the middle of the movie theater this afternoon.

I went to go see the newest installment in the Indiana Jones series. It was going fine most of the movie. I was laughing and getting excited and very much enjoying the show. . .

Until about three quarters of the way in. Where there is a scene with millions of ants, all about the size of a Hot Wheels car.

I saw the first one and thought it was a scorpion. But upon closer inspection, and with a better camera view, it became clear that this was certainly a creature (at least in my mind) to be feared.

I thought to myself "Oh... my . . . goodness". As I realized where this was leading. So, I turned around and looked back at my family who were a row behind me because there were about five empty seats in front of them when I came back from the restroom, so I had taken one of those instead of scooting through the seats in front of people to reach the seat I had left.

So there I was, not looking at the screen, and doing fine- until the sound came. The sound of those giant ants swarming. The sound of the characters on the screen freaking out. The sound of someone crying.

Someone is crying? Where? I look at the faces behind me, scanning each one for tears, or a blotchy complexion.

I feel a tear fall on my hand, and I realize that the person crying is me.

I was actually crying. Me.

And right then, I realized how scared of them I actually was. Right there, with my face pressed into the back of my movie theater seat, sobbing and sniffing with my eyes screwed shut, a hand over one ear, and the other clutching onto my mother's hand for dear life, I realized that it wasn't just a matter of "I don't like ants because they're creepy".

I know it sounds weird that I didn't know. But I really didn't.

The scene went on for what seemed like hours, but I was later told that it was really only about eight minutes, until I was finally able to face the screen, and watch the rest of the movie.

This irrational fear and feeling of terror at that scene had forced me to wonder- Why am I so scared?

And after searching my memories for a second, I came upon one that I can point the blame at.

When I was young, probably around 5 or 6, I was playing at a park close to my house with my mother. I had found the neatest pile of sand ever right there among the woodchips. It was huge! I couldn't wait to sink my hands into it. And it was after doing just that when I realized that it wasn't a pile of sand after all, but an antpile. I was covered in ants in a matter of seconds, and I forget what happened after that, but mom says that we were able to hose me down and get all the ants off, but I was covered in antbites.

And that one time back in the early 90's. More than ten years ago, that moment in time was what lead to this fear.

And it was the reason I was sobbing in the middle of the movie theater this afternoon.

They call it "Myrmecophobia".

Friday, May 23, 2008

Counting to Infinity

I dare you to watch this. I double dare you. This is an hour long video of someone attempting to count to infinity. I'm watching it right now, and I'm determined to watch the whole thing. Oh my gosh, he just skipped from 1,278 to 1,269! He lost track and went backwards! Awww, poor guy. But he's doing it! It's way hard to count along, because he keeps messing up and so do I. Holy cow he almost did it again. We'll get to a number like 1,359 and forget what's next for a minute, and then have to think about it until we come up with 1,360. It happens alot at the "9"s. We're at 1,380, and he's starting to say three thousand instead of one thousand. Poor guy getting messed up. This is intense.

I don't know if I can sit through this whole thing. Bahaha, he just said 1,430 really funny. Thir-deee.

He said that the thousand four hundreds weren't that bad, but they were kind of difficult.

He stopped and told me to comment with a certain phrase if I was watching at that moment. What a smart idea! Good way to weed out the weaklings. . . or those with something to do on a Friday night.

Holy cow, I did it. I made it though the whole video. 61:46. An hour, one minute, adn 46 seconds, and we made it to 1,999, infinity. I feel . . . acomplished. Somehow, and like I just wasted an hour of my life counting to 2,000 with some guy.

I Love Me

WARNING: This post is going to contain my unbridled ego. There might not be enough room for it and you. You are about to find out exactly how vain I am. Carly Simon wasn't exaggerating in that song that she wrote about me.

I just wanted you all to know that I am very awesome. I really am. I'm sure those of you who know me in real life can't help but notice, that I'm constantly plagued by awesome. I really am. And sometimes, I just can't help being the bee's knees, it just happens!

Who else can sing along to songs ranging from Backyardigans to Billy Idol and everything in between? No one I know.

