Sunday, May 11, 2008

How Exciting!

Ohhh, my goodness, it happened again! This time it was the smart and beautiful Dr. Val who commented! It must be my lucky week or something! I came to post something - anything new, and lo and behold, there were four comments on my last post! And luckily for me, this time, one of them was Dr. Val's! Thank you so much for stopping by!
And for an unexpected surprise, Momma stopped by to comment for the first time! She's commented in real life plenty of times, but this is the first recorded instance of her commenting, in text, to the happenings on my blog. Another pleasant surprise indeed! She's going up on my list!
Now that mother's day is come and (almost) gone, I can tell what I got for my own mother. I was very happy to have had plenty of money with which to buy her something nicer than usual this year. I usually am the one who is more connected to what my momma needs, and this year proved no exception to the rule. I got her the first season of her new favorite show, NCIS. And I also was able to nab a pack of her favorite candy bar Take 5.
Now, let me assure you that it might not seem like NCIS is a big deal. It isn't to me. But let me illustrate, through my very own "based on a real story" tale, how big of a deal it actually is that I got this for my mother.
Last month, my car (being under the weather due to me driving into a ditch some months ago) was to be dropped off at "Troy's" (This is the mechanic's name, seeing as I can never, for the life of me remember what his company is called.).
So I dropped my car off at "Troy's" and called my mother inquiring when she would arrive to take me back home. She said that she'd be there in a half hour. I had no clue why it'd take that long, seeing as "Troy's" is only 8-9 minutes from our house. I told her there was no way I was hanging around the mechanic's waiting for a half hour. She told me to walk somewhere, then. After a few more minutes of this, it was decided that I would walk down the street to a local Target's. So I agreed, and started walking. It wasn't too far, I could see it from "Troy's", so I didn't expect any trouble.
About halfway there, a car on the opposite side of the road honks. I look to see who it is, and I see a hand waving at me from the driver's window. Now, this car looks like a car of a man I know from church who is a pretty nice guy. So I wave back, assuming that it is him, and I keep walking. I reach the parking lot of the store, and I'm about 10 yards from the doors, when I hear another honk. I keep walking, but out of the corner of my eye, I see the same red car. I stop and turn to say hello to my friend, and the car slows. All of the sudden, a man who looks like a mix between Jed Clampett and Blake Clark (when he was in Joe Dirt, not Boy Meets World). The conversation proceeds thusly:
Him: Hey! (this was said in a very very very deep southern accent)
Me: Ummm. . hi.
Him: Gol' Durn, I turned around to see if you
needed a ride, but you walk too darn fast!
(I would've been walking faster if I had
known that you were coming)
Me: Oh, really? (nervous laughter)
Him: Well, I'll see you later!
(I really really hope not!)
Me: Well okay, then!
He then drives off, and I make a mad dash for the door, just in case he decides to park and come after me with a shotgun or knife or something. Once inside, I call my mother, and tell her what happened. I ask again when she's coming ( I had expected that she would've said "I'm coming right now!!" or something to that effect) and she responds with:
"As soon as I finish this episode of NCIS"
So yeah. There's a little insight for you so that you can understand what a big deal it is for me to actually buy my mom a whole season of reasons to leave me hanging again sometime in the future. I guess it's just because I love her so darn much. Happy Mother's Day, Momma. Thanks for putting up with me.
Just a side note- My mother hates it when I tell this story.


Scott & Jenna said...

Oooh! I love that monkey picture & your great story. I am glad that Mr. Bad Guy did not take you away.

Anonymous said...

lol Nice pic. You must be a lucky gal. Tell your mom and all I said hi.

Liz said...

Yes, I left you at Target for an extra 10 minutes...but let's be's not like we live in NYC, we may as well be in Mayberry! And maybe the guy was creepy, but by the time you told me all this you were safely ensconced in the Target store where you know probably half the people who work there. And I thought if I left you there long enough maybe you'd fill out an application! You know that if I'd thought you were in imminent danger I'd have been there before you could say 'bad parenting'. Sorry, you know I love you Mary!!

Rebecca said...

You poor thing!!!! i would have been totally freaked out. Thankfully he didn't follow you in or wait for you to leave. Don't give your mom too hard of a time. There are some shows that just cannot be missed.

Natural Fertility said...

Hahahaha... Scary but funny. My mom used to never miss one of her favorite show too. Your story really reminded me of my mom!