Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look what I can do!

Hahaha, I can tie a tie.
I found out that I know how to! Big Brother, a few weeks back, gave me a crash course one afternoon during a commercial break from whatever hilarious show was on, on tying ties! I had one of dad's old ones lying around, and so Big Brother showed me how a tie is tied.
After a few tries, I got it right, and I've been trying not to forget! I mean, what good is it knowing if you are then going to go and forget it by not practicing??

So tonight, after the Doc. A. show, during the Ustream afterparty, there are too many commas in this sentance.
Let's try that again.
During the Ustream afterparty tonight, I found a tie on the computer table! It was one of Big Brother's that he left around after church or something. My thought process procedes as such:

Lookit how pretty it is! But wait, uh oh! I think I forgot how to tie a tie! Aww, man! Does anyone in the chatroom know, and is willing to walk me through it?

Apparently, all that the chatroom can do is tell me to search wikipedia or youtube. Psh! Like I'm gonna do that just for learning how to tie a tie!

I'm sure I can remember if I just try. . .

So I try.

This is, I think, Big Bro's favorite tie. It's his Donald Trump tie. Now, I had no clue th
at The Donald put out a line of ties before Big Bro came home from his mission with one.

But lookit how shiney and fancy it is! I definetly liked messing with it and trying to remember how to tie it! So fun!

And dang I'm glad that Big Bro didn't catch me messing with his tie. He's very particular about his ties. Luckily, he won't find out unless he reads my blog! Hee hee, sneaky.

A few minutes of trying and failing to produce a smooth knot, and finally I figure it out! I had to do it a few times more before the knot looked even remotely like what a tied tie should look like. But I finally got it. And that's my little success of the week!
(That black stuff under my eyes is paint. I was fingerpainting before the show. There's proof for all of you doubters! I guess technically, I was supposed to keep the paint on the paper, but I decided to have a little bit of fun with it.)


Scott and Jenna said...

Here's what I've heard about tying a tie - It's a Squirrel. The squirrel runs around the tree up the back & down through the trunk. Ta-dah! Tied. Or something like that.

Liz said...

I am so proud of you! Every self-respecting young Mormon woman should know how to tie a tie! After all, someday you'll have a house full of little boys who need help with their ties on Sunday morning, and your husband will have left for church early for extra meetings and you will have to know how to do it! Way to go, Mary!!

Cierra Rafajko said...

Thats awesome! I totally agree.. Every woman should know how to tie a tie. It's not really something that alot of girls think about but you never know what coming around the corner. Luckily I have been able to have a little bit of practice because of my brothers.