Who else can still fit into the t-shirts they got from Elementary School at age 20? Besides anorexics and people who were chunky as a kid but lost an extraordinary amount of weight as they grew up. They don't count.

Who but Mary can make you laugh during even the saddest of events? Who but Mary can make you smile when you're feeling down using lame puns alone? I can cheer up even the saddest emo kid. No doubt about it.

If you ask the kids at church who is the best at every video game ever made, who's name do they give you?? That's right, mine.

I volunteer constantly. I do. I amaze myself even when I list out the things that I do. I volunteer my time each sunday to teach 4-5 year olds in Sunday School. I volunteer my time as an Assistant CubMaster for the kids at my church.

I have volunteered two years in a row to go to Girl's Camp and spend a week teaching the girls and councilling them. They, of course, love having me there because I am the only leader who used to actually go to camp with them, and who they can trust to be their advocate with the other leaders. I was their comedy releif last year, when I slipped and fell butt first into a gigantic mud puddle. I was supposed to show up at an important dinner meeting later that night in those same clothes, but I laughed and made jokes because anything that would keep their minds off of the rainy day was welcome in my book.
Don't worry, that bandaged arm is just to cover a really bad insect sting/bite that had occurred the night before. If you look at the bottom, you can see the skid marks where I slipped.
Anyway, back to how awesome I am. I am the best "gift giver" ever. I know people's quirky sides, and I know how to amuse that. If there's a girl who's turning sweet 16, and everyone else is giving her girly stuff, I know that the one present that will stand out is an etch-a-sketch, or a paddle ball. Because I know she still wants to be reminded that there's a kid in everyone, no matter how grown up we get. Also, when no one knows what to give someone, they come to me. Because I seem to know best I guess.
I think I might just be the best reader around. I do think I am. I went to a private school in first grade that taught me how to read, and I've been addicted ever since.
I can cook, I can clean, I can play soccer, I can play hackeysac, I can do laundry, I can help people with computer problems. I can make a mix tape of songs to play in a car that has no cd player. I can rip, mix and burn cds like nobody's business. I can beat any Splinter Cell game in a matter of hours.
As a result of all my hackysac playing, I have fabulous legs. I really do. Smooth and shiney and with just enough muscle definition. I have the cutest feet you've ever seen as well. Super cute. They're adorable, really. Perfect in every way. My skin tone is amazing, and I have never had to go through a horrible teenager acne stage. My complexion is wonderful. And my hair is terrific. I can do all sorts of things with my hair, even with it being thick and wavy and frizzy, I can manage it, and it looks gooood.
I love eating healthy food. I'm not obsessed with having a healthy diet, but I can make healthy meals for myself when I feel like it. I can also have a good ol' ham and cheese sandwich if I want it. Or a bowl of Froot Loops, which I absolutely love.
I am good with kids. I really am. Any age. They just seem to love me. Maybe because I watch the same shows and can relate to the things they talk about. I know who Hannah Montana is, and I know who Dora the Explorer is.
I am a very good organizer, and a very fast typer I can type, in a chat room situation, about 65 words a minute.
I know who Fred Astair, Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, and Ginger Rogers are. I can watch shows and get almost every obscure reference that they throw out. I can watch a british comedy show and name most of the main characters, and what other shows they were in and how you might know them through other movies. I can connect Billy Dee Williams to Hugh Laurie using shows and co-stars.
I can make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I can play Heart and Soul on the piano, Ring of Fire on the harmonica, and Ode to Joy on the trumpet. I can skip rope, and hoola hoop. I can blow a huge bubble the size of my own head from only two pieces of bazooka joe bubble gum.
I can point out Estonia on a map.
I can rhyme all the time and I'm fine with lemon lime. I drink water all the time, seriously. I can't get enough. I know obscure actors that no one else may notice. I can hold my own in all different types of conversations with all different types of people.
I rock.
*this post was brought to you courtesy a self esteem boost from learning how to put my twitter updates in that neat little box over there. I got twitter because even though I had thought about it, I wasn't entirely convinced until talking to Dr. A last night after he wrapped up the podcast

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I should've listened.

