Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blog Highlights 3

Okay so I promised another blog highlight, so here it is.

This is probably one that everyone already knows about. But if you don't, you should.

This is the second place I go on my medblog rounds everyday. This blog always has something hilarious to add to my day. I love reading the comics and the conversations and seeing the videos that are put up. It helps me to realize that you can be a good mom and an amazing doctor at the same time. (not to mention a pretty sweet blogger) This person has given my previously mentioned worries a little hope. This person is . . .

Dr. Michelle Au

. . . for her blog over at! Her blog, the underwear drawer, is an amazing place to go for a good pick-me-up. From her endearing stories about her adorable little boy to her hilarious tales of life in the OR. One of my personal favorite things about this blog is it's comics. Dr. Michelle has used her amazing artistic skills to draw out whitty and clever comics detailing her adventures in medical school and the rotations that she went through. Her comic about medical specialities was particularly hilarious. Oh, no, I'm not going to link those comics for you. You have to find them yourself. Delving deep into the archives and side links, discovering not only comics, but other precious treasures.

If you need more proof of her amazingness, she is now in the process of writing a book. I personally cannot wait for it's release, and I'll probably buy more than one copy so that I can take one with me wherever I go!

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