Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Times and My Birthday!

WHAT??? Two Posts in a day after a period of weeks without posting?? Yes, I am that nice.

My birthday was last week, and I got some presents. My favorite one by far is the Zune. I can have as many songs, videos, pictures and podcasts as I want on it.

I, being the technilogically inclined one in the family, have figured out how to get podcasts on my Zune! As you may or may not know, Dr. A hosts his own podcast on BlogTalkRadio. It's wonderful that I can download the episodes that I've missed. They are live podcasts that air, but I, unfortunately, never know when they are, because I never can remember to find out and write it down.

Last episode he interviewed Dr. Val Jones from her blog at Revolution Health called Dr Val and the Voice of Reason. I have the link up at the right, I'm pretty sure.

Well, recently, Dr. Val had the opportunity to interview M.D.,Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona. For those of you who don't know, Admiral Carmona is America's #1 doctor, the Surgeon General. Yes, he is an actual person. The Surgeon General is more than the warning on the carton of cigarettes. He is probably the most respected voice in medicine today, and Dr. Val compared her joy at interviewing him to "a catholic person meeting the pope". Now, Admiral Carmona was appointed by GW himself in 2002, and left office when his term expired on July 31st, 2006. Rear Admiral Steven K Galson is presently the Acting Surgeon General, and will act as the Surgeon General until such a time that we have a new President, who will then nominate and install (via a majority senate vote) a new Surgeon General.

This interview was very, very interesting to read about, more interesting to listen to, and it was wonderful to hear the discussion that Dr. A and Dr. Val had after it had all happened. The latter of which was probably more relatable for those of us who aren't professional medical persons.
I'd definetly reccomend taking a trip over to Dr. Val and The Voice of Reason for more details.

On a more random note: I have become addicted to the video for Morandi's song Angels. Morandi is a romanain pop group (more like duo) that reminded me at first of our own 1990's Evan and Jaron, but now I'm hooked on that one song. (kind of what happened with Evan and Jaron, huh?)

Also on the Romanii music front, I have all of my favorite Akcent songs finally on my Zune. You can't beat having those four hotties available at all times and in all places! I have a few videos as well, but I'm pretty sure the only one who cares about these boys (stateside at least) is me.

And the final Romanian Music News for you all today is that Dan Balan (formerly of the famous "O-Zone" band that will always be known for their Numa-Numa song) Has come out with his own addicting (and this time good) song called "Crazy Loop".

Look them all up. Now. Just click on all the links. It's that easy.


Anonymous said...

Morandi almost sounds like Mandi...but not...

Mary said...

haha it sounded like "more andy!" to me when I tried to read it, but in romania, the "i" at the end is silent, and some of the letters are pronounced differently, so it'll probably sound like "marooned"

Dr. A said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for mentioning my show. I'm glad that you enjoy it. Just to let you know, it's (generally) every Thursday night live at 9pm eastern time at my blogtalkradio site. Hope you will be able to catch it live one day - and take part in the chat room - and actually see me on my live web cam.