Momma always said to never eat too much candy. I bought a whole lot last night, and the Reese's Pieces were the first target. I'm halfway through the bag as I speak, and I can't stop. I have had them for breakfast, and after lunch and been snacking on them all day. They make me not want to eat normal food. I honesly need to stop eating them like, right now.

I went to a last minute banquet thing at my old high school. It was exciting at first because all of these different people were so excited about seeing me, but I wasn't really excited about any of it. I guess I have moved on. High school nostalgia isn't a problem for me. Which is a good thing. I can't wait to transfer though. I need to hurry the paperwork so that I can send it in and see if I'll be able to get out there by January. I'm hoping to get into a college in Idaho. The opposite corner of the country. But at least I know some people in Washington State, so I won't be to far from a "vacation family" where I can hang out when on break. If mom's fine with it of course.

Another blogtalk radio show tonight with Dr. A and everybody. Let's hope I can have my audio cooperate this time. But if not, I'm sure I'll have a blast in the chatroom anyway like last time. Gosh, everybody in there is just so down to earth! It was amazing! I can't wait for tonight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunburn and the Beach

So I went to the beach on saturday. It was amazing. I guess I haven't been to the beach that often because I didn't know anything!

I was surprised when the water tasted salty. It was the ocean, so why shouldn't it be? But I was surprised anyway. Also, I kept getting knocked over by the waves. It was pretty funny to be standing there and all of the sudden, be sideswiped by a huge wave of water. I wasn't expecting them to be so big!

It took four hours to get there, and we were there from 11:30am-10:00pm and it took five hours to drive back because we decided to take the tricky way. (Which took us into North Carolina).

Anyway, I have sunburn pretty bad, but it's worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. My brain has been fried lately though. Maybe too much sun? But it was alot of fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Could have danced all night.

So. . .

You know that scene in "My Fair Lady" when Eliza is, according to Higgins, pronounced officially ready for the ball, and she dances with him out of excitement?

And then it's time for bed, but Eliza still can't stop thinking about what an exciting night she's had, and sings her little heart out that she "could've danced all night"?

That's kind of how I felt last night. Last night, of course, being the 34th show of the Doctor Anonymous Podcast. I came early so that I wouldn't miss it, and was early enough that I was the first one in the chatroom! The first thing I did, of course, was announce that I had won the "first one there" contest (I do this whenever I am the first to anything).

Dr. Anonymous was there, so I got to say hi to him and we talked for a bit. It was pretty exciting! Dr. A, talking to me! Wow.

After awhile, other people started filtering through the virtual-yet-figurative doors of the chatroom. First one in after me was Ramona from her blog Suture for a Living. I said hi, but was really to nervous about the whole thing to start up a convo further. I tried saying "How are you?" But there was a long, kind of awkward pause as she didn't respond. Luckily, Dr. A saw it and, after he realized what was going on, responded with "I'm wonderful!" or something like that. Hahahaha. That was awefully nice of him.

Next up to enter the chat was Scan Man from the blog Scan Man's Notes. Everyone confused me by saying "Hi Vijay!" when his name was Scan Man. But apparently, everyone's on a first name basis. Soon after he arrived, so did Dr. Val! It was exciting to me to say the least.

She apparently remembered me as "the one who wrote that pee post, right?" for those of you who want to know, the "pee post" can be found here. We chatted for awhile, (Oh, and Head Mirror was there as well) and then I noticed that Dr. A was moving his mouth. I couldn't hear anything, so it was kinda weird. I found out that he had started the podcast already. I spent the next few minutes trying to get some audio to match the video that I was seeing through the Dr. A Cam. When I finally got some audio, we laughed about Dr. A's trip to Vegas. There were a few good jokes, and alot of witty conversation. Dr. A laughed at my "fashion police" comment, which I thought was awesome.

Someone asked where my blog was, and if I had one, or if they had seen me before. I think it was Vijay. I pointed the way to my blog, and once they found it I got a "I found your pee post! It was so funny!"

