Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Weekend (well, last weekend)


This is Mary's phone, and even though we have AT&T, we still had no bars in that podunk little town we stayed in during our vacation. So thanks for that call about. . well if anyone had called, I wouldn't have gotten their message.

But seriously, the vacation last weekend was pretty fun. We left home round about 4pm on Friday night, and arrived around 10pm that night to the house we were going to stay at.

The house we stayed at was nice, and we were able to take a tour before we went to bed Friday night. We chose the rooms we wanted to stay in and then explored the rest of the place. It was a cute little house and I wouldn't mind living there at all, but the house was owned by the company my dad works for, and is on the property. It's a guest house for employees like dad who need to commute back and forth from work on the weekends and such.

But it had a pool table, and we all were able to improve our pool skills while we were there. So that was pretty neat. And the plant was a wonderful place for me to take pictures and look around. So I did that once or twice.

Saturday, we woke up early and were out the whole day almost. We looked at houses, and met my sister for lunch in Augusta. I wasn't feeling like being there at all because I'm not too fond of Zaxby's. Especially after I found a bug on the sandwich I ordered. I got a new one, but really didn't think that it made sense. "There was a bug on your last sandwich, so let's get you another and hope there's no bug on it!" Yeesh!

But other than that, Saturday was alright. We had fun playing pool and hanging out at the house.
Sunday we went to church down there, and even though our church really is the same all over, the congregations are definetly not the same all over. There were alot of . . . older people. Talk of dentures and depends littered the conversations I overheard. Although they were awefully nice people, I wish that there had been more people my age around. There was even a college right across the street from the church and there weren't any kids my age around!

Monday, we stopped by the Airspace Museum down in Macon, and I took tons of pictures, etc for my buddy who wants to be a pilot. The museum was pretty interesting!

But I'm way glad to be home, and to have the internet!! And to be back in my own bed, and have an actual signal on my phone (not that anyone calls me, but still). I don't know why it took me so long to post about the trip, but I'm glad I did.

Aaaaand, one more pic, just cuz I like this one.

Was taken in Downtown Macon, GA. The full view is much better. I sure do hope these ones all pop up if you click on them. . . that'd be nice.


Liz said...

Additional career choice (after you retire from being a Doc)....Tour guide!! You did a great job outlining our trip, (except you left out how awesome I am at playing pool)Great pictures, too, and I love your play on 'beeeep'!! Hilarious!!

Cierra Rafajko said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! The pictures look very nice. I am glad that you were able to have a nice vacation!

Scott and Jenna said...

OK - where did my message go!!???

As I said before, I loved the pop-out of the house you visited. It was so big that I felt like I was there with you!!! Glad you had fun but don't get any ideas of really moving away - I will miss you!!!