Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just a few notes. . .

I had wanted to blog about a local news story awhile back. But I feel that the time has come and gone, and it's really not that big of a topic for me anymore.

I wanted to blog about certain goals I've been reaching for, but they don't seem that important now, because my progress is hardly showing.

I wanted to blog about that new book I got: "Med School Confidential" because it had a few activities in there for the future medical student to do to see if they REALLY REALLY want to go. Just questions, really. Like "why do you want to go into medicine?" or "what do you think it will be like?" etc. etc. I figure when I don't have other papers to do, I'll sit down and think them out.

I was going to share my "threw up in philosophy class" story, but then I figured it wasn't all that . . neat. At all.

So this leaves me no choice. I've gotta blog about something I've been thinking about lately, and something that applies to more people than just me.

So how many blogs do you stalk? How many blogs do you stop by on a daily basis without commenting just to read? How many bloggers do you admire who have no idea you exist??

I can count mine on one hand.

Now, how many people stop by your blog without commenting? How many silent watchers does your blog have?

You probably can't count that number as accurately as the first can you? Why? Because the silent watchers are just that- silent! No comments on the blog, no tweets on twitter, no e-mails no nothing. The only way you can tell they've been there is because your sitemeter tells you that you have a hundred or so visits that week. (by all means, not a real number, I look at my sitemeter reports ONCE and then forget everything that was in them, but I'm sure I don't get 100 views a week.)

I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm not! I love stalking blogs and not feeling like I neeeeed to comment. I like stopping by blogs without the pressure to actually interact. (Although I do wish that certain people would acknowledge my existance!!)

I love the fact that there are people who read my blog (probably only once and then they run away!) and I don't find out until I see them on my blog's blognetwork on facebook or something. It makes me feel special (warm and fuzzy inside, etc.)! :) I even sometimes doubt they actually exist until things like that happen.

Or until I find a comment that they've left on a post I wrote awhile ago and didn't check the comments until the other day when I went back and reviewed all my posts/comments.

But honestly? I'm always scared that I've chased them all away! I'm always paranoid that I'll post a dumb blog post one day and then no one except my mom (thanks mom!) will ever ever want to stop by ever again!

And I also freak out when I don't post a comment on someone's blog and then they won't know how amazing and cool I think their blog is! Yaknow?

So anyway, I just want you all to know that yeah, I read your blogs. Even if I don't comment, I'm there. I'm enjoying and google reader starring your posts one after the other. I'm thinkin about y'all when you have no idea I'm around.

And wouldn't it be cool to have a list of the people who read your blog? Like if you could have sitemeter jot down the names of everyone who stops by and be like "oh yah, so and so stopped by and checked out your blog for (random amount of time)" Wouldn't that be nice? That would be nice.

Also- Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a hilarious show, and I dont know why it's so funny. Inflatable Bubby is amazing.


Bongi said...


Dreaming again said...

and then there are those that don't even register on site meter because they read you in a feeder service ....

Liz said...

Mary, you know that I will always read everything you write!! And should you ever happen to write a dumb/boring post (not possible, by the way) people will flock to see it. Because then they will know that you, Mary the Great, are also human, after all. I love you!

Lisa said...

Mary, your blog is fabulous. I stalk your blog once or twice a week. If that helps.

Dr. A said...

I admit that when I started blogging - I was commenting as much as I was posting. It was crazy. Then, along the way, I commented less. And, now, as you know, I scan blogs a lot and hardly leave any comments.

Does this make me a bad blog citizen? Maybe. Do I try to scan/read too many blogs? Probably. I guess I don't feel as witty and insightful as when I started blogging. This is evident by my lack of written posts (I do more video than text now), and my lack of comments. Maybe I should re-examine that....