Now, I was pretty excited that these people were actually going to my blog and reading a post. But "the pee post?" talk about slightly embarrassing. But, I did have plenty of fun, and halfway through, Dr. A went to a musical break and didn't come back. The chatroom exploded with stories and laughs and all sorts of fun. Poor Dr. A was frustrated that he couldn't finish it, and decided to just call it a night. But unbeknownst to him, we chatters weren't. We kept talking probably for as long as the show would've taken anyway. It was fun, and I was able to talk to these amazing people. It was wonderful! Thanks Dr. A, Dr. Val, Scan Man, Head Mirror, and Ramona for being so much fun! I had an awesome time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hair Chair and the Doc Box

My nephew, yesterday, was having trouble at school. He wasn't listening to his teacher or participating in the lesson, and he refused to clean up a mess that he had made. So his teacher, unwilling to deal with it at the time, sent him home. When he walked in the door with his mother, she looked at me, and momma, and said: "Any job you need doing? Him." So while momma pondered over what she might get him to do, I said "I need to clean my room!" And so his mother sent him downstairs to my room with me to get started.

We started by the door, where the bookshelf was, and worked our way around the room, while I would tell him to put certain stuff here, and certain stuff there. He had trouble at first, because he didn't really know where to put random things like bobby pins or hair clips or my Atlas of Nephrology. I had a toy box, for all of my nifty toys to go in, and a laundrey basket for the clothes on the floor, so those weren't a problem. But I had to make something for him that he'd be able to remember where certain other things went.

Thus came into existance the Hair Chair, Doc Box, Pin Tin, and a few others like "The box of stuff that doesn't need to be in Mary's room"

Hair Chair- The chair on which to put any stray bobby pins, hair brushes, hair ribbons, or scrunchies.

Doc Box- The box in which all of my medically related books go in, also anything that has to do with being a doctor. Ex.- toy bear that pretends to be a doctor, stethescope, those scrubs I wore last halloween, etc.

Pin Tin- Where all the wall tacks go. I mean, sure, they're not really pins, but it was the thought that counts.

"The box of stuff that doesn't need to be in Mary's room"- Well, that's pretty self explanitory.

So it took a few hours, and several plastic bags full of junk I was willing to part with, and my room was finally pretty close to clean. My nephew even started to do things without me telling him! And when I would have to ask him, his response was a surprising "yes ma'm!!" How amazing! I've never gotten one of those from him!

So, after a bit, we go upstairs because we both need a well-deserved bathroom/lunch break, and his mother tells him that since it's 2:00 (the time his school gets out), and he would've been out of school by now, that he is done being a little cleaning boy.

I'm sort of dissappointed, because I wasn't done cleaning. But I go ahead and start to make myself lunch anyway.

So I'm in the middle of making myself a ham & swiss on wheat with all the goodies, he comes right up next to me, and asks me to make him a sandwich. Now, his mother is right in the living room, so I really don't see why he wants me to do it. I tell him this, and he goes to ask her. He comes back to me, and says "she says yes" . As if I now have permission to make him a sandwich. I tell him I kind of thought that mommy was going to make him a sandwich, and he groans that he wants me to make it! That was weird. He's never wanted me to make him anything. So, me and mommy do rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to make hims a sandwich. And to his joy, I won. I don't mind, though, because honestly, how hard is it to make a Cinnamon sandwich? Two pieces of bread, some butter, and some cinnamon.

So both sandwiches made, I was about to put his on a little animal face plate thingy. I forgot what they were called. Zoopals? Anyway, he says "No! I want the same plate as you!!" So I get him the same plate, the same size cup, and get us both a glass of strawberry milk, filled to exactly the same height. No more complaining.

So it's pretty nice that we were buddies like that for at least a little while. Once dinner rolled around, he was back to normal. But at least my room is cleaned. And I have to say, it looks pretty darn good.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How Exciting!

