Monday, February 25, 2008

The findings of a curious (and happy!) mind.

So. . .

I found out that I don't like driving my sister's car.

I found out that I wasn't as prepared for today's test as I had thought.

I found out how to delete comments from others on my posts. (so, Jenna, if you still want me to delete that one comment, you are in luck!)

I found out that I can be awefully grumpy in the morning.

I also found out that my sudden snappy grumpiness could show itself to anyone.

Which is very dangerous if Dad finds this out at the same time.

I found out on Saturday night that I was horrible at bowling.

Which lead to me finding out that I don't mind losing as long as everyone has fun.

I found out that I don't like mushrooms as much as I had thought.

I found out that buying seasons of my favorite shows at Best Buy is possible, but improbable according to the latest update from my wallet.

I found out today that I lost my wallet.

I found out last night that I am like Bicycle Playing cards better than other brands.

I also found out that I can get on the internet in math class. Go figure.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nothing much

You wanna hear something funny? Not funny ha-ha, mind you, but funny weird.

For starters, a funny confession- Even whilst I was crashing the car, happy was there. I knew I'd get attention for it, and that made me happy.

Don't get me wrong, though. Terrified, and his good buddy anguish were there as well. Trying to drown out happy.

But unfortunately, I am cursed with a happy happy brain.

I'll prove it to you.

There, see? I scanned my brain, and apparently, I'm all happy all the time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tagged- Now? Really?

Well, after stopping by My Friend's Blog, I decided that I'd finally give in. I'll finally do what it told me to do. I've been looking at it and putting it off for ages, but I can't put it off any longer. It's too tempting.

What Am I Doing Right Now?

Well, for starters, I am blogging. I'm blogging whilst listening to my new favorite song by Akcent called Spune Mi. I have no clue what the words mean. All I know is that there are cute guys singing it, and it's catchy. I'm supposed to be watching kids, but I've sent them to their room to clean it, so that I can have a minute alone. My shoulder is still killing me (I say shoulder instead of back because I don't want to sound like an old person, but it's up near my left shoulder on my back) from the accident, and more recently, my neck has started to hurt. It's only a sharp pain when I lift my head the wrong way. I am hoping to ask the opinion of my Med. Term. teacher, seeing as she's a chiropractor. I hated trying to spell that, and I don't care if I got it wrong. I am wearing my favorite hat. It's pretty awesome. I got it for around $4.00 at Target, but it's way cool. I'm waiting for Mom to get back from taking the Little Brothers to the Dentist, so that she can take me to school. I hate not having a car. I've recently been watching Dr. Who, and I'm addicted. Its a horrible sci-fi soap opera, but I'm addicted. How sad is that?? Anyway, I'm also taking Tylenol right now. Regular Strength Tylenol is my best friend now. I've found that Ibuprofen doesn't really help as much as it does during certain other times of pain. But with Tylenol, if I can just take some, and wait for it to kick in (it takes about ten minutes) then I'll be fine. In the mean time, I'm hurting really bad. Gol Dernit, my back hurts so bad!! Geez! I went to the doctor and she said it'd be gone in a couple of days. So either she went to Med School at Liarsville, or she doesn't know what she is talking about. Maybe she meant a couple of weeks, I don't know. But I do know that it's almost been a week since the crash and my back is still killing me. Which, with my tendancy to relate words to songs, leads me to this. Thanks, Roberta, thanks. Glad you went and popped into my head at exactly the right moment, I really appreciate it, really. Just for that, here's my favorite version of this song. Yeah, it's not yours, it's by the Fugees. So there. Have fun with that.

Anyway, now that you've had a little taste (and I do mean little, there's tons more where that came from) of what goes on in my head, you know a little more about the jungle that is my brain.

Also, Im a horrible red wings fan because the last 6 games I haven't seen and the last 6 games, they've lost. 6 in a row. I feel responsible for some reason.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My lucky day and My G.A.

Okay, so you all know how I really don't like to give actual names on this site. I really don't. I think people's privacy is important, and I respect the fact that some people don't want their names to be plastered all over the internet.

