Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guest Blogger Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! I know it's weird for me to post more than once a week when school's going on, but I have a special treat for you all!

I have secured a special Guest Blogger who has agreed to share a story with you all. I have had the opportunity to know this woman in real life, and let me tell you, she's amazing! I was lucky enough to meet her in my Medical Terminology class last year, and her sweet spirit and enthusiastic personality made the whole class brighter every day! Her encouraging words helped people to get excited about the world of medicine, and her kindness towards everybody in the class made going to it a special treat!

I'm fortunate enough to have her in my Spanish class this semester, and, as before, her amazing attitude and wonderful sun-shiney personality have made this class better than, I think, it would've been in her absence.

I myself have had wonderful discussions with her inside and outside of class, and our discussions are always pleasant and enlightening for, I'm sure, both of us!

The other day, she shared a story with me that I loved hearing so much that I wanted you all to enjoy it as well! I asked her today after our Spanish class if she wouldn't mind sharing the story with you guys via a Guest Blog! Thankfully, she said that she would love to share the story and was delighted to be a guest writer on my blog!

I decided that she deserved and introduction, and didn't think that I fit an introduction about someone so wonderful into a paragraph before the guest blog.

Thus this post. So stay tuned to this blog, and keep an eye out for my Guest Blogger! You'll kick yourself in the head if you miss this one!


Liz said...

Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

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