Ohhh, my goodness, it happened again! This time it was the smart and beautiful Dr. Val who commented! It must be my lucky week or something! I came to post something - anything new, and lo and behold, there were four comments on my last post! And luckily for me, this time, one of them was Dr. Val's! Thank you so much for stopping by!
And for an unexpected surprise, Momma stopped by to comment for the first time! She's commented in real life plenty of times, but this is the first recorded instance of her commenting, in text, to the happenings on my blog. Another pleasant surprise indeed! She's going up on my list!
Now that mother's day is come and (almost) gone, I can tell what I got for my own mother. I was very happy to have had plenty of money with which to buy her something nicer than usual this year. I usually am the one who is more connected to what my momma needs, and this year proved no exception to the rule. I got her the first season of her new favorite show, NCIS. And I also was able to nab a pack of her favorite candy bar Take 5.
Now, let me assure you that it might not seem like NCIS is a big deal. It isn't to me. But let me illustrate, through my very own "based on a real story" tale, how big of a deal it actually is that I got this for my mother.
Last month, my car (being under the weather due to me driving into a ditch some months ago) was to be dropped off at "Troy's" (This is the mechanic's name, seeing as I can never, for the life of me remember what his company is called.).
So I dropped my car off at "Troy's" and called my mother inquiring when she would arrive to take me back home. She said that she'd be there in a half hour. I had no clue why it'd take that long, seeing as "Troy's" is only 8-9 minutes from our house. I told her there was no way I was hanging around the mechanic's waiting for a half hour. She told me to walk somewhere, then. After a few more minutes of this, it was decided that I would walk down the street to a local Target's. So I agreed, and started walking. It wasn't too far, I could see it from "Troy's", so I didn't expect any trouble.
About halfway there, a car on the opposite side of the road honks. I look to see who it is, and I see a hand waving at me from the driver's window. Now, this car looks like a car of a man I know from church who is a pretty nice guy. So I wave back, assuming that it is him, and I keep walking. I reach the parking lot of the store, and I'm about 10 yards from the doors, when I hear another honk. I keep walking, but out of the corner of my eye, I see the same red car. I stop and turn to say hello to my friend, and the car slows. All of the sudden, a man who looks like a mix between Jed Clampett and Blake Clark (when he was in Joe Dirt, not Boy Meets World). The conversation proceeds thusly:
Him: Hey! (this was said in a very very very deep southern accent)
Me: Ummm. . hi.
Him: Gol' Durn, I turned around to see if you
needed a ride, but you walk too darn fast!
(I would've been walking faster if I had
known that you were coming)
Me: Oh, really? (nervous laughter)
Him: Well, I'll see you later!
(I really really hope not!)
Me: Well okay, then!
He then drives off, and I make a mad dash for the door, just in case he decides to park and come after me with a shotgun or knife or something. Once inside, I call my mother, and tell her what happened. I ask again when she's coming ( I had expected that she would've said "I'm coming right now!!" or something to that effect) and she responds with:
"As soon as I finish this episode of NCIS"
So yeah. There's a little insight for you so that you can understand what a big deal it is for me to actually buy my mom a whole season of reasons to leave me hanging again sometime in the future. I guess it's just because I love her so darn much. Happy Mother's Day, Momma. Thanks for putting up with me.
Just a side note- My mother hates it when I tell this story.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I almost peed myself a little bit.

Because I was so excited!! About what? Well how about the fact that someone awesome visited and actually commented on my blog? I feel like I just met Johnny C. McGinley, or Brad Pitt or something. Yes, it is that big to me. I mean, just because this person isn't in movies or on tv, doesn't mean it's not a big deal.

Do you see that screenshot? What's the name up there? Can you tell? That's right, it's Doctor Anonymous. And here I was thinking that the third comment on this post was going to be my mom or something like that (She finally has joined the ranks of bloggers). Never in my wildest dreams (sorry for the lame cliche) had I ever imagined that Doctor Anonymous, whom I've spend all my spare time the past week listening to via downloaded podcasts on my zune, would come here, to Medi-Medi, and comment on something that I had written! And he wished me a happy birthday! How awesome!! I don't know about y'all (Yes, I said it! And why not? I live in the south!) but I was pretty excited. And now that I know what time his show is on, I'm going to be sure to catch it next week at 9:00pm. I've already set my phone alarm that tells me to do everything.