But. . . I think I can make an exception. Besides, it's not like anyone I don't know reads this blog right now, so I think It'll be safe. It'll be awhile before I actually get this blog into the medical blogosphere, so for now, I'm going to just go for it.

Denise Newhouse is heaven sent. She really is. I've suspected as much for some time now, and last night, it was confirmed. She is My Guardian Angel.

Last night, whilst driving home from my evening scripture study class, I ran head first into the most gigantic pothole in South Carolina. Not kidding. I really truely do beleive that it's the biggest. Now, usually, I avoid said pothole. I do. I know where it is. But last night, I forgot it was there, and to even further my plight, it was filled with water. I might as well have crashed into the kiddie pool at the neighborhood pool. That's how big it was. Big enough that it took out the whole bottom front of my car, and bumped my wheels pretty bad, too.

I stopped immediatly. Luckily, I wasn't too far away from class, and I had been the first to leave. So surely, somebody would see me and come to my aide. I saw Navy Nurse's car. He passed right by. I saw Best Buddy's car. She passed right by. In my distress, I grabbed my phone. After a quick prayer for help, I called mom. She quickly transferred the conversation over to dad.

The bad thing about being me, is that all of the emotions I hold in during the week, come out when I start to cry. I'm fine when no one's around. It's easy to bottle things in when you're alone. But when there's someone who's willing to listen. Someone who cares about you and wants to know what's wrong, the tears pour down like rain. And honestly, I am sorry about the country music-like phrase, but really, I swear, it's the only crying simile that came to my head.

Anyway, I was in the middle (actually, I was more like three or four words into it) of explaining my plight to Mom, when all of the sudden, that hot feeling came to my face, and my windpipe constricted, and I stopped breathing. I hate crying when I'm trying to explain what's happening. I sound something like this: "sob sob gasp I wahhhhhh breath I quivering lip sharp intake of breath I was gasp sob breath in I's going home waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh gasp gasp and like whimper boooohooohooooo"

So as you can see, it's more confusing to understand me when I'm crying. Way more confusing. So after sobbing to mom for a while and then sobbing to dad, there is a knock on my window. Denise Newhouse. She saw me on her way and decided to turn around. Now, as bad as I am over the phone when crying, it's about 5x worse when there's an actual person there with two whole shoulders, and always wiling to let me cry on either one. I picked the left one. I told my Dad to hang on, and explained - fighting the tears the whole time (they won) - what had happened. I let her and dad listen to the rattling sound the car made when I turned it on. Dad decided that it was okay for me to try to drive the car home, so I told Denise what he decided. She decided to follow me home the whole way.

Weird stuff was happening on the way home. The car was making weird noises. I had trouble with turning the wheels. Later than that, when I would put my foot on the gas, the rpm would go up, but not the mph. I had been going slow before, but by the time I got to my neighborhood, I stopped on an uphill. The car couldn't make it no matter how I revved the engines. The battery light was on the whole time. I'm glad Denise followed me into the neighborhood, because she was able to give me a ride the rest of the way home. I thanked her for her help, and hugged her. Mom thanked her for looking after me, and she was on her way.

Denise Newhouse is my hero. I don't think she beleives me when I tell her, but she is. She's been here for me since I moved here. No matter what. I'm thankful for her friendship, and her compassion, and the guidance she has given me throughout the years. It's almost like having another mom, but part-time, and without the "momming" that you get with your full-time mom.

Anyway, once I was home, I was trying to get Dad to go look at the car. Mom told us to take Big Brother with. Apparently, he didn't know that anything had happened. So when I asked him to come with to get the car, he asked what had happened. I tried to explaining, but apparently, that feat is undoable unless I bawl my eyes out. I don't want to cry in front of Big Brother! I covered my face with my elbows (it makes sense when you know that my hands had been behind my head.) and start yet another battle with my tears.

Then, the most amazing thing happened. One of the rarest things in the world showed itself. I had thought it was extinct, but apparently, it only comes out when it needs to. What is this wild and untamed specimen?? What is this thing that only shows itself once a year, maybe even only once in a few years. A hug from Big Brother. A genuine hug. An actual show of compassion and love that doesn't manifest itself in the form of quality time and video games.

