Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a photo-dump

Just putting up some pictures I took with my phone!

Momma got this for me. My very own Doctor Kit! Now I can be Patch Adams! :D

This Diet Coke was on sale, so mom got 8 12 packs. Don't you be jealous, Dr. A!

One of my favorite Study Skulls. We had to memorize tons of things. It's sitting on the list of terms so that I can't cheat!

When I was giving blood. In case you haven't heard, I am a world record bleeder. On this, my third time giving blood, I bled in 6 minutes! Last time it took around 10. And I had to get poked in both arms before they found a vein! I'm getting better at this!

Yes, Yes it does.


Scott & Jenna said...

Very cool doctor kit! ... and way to bleed!!! Can't wait for next Thursday.

Liz said...

If the whole 'doctor' thing doesn't work out, maybe you should consider a career in photography. I love your pics! Very random, but well laid out! (or maybe you could be a doc AND a photographer--you could take medical pics! Ewwww!!)

Dreaming again said...

I wish i bled like you!
I have to have monthly blood work. last time ... it took 10 pokes, and they filled 2 larger tubes, and a lavender ( think the larger ones were animal print or tiger topped or something like that)

it took over 12 minutes for the blood to drip into those tubes. blop blop blop blop

The amount of people who were poking me were absurder .. by the time i got out of there there were lab techs, nurses and doctors in the room!!

Scott & Jenna said...

Noticing that all's quiet on the Medi-Medi front. Maybe there will be something big to report after tomorrow? "YSA leader & premed student barf on EVERY ride at Six Flags!"

Peter (Sr.) said...

I like your photos too. I am however distressed by my visit to Facebook today. It seems you are buying and selling friends - not cool. Renting is one thing...