So, if you want to know where I'll be next Thursday night at 9:00, the answer is in the comment. I'll be over at in the chatroom listening into the podcast and watching the Dr A cam.

Also, I've decided that it's probably time for me to decide on a profile pic. You know how Aggravated DocSurg has John Belushi as his or how Dr. A has a stethescope on a bag for his. I need to find one that is me. One to help me so that I'll be better known. I'm not looking to put up a picture of me, like Val Jones, because I'm not half as photo-friendly as she is. Just a picture that says "ME" all over it. But not literally of course.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Breaking my Heart

Alright, so I have been hearing this more and more and now I finally found a video confirming it.

My boy band, my Akcent, my guilty pleasure, is being "rebuilt". One of the four boys is leaving. Marius Nedelcu. Ady, Sorin, and little Mihai are still there. But big, strong, handsome Marius is leaving to go solo.

Here's the News Article on it that I found on youtube. If any of you have a "Romanian to English" Dictionary, I suggest you dig it out of that closet now.

For those of you who don't understand Romanian, they're saying "Umm, Sorry Mary. Too bad for you. Good job getting to know a boy band just before they split up, it's your fault that you came to the party a little too late. I guess you'll just have to live with the new guy"

Yes, there is a new guy. And his name is Corneliu Ulici. But replacing Marius with Corneliu is kind of weird. Because I can't stay mad at Corneliu for long.

Ya wanna see why?


That's Why.

Yah, he's a hottie. I think that he'll be an okay addition to the band. And I guess I'm alright with him replacing Marius, but I'm still gonna miss him alot. His singing voice melted my heart everytime! But as long as the replacement is at least on the same hottness level as Marius, he can stay.

So I guess I'm not as heartbroken as I had thought I was, but I want to wait and see how it goes. Maybe it'll go downhill, and maybe it'll be better. I don't know. But at least there won't be a shortage of eye candy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Times and My Birthday!

WHAT??? Two Posts in a day after a period of weeks without posting?? Yes, I am that nice.

My birthday was last week, and I got some presents. My favorite one by far is the Zune. I can have as many songs, videos, pictures and podcasts as I want on it.

I, being the technilogically inclined one in the family, have figured out how to get podcasts on my Zune! As you may or may not know, Dr. A hosts his own podcast on BlogTalkRadio. It's wonderful that I can download the episodes that I've missed. They are live podcasts that air, but I, unfortunately, never know when they are, because I never can remember to find out and write it down.

Last episode he interviewed Dr. Val Jones from her blog at Revolution Health called Dr Val and the Voice of Reason. I have the link up at the right, I'm pretty sure.

Well, recently, Dr. Val had the opportunity to interview M.D.,Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona. For those of you who don't know, Admiral Carmona is America's #1 doctor, the Surgeon General. Yes, he is an actual person. The Surgeon General is more than the warning on the carton of cigarettes. He is probably the most respected voice in medicine today, and Dr. Val compared her joy at interviewing him to "a catholic person meeting the pope". Now, Admiral Carmona was appointed by GW himself in 2002, and left office when his term expired on July 31st, 2006. Rear Admiral Steven K Galson is presently the Acting Surgeon General, and will act as the Surgeon General until such a time that we have a new President, who will then nominate and install (via a majority senate vote) a new Surgeon General.

This interview was very, very interesting to read about, more interesting to listen to, and it was wonderful to hear the discussion that Dr. A and Dr. Val had after it had all happened. The latter of which was probably more relatable for those of us who aren't professional medical persons.
I'd definetly reccomend taking a trip over to Dr. Val and The Voice of Reason for more details.

On a more random note: I have become addicted to the video for Morandi's song Angels. Morandi is a romanain pop group (more like duo) that reminded me at first of our own 1990's Evan and Jaron, but now I'm hooked on that one song. (kind of what happened with Evan and Jaron, huh?)

Also on the Romanii music front, I have all of my favorite Akcent songs finally on my Zune. You can't beat having those four hotties available at all times and in all places! I have a few videos as well, but I'm pretty sure the only one who cares about these boys (stateside at least) is me.

