Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Breaking my Heart

Alright, so I have been hearing this more and more and now I finally found a video confirming it.

My boy band, my Akcent, my guilty pleasure, is being "rebuilt". One of the four boys is leaving. Marius Nedelcu. Ady, Sorin, and little Mihai are still there. But big, strong, handsome Marius is leaving to go solo.

Here's the News Article on it that I found on youtube. If any of you have a "Romanian to English" Dictionary, I suggest you dig it out of that closet now.

For those of you who don't understand Romanian, they're saying "Umm, Sorry Mary. Too bad for you. Good job getting to know a boy band just before they split up, it's your fault that you came to the party a little too late. I guess you'll just have to live with the new guy"

Yes, there is a new guy. And his name is Corneliu Ulici. But replacing Marius with Corneliu is kind of weird. Because I can't stay mad at Corneliu for long.

Ya wanna see why?


That's Why.

Yah, he's a hottie. I think that he'll be an okay addition to the band. And I guess I'm alright with him replacing Marius, but I'm still gonna miss him alot. His singing voice melted my heart everytime! But as long as the replacement is at least on the same hottness level as Marius, he can stay.

So I guess I'm not as heartbroken as I had thought I was, but I want to wait and see how it goes. Maybe it'll go downhill, and maybe it'll be better. I don't know. But at least there won't be a shortage of eye candy.


Scott & Jenna said...

OK, here's my theory. Marius was so upset because he found out that you wouldn't date him that he decided to leave the band.

End of discussion?! ;)

Mary said...

I love that explanation!! It makes perfect sense!!