Thursday, July 17, 2008


. . . My dad has a job.

In Macon, GA. Of course, I'll be staying here in Greenville for awhile, but I hope that I can eventually move down there with him.

This is making me look at different medical schools down there, of course. GA has a very nice selection of medical schools.

First of all, Mercer University School of Medicine, which is in Macon, and therefore would be the closest one to home. Also, Daddy went to Mercer University to get his degree in whatever he has a degree in. (sorry dad, I don't really pay attention to those sorts of things.) I'd finally be able to wear that old shirt of his and be showing my school spirit at the same time!

Second- Emory University School of Medicine. I've heard good things about this one. Very good things. It looks like it is the largest one with 11,098 students (fte '02).

Third- Medical College of Georgia. I must admit, I haven't ever heard of this one. Doesn't look like it's as big as Emory or as picky as Morehouse.

Fourth- Morehouse School of Medicine. They love accepting minorities and women. I have at least one of those attributes, right? This is the smallest one with only 219 students (fte '02).

I don't really know, without doing more research which one I'd choose. I might not even go to medical school in GA. It's just a thought.

posi+ives to Med School in GA:
  • In-State tuition
  • I used to live in GA, and I would love to live there again!
  • I know have a nurse friend who works at one of the hospitals in Atl.
  • I wouldn't be in an unfamiliar environment.
  • The Atlanta Temple is so beautiful and being closer would give me more of an opportunity to stop by.


  • It's fricking hot down there!
  • The family would only be a short drive away.
  • My Crazy, blogslacking speed-demon cousin would be down there making the roads more dangerous.
  • They're horrible drivers anyway down there.
  • The Jeff Foxworthy radio show might accidentally find it's way to my ears.

So anyway, that's what's going on lately. What I'm thinking about and what's happening around here. Still haven't gotten my acceptance/rejection letter from BYU-Idaho. I just today mailed in that application for the made-for-me job up at the hospital. (With my credentials, I'm a shoe-in. Let's just hope they see it that way as well.)

On a side note- my hair looks very nice today. I wish you all could see it.


Liz said...

Why is your family being a short drive away a negative???? Please explain.

Scott & Jenna said...

I was wondering about the "family short drive" comment too. I want to see a picture of your beautiful hair!