I think that really did kind of make up for the fact that I had just ruined the car. Well, to me at least. I don't think a hug from Big Brother would take away Dad's feeling about the whole thing.

I digress.

We went and looked at it, and Dad saw that the car was leaking transmission fluid. And, apparently, the pothole scraped off some kind of electrical soemthing also, so I'm pretty glad right now that I didn't blow up. That would've stunk big time.

I don't think I went away completely unharmed, though. I must've done something to hurt my back, because my back is killing me. Around my left shoulder. It starts under my scapula and goes from about T-2 through T-8. It's killing me. I still have to go to school, unfortunately. But at least it's a holiday where cute boys give me things.

I will be soooo angry if I go to school and don't get anything good. That'll be a waste. I would've stayed home today except for that.

I should probably see a doctor about my back, but I never get to go to the doctor. Sam's been about twice so far this year. I haven't been since back around fall of 2006.

Oh well, I guess things will work out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post 51! Wow!

Wow, I can't beleive I'm halfway to 100 already!

Anyway, Today in Med. Term, we learned about the major arteries and such in the body. I already knew where the Femoral Artery was. Various television shows have been jumping on the "severed the femoral artery" train lately. I also learned about how the heart works. I heard something, though that my anatomy and physiology teacher would've called Hogwash. Whenever people call action potentials "electricity", he always says it's hogwash. And then he goes on to tell some story about back when he was in 'Nam. It's pretty fun in A&P. Not as much fun in Med. Term, but still, we learn alot more I think.

My second Med. Term. test came back today, and I got 93%!! It was exciting.

Anyway, you know that part in Harry Potter (I've gone and forgotten which movie it was in) where Hermione is explaining to Ron and Harry how many things Harry's Girlfriend must be feeling and then Ron says "One person can't feel all that, they'd explode!". I love that part.

I Sometimes feel like that. I feel all sorts of things at the same time, and I remember what Ron says, and I'm afriad I'll explode or something. I'm worried and sad and happy and excited and tired and bored and exstatic all at the same time.

I think that part of the problem is that I'm happy all the time. Even when I'm sad, Happy is always there. Everything is always funny too. So even when I'm crying about something on tv, I can laugh at myself for worrying about a tv show so much. I think if Happy and Hilarious weren't always there, I wouldn't be as overwhelmed. But then I don't think life would be half as much fun without them as my constant companions.

Also. . . Valentine's Day is coming. I like Valentine's Day. I think it's a nice day. Afterwards, there's always candy really cheap at the store. Also, it kind of puts me in the mood for Chick Flicks. I love chick flicks. When I've been watching chick flicks for awhile, I usually get all emotional, and end up crying even at the toughest awesomest movies. Last year, I watched so many lovey dovey movies, I even cried at Con Air. There's that part at the end where he is reunited with his wife and daughter. I totally just bawled my eyes out.

Random Note: My hip hurts. When I lift up my right leg to put it up on the table (how rude! That's not very polite at all! Don't try it at home unless you want to get in trouble!) There's this sharp, agonizing pain in that muscle in the front part of my leg. Also, I feel horrible, because I'm sure I learned that in Med. Term. the other day, and I've already forgotten.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blog Highlights 3

Okay so I promised another blog highlight, so here it is.

This is probably one that everyone already knows about. But if you don't, you should.

This is the second place I go on my medblog rounds everyday. This blog always has something hilarious to add to my day. I love reading the comics and the conversations and seeing the videos that are put up. It helps me to realize that you can be a good mom and an amazing doctor at the same time. (not to mention a pretty sweet blogger) This person has given my previously mentioned worries a little hope. This person is . . .

