Friday, July 18, 2008

My (unofficial) Theme Song

I think everyone needs a theme song. I really do. I'm a firm believer in the "soundtrack of life". Everyone has different songs on theirs, and everyone has all kinds of different genres of music representing them.

I found my theme song today. The one that I hear and say: That's me!

Now, I know you all probably think that that's pretty weird. Well it's about to get weirder.


Because I actually like to pretend that that song really was made just for me! I mean, come on! My name is in it! You'll be convinced it's made for me when you hear it as well.

The guy who sings this song is Marius Nedelcu. He was in my favorite Romanian boy band Akcent. Now he's out on his own. Some of you might remember my post about him leaving to make his own solo album.

And I like to pretend that THAT POST is the reason that he wrote me this song. Logical, right?

And now that you are all thoroughly weirded out by my wild imagination, let me tell you that I know I watch too many movies. I watch too many chick flicks. I daydream way too much. But I enjoy myself while doing it!

Edit: Someone finally uploaded it onto Youtube, so I just embedded the video to save you some trouble.

(Un)-Official Medi-Medi-Mary Theme Song: "Doctor Mary" by Marius Nedelcu


Liz said...

How awesome is it that Marcus wrote a song just for you!!! That is SO cool! I love your song (but I love you more!!)

rlbates said...

Nice, Dr Mary.