Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look what I can do!

Hahaha, I can tie a tie.
I found out that I know how to! Big Brother, a few weeks back, gave me a crash course one afternoon during a commercial break from whatever hilarious show was on, on tying ties! I had one of dad's old ones lying around, and so Big Brother showed me how a tie is tied.
After a few tries, I got it right, and I've been trying not to forget! I mean, what good is it knowing if you are then going to go and forget it by not practicing??

So tonight, after the Doc. A. show, during the Ustream afterparty, there are too many commas in this sentance.
Let's try that again.
During the Ustream afterparty tonight, I found a tie on the computer table! It was one of Big Brother's that he left around after church or something. My thought process procedes as such:

Lookit how pretty it is! But wait, uh oh! I think I forgot how to tie a tie! Aww, man! Does anyone in the chatroom know, and is willing to walk me through it?

Apparently, all that the chatroom can do is tell me to search wikipedia or youtube. Psh! Like I'm gonna do that just for learning how to tie a tie!

I'm sure I can remember if I just try. . .

So I try.

This is, I think, Big Bro's favorite tie. It's his Donald Trump tie. Now, I had no clue th
at The Donald put out a line of ties before Big Bro came home from his mission with one.

But lookit how shiney and fancy it is! I definetly liked messing with it and trying to remember how to tie it! So fun!

And dang I'm glad that Big Bro didn't catch me messing with his tie. He's very particular about his ties. Luckily, he won't find out unless he reads my blog! Hee hee, sneaky.

A few minutes of trying and failing to produce a smooth knot, and finally I figure it out! I had to do it a few times more before the knot looked even remotely like what a tied tie should look like. But I finally got it. And that's my little success of the week!
(That black stuff under my eyes is paint. I was fingerpainting before the show. There's proof for all of you doubters! I guess technically, I was supposed to keep the paint on the paper, but I decided to have a little bit of fun with it.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last night's show

Allllll-right. As alot of you know, the Doctor Anonymous Show comes on Thursday nights, at 9pm eastern time, and many of you know that I love going! I love going because the guests are always amazing, and the people who call in are always so fun, and, of course, Doc A is super-cool.

Well last night's show was no exception. The amazing, beautiful, and popular Ramona Bates of Suture for a Living was on last night. And, although at first she was a little nervous, once she got used to being on, she was awesome! So, good job Ramona!

Alot of people called in to talk to Ramona. Theresa and Val both called in while she was on the show, and it was fun hearing from my three favorite blogger ladies.

In the middle, the show kind of gets to be crazy. Scanman calls in to talk to Ramona, but she had already hung up, and then as soon as Scanman hangs up, Ramona calls in again! So then of course, Bongi, who had wanted to speak with Ramona but had gotten to the show a little later, called in. And then Scanman called in. And then Rico called in, and then I (seeing all of the amazing people who had called in) wanted to call in! It was a five person pileup on the Doctor A show, and it was amazing. One by one, we left as we talked to whoever we wanted to talk to (I chose to ask Bongi a question).

And I think, as always, I was the last one to leave the party. I'm soo lame that way. Always have to be the very last one. But oh well. I tried to hijack the show for a bit at the end, and close it up as elegantly as Doc A, but it didn't work that well. It was fun attempting to close out the show. I recapped the guests and thanked everyone for being there, but I have no clue how Doc A does it without being as ridiculously awkward as I was. Probably his scripted notes and such. I thought it funny when someone suggested in the chat that I was the new co-host. Probably Rico. He's a joker.

Anyway, I encourage all of you to check it out! If you don't know where to find it, I have it on my sidebar over to the right, and the most recent episode of the Dr. A. show is always on there if someone wants to listen to it! Show 45 is going to be up there until a newer show replaces it next week!

So go listen!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wii Online is fun stuff.

Alright, alright, I admit, It's not like it's completely new. But I still love doing it.

Turning on that Wii Console and heading online to see some of my favorite sites on the big TV screen. . . it's an amazing feeling!

But I haven't done it in awhile, and I decided to hop on and try a few things. First thing I tried? Twittering on the Wii!

As you can all see (even if you don't follow me on twitter), Twittering on TV is fun!

Although the obvious downside is that I have to search and peck to find what letter or key I'm looking for. That number one hand there runs around typing for you, it'd be easier to just hop on the computer and twitter yourself!

But for those days when there's someone else on the real computer or when your computer is down but the internet is still working, Twittering on the Wii works just fine!

Next Stop? Over to some of my favorite Med-Blogs! I search and pecked my way to Google, and found Doc A.!

Such a useful search engine!

Also- I laughed out loud when I saw what post it put on the front page of google for his blog.

Looks like I'm not the only one with a "pee post"!

Once I clicked on the link, and the Wii dropped me into the Doc A blogiverse, I noticed a flaw in the system!

I can't watch the video posts!

(But I can wave at my reflection in the black box where the video post is supposed to go!)

And from this shot, you can all notice our extra-ordinarily messy entertainment system, sorry mom!

From there, pointed and clicked my way over to Vijay's Place.

(I wish I had remembered that Doc A had a link there before I went through the painfully time-wasting search and peck process!)

Once it looked like everything worked over there on the wii- (I'm sure it's because you use firefox, Vijay. Because firefox, as everyone knows, is magical ;o) )

I felt like combining the page zoom and the hand shaped pointer to make myself laugh. The best place to do that?

Why, over at Val's blog of course! Onward to Revolution Health hooo!!!
Oh silly pointer! Stop picking Val's nose! I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate that at all!

(Side note: Lookit how pretty Val is! Even with a hand shaped pointer pretending to pick her nose!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's a wonderful life

So now that dad's found a job down in Macon, GA, I have been having to make more . . . shudder. .decisions. I've decided not to take a semester off this fall. I'm still going to go to my little technical community school. The classes will be easy ones. Transferrable, but basic. I'm going to be taking:
  • Elementary Spanish
  • Intro to Philosophy
  • Music Appreciation
  • Intro to Computers

Which should all be pretty simple classes. I took 3 years of spanish in High School, so hopefully, it'll be like riding a bike. I played the trumpet all through middle school, and have been trying to learn to play the piano and harmonica, so I don't think it'll be that big of a deal. And intro to computers?? LOL! Honestly, I think I'll sleep through that class. I've taken two computer classes in high school and am on the computer constantly. Pu-leeze! The only thing I haven't even touched is Philosophy. I honestly have no idea how that class will go, but I don't think I should worry. I've gotten through psychology and sociology with high grades, so I don't think that philosophy will slow me down now.

All in all, I'm counting on this year being a GPA boosing semester. Easy A's all around. This semester is going to be what I like to call a "practice semester". I'm going to practice studying, doing homework, and getting with the gosh darned program! So hopefully, I'll develop some good habits and get rid of some time wasting ones during this semester. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

After this semester is over, and I've (hopefully) been accepted to BYU-Idaho (still haven't heard, it's worrying me a little bit), I'll start to establish residency in Georgia. I'll go there during breaks and holidays, and hopefully, when I look at Georgia's Medical Schools, I'll be able to go without paying out of state tuition. And I'll have a greater chance of getting in, I think.

So that's my plan, and- if perfectly executed- I'll be well on my way to medical school in a couple of years!

Unfortunately, life doesn't always work out the way you want it to. But I'm hoping this time will be different. Excuse me now, whilst I go knock on every wooden surface in the house!