Dr. Michelle Au

. . . for her blog over at! Her blog, the underwear drawer, is an amazing place to go for a good pick-me-up. From her endearing stories about her adorable little boy to her hilarious tales of life in the OR. One of my personal favorite things about this blog is it's comics. Dr. Michelle has used her amazing artistic skills to draw out whitty and clever comics detailing her adventures in medical school and the rotations that she went through. Her comic about medical specialities was particularly hilarious. Oh, no, I'm not going to link those comics for you. You have to find them yourself. Delving deep into the archives and side links, discovering not only comics, but other precious treasures.

If you need more proof of her amazingness, she is now in the process of writing a book. I personally cannot wait for it's release, and I'll probably buy more than one copy so that I can take one with me wherever I go!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I hate my Med Term. Class. I do. There are so many abbreviations and terms and things that I totally could've waited until med school to learn. I really don't like having to learn that OA can stand for either Osteoarthritis or Overeaters Anonymous.

Mom wants me to go to Ricks. For those among us who were around when it was called that, you'll know where I mean. I for one, have heard too many stories of "oh, we met at Ricks, and we just knew we were right for each other!" I'd have to use both hands and probably one foot to add up how many couples I've known that met there. I really don't want that to happen for me.

I mean, yeah, marriage is important. I'll get married someday, but right when I'm trying to get into med school? I dunno. It seems that getting married would just mess up my plans. I'd have to rethink my priorities and be responsible. You know. Grown up stuff like that. I mean, it's not like I want to totally put off getting married until I graduate from med school, but at least hold off until I'm in the middle or something. That way, the commitment is there, and I can finish getting my medical lisence and probably do a couple years in a diagnostic fellowship before I have kids. I mean, it would be nice to make it all the way. And by all the way, I mean be head of the diagnostic department in a hospital. An attending. Someone who everyone asks for help when they don't know what to do with their patients. Maybe I could even make it to chief of medicine, but I wouldn't want to put off a family for too long.

And then what about debt? I mean, eventually, Mom and Dad won't be able to afford the school I go to. I'll have to get a student loan to pay for Med. School. Then I'll be in debt hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I get married after that, the debt will affect both of us. Especially if he has just as much (if he went to med school too) How unfair would it be for me to accumulate so much debt and then be a stay at home mom? How unfair to me would it be if I went through years of medical training and then just gave it all up to be a stay at home mom? I want to go to medical school because I want to be a doctor! I don't want to have to give up a career so soon. I would love at least to work as a doctor in a big hospital for awhile. I'm afraid of ending up in Pediatrics or Family Medicine. Those are what most women go into. Those and Ob-Gyn. I really really ree-hee-heeeallly don't want to go into Ob-Gyn.

Anyway, those are my fears. I won't even go into how much I'm afraid to commit to med school just to realize I want something else out of life. That'd kill me. It really would. Being a 3M and all of the sudden "Oh, I really want to be a teacher! That's what I really wanted all along!" That would seriously murdalize me. But I digress. ( I do love doing that)

I guess, as an old friend used to say "everything will work out".

Friday, February 1, 2008

February's Money Matchup

For the month of February, (and probably for the month of March) The family (the out of shape ones) is holding a contest to see who can lose the most weight. I've lost five pounds without really meaning too since last week. I don't know how, but if I find out, I'm doing it again. Everyone can have their own method, and choose how they want to go about losing the weight. There really aren't any rules. We're going to have weekly weigh-ins, and we're all going to get into shape! There's really no downside. Well, there is one. The winner gets $20 from everyone who participated. There are 5 people who are participating. That's $100! Big brother can't stand to lose any weight, so he isn't included in this. But, I think I've gotten this thing in the bag. When I'm home, I can choose to exersize however much I want. I'm home more than anyone, so really, I am at an advantage. And when I'm at school, all my classes are on the third floors, so I climb up four flights every day a couple of times a day. Yeah, its a pain, but it'll help me to get in shape. If I keep eating healthy and excersizing, then I'll have this thing in the bag.

Hello $100! I'm drinking alot of water too. I'm limiting my drink selection to water, water, water, so I'm cleaning out my system also. I'm also trying to get alot of fiber in what I eat. It helps to get fiber regularly.

So, cutting back on the bad stuff and moderating the good stuff will win me the prize anytime! This is going to be good.