And the final Romanian Music News for you all today is that Dan Balan (formerly of the famous "O-Zone" band that will always be known for their Numa-Numa song) Has come out with his own addicting (and this time good) song called "Crazy Loop".

Look them all up. Now. Just click on all the links. It's that easy.

Bad Semester and Crazy People.

I got Amazing grades on my Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology classes. I failed both biology 102 and math 110. I just dropped the ball I guess. I'm going to have to do better next time. For biology, nothing clicked unless I compared it to human stuff. Which was great when we were in the Animal Section, but my teacher was a crazy plant lady and only focused on the animal diversity for about two and a half weeks.

Anyway, I'm ticked off about it. But on the positive side, the unofficial transcript tells me I made a D in bio 102. I'm not sure it means it, and I know I don't deserve it, but I'm fine with getting it!


Okay, so I have a neighbor about two houses down (which, in cul-de-sac terms means right across the street from me!!!) who I've suspected of being a CIA Agent for the longest time. I went to a birthday party friday night (had my own on saturday night, but I'll leave that until after the spooky story) for a friend who was turning 40. The theme was 80's and I had no idea until I showed up. So, resorceful person that I am, I took my pony tail out and put it back in on the side of my head!

( Soooo 80's, right?) And tied myself a headband like those ones that "rocker" guys always used to wear in the 80's. Mack on Saturday's Warrior comes to my mind when I wear it like that. Anyway, so there I was, coming home from the party at 11:00 at night, right? And my neighbors are having one of their "public intoxication/keep the kids up all night" parties that they love so much. So I pull up, and CIA Neighbor comes right up to my car door and waits for me to get out.
I'm freaking out, because he's probably drunk and he's in the CIA. So I open the door and throw a very polite yet airy "hey!" his way. He puts on his "I work for the government, so I am in charge" hat on, and asks:
"So, y'think you're going a little fast this evening?".
Why no, officer, do you think you've been being a little bald this evening?
"I was going the speed limit."
"No you weren't! We all saw you pulling in here!"
Yes, but you have all been drinking and keeping your kids up too late as well.
Seems like your judgement skills are impared.
"25 is the speed limit in the neighborhood, right? I was going 25"
"Ummm, no you weren't."
Ah, taking the comeback quality back to high school? Don't mind if I do!
Here, I sigh heavily and roll my eyes, and go "pshhhh" so fast, you'd think I'd have just let the air out of someone's tires.
"Oh, oh! You can go ahead and roll your eyes, miss- WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY??"
I really was going to answer, really. But he's too fast.
"D-d-d-d-d'you even l-live here??!!?!" In pops Haley Joel Osment to throw around a few smart aleck remarks "St-st-stuttering St-stanley!" and maybe a touch of Adam Sandler "T-t-today, Junior!"
Nah, I actually live in the house behind this one, I'm just passing through
so that I won't have to go all the way around.
"Yes, I do." lame, I know, but lame questions deserve lame answers.
"Well good! Because I'm going to talk to your parents in the morning!"
If you can even remember, oh, and
good luck getting past that hangover!
"Alright, fine!"
Here, I'd like to note that he never actually came over. Maybe he forgot, maybe he had to go kill somebody, and maybe he realized that he sounded like a retard, but whatever the reason, he never showed. Sounds like we have one playground bully that can't follow through with threats. If he wants to meet at the flagpole after school, I expect him to be at that flagpole after school! None of that "I hear my mom calling, your off the leash" junk! No! I wanna see some follow-through, not some wimp-out!
Anyway, so I've decided that next time, I won't even get out of the car. I'll stay there all night if I have to. Let him stand there all night, I have a place to sleep. I've slept in that car before, I can do it again. It's a matter of will. But chances are, he'll get frustrated and leave after about ten minutes. Either to go home or to talk to my parents no matter what time of night it is, I dunno. But I'm never opening the car door again when there's a strange, bald, scary looking drunk standing there. I'll call someone from inside the car to come help or I'll drive somewhere else and stay the night there.