Friday, December 4, 2009

Medical *S-coooool!

So I though I'd share with you all today my new favorite series. It is actually one of my old favorites as well, but with a new twist.

"Scrubs" has just kicked off their new season and has made it into a sort of spinoff. The new season, Season 9, has been dubbed "Scrubs: Med School". Now, I felt while watching the original "Scrubs" seasons, that it borrowed a lot of elements from Samuel Shem's classic "The House Of God" . I think that this, among other reasons, is why most people claim that "Scrubs" is the most accurate TV portrayal of hospital life out there. I love the show because there aren't one-in-a-million super rare diseases that have to be found every episode, or diseases that get mis-diagnosed five times before the real cause of the problem is found thanks to an epiphany by the main character. I also love it because of moments like these:

Priceless, no?

Now, the new season is just as hilarious and has many of the same hilarious stars as the original seasons! The new stars who play the first year medical students are amazing. Kerry Bishe's character is brilliant! There's no way to describe how funny this season is so far. You'll just have to follow this link to watch for yourself.

But I have a question. Is the new season as true in it's representation of medical school as the past seasons have been in their representation of life in a hospital? I'd like to think they're still trying to be as accurate as possible in their portrayal of these sorts of things, but I'm not the best judge, seeing as I am still trudging through undergrad as if it were molasses.

So to those of you who have both seen the new season's premire episodes and have been through medical school, I'd love to know how they're doing! Are they as accurate as they were with the original seasons or are they slipping? Are they doing a horrible job in their interpretation or are they pretty spot on? Any and all opinions are welcome. Especially if you are of the opinion that my hair is pretty much amazing today, because I would totally have to agree.

*Juuuuust a quick little side-note here, I've known how to spell "School" since 1st grade. The title is supposed to represent how the show "Scrubs" is putting the "cool" back in "school". It's a little pronunciation joke. Nothing to do with spelling. Which I am awesome at. Just ask my 4th and 5th grade spelling bee 1st place ribbons. They have the number 1 and bees on them, so they're pretty much as legit as it gets.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas time is here.

And so is Finals Week! This week is going to be killer. I seriously am NOT looking forward to the finals this week. I have so much work that's been piling up in the last month and I'm just soooo frustrated with all of it. I wish school would just go away.

Also, there's a dance coming up next weekend. It's kind of a church dance, but they're saying that it's a little more formal and there will be a dinner before-hand. They're also saying "Dates are encouraged, but not required". That's pretty much like saying "Bring a date, or you will feel really awkward". And it's not like high school prom, where I REALLY REALLY didn't want to go. Mostly because I have never really seen the point of prom. It's just "Hey, buy a really expensive dress that you'll only wear once and then put it in the closet to never be seen again so that you can impress all of these people that you'll never see again!" No thanks, high school prom, you can keep your shallow, material sentiments. I don't need them. But I do sort of want to go to this December dance. Just a bit. And maybe I just need to do something and the dance is all that is available to project my boredom solutions on, I don't know, all I do know is that I will probably end up not going for one reason or another.

Anyway, this is just a random brain dump, so feel free to ignore.