Friday, June 27, 2008

Apparently I do do these things.

I know some people have a "no meme policy". You know "Memes". They're the official word that someone made for those types of things you forward people in an e-mail. The annoying e-mails that friends would send asking you to list five things you loved or the place you wanted to visit most. Stuff that's interesting to read about someone, but not really the type of stuff that you needed to know.

The type of thing that you get but never really want to do. They're annoying, time consuming, and all together a waste of space.

But I do them.

I do, because I like answering the questions. They make me think about things I don't usually think about.

Like what really is my favorite movie? Or. . which one of my guy friends would I want to date?

But fortunately for everyone else, I do them without expecting anyone else to read them or pass them on. I'm not the "Tagging" type. I'm the "I'll do it and put it up in case anyone really wants to know my third grade teacher's name. That way, if they want to take it and do it on their blog, they can, and if they don't, I don't look like an idiot." type when it comes to these.

(I know, that was some pretty sad sentance structure, but I really don't know any other way I could've put it)

I also do them to avoid having to tell people that I don't. As if I'd be seen as a "party pooper" if I didn't. Although admittedly, I never forward the e-mail stuff. If no one knows I didn't "forward it to all my friends within five minutes or your crush will never look at you", they won't have to be offended, right?

But in places like these, where it's more "stop by and see" than it is "open this e-mail I sent to you". . . I'm willing to put them up here.

Oh, yeah, you're probably wondering if I'll ever actually put it up. Sorry for the "suspenseful" and prolonged rant.

I was tagged with this by Jenna

(This one is pitiful by the way. I've done ones that have been up to 100 questions. This is amateur meme work.)

Ten years ago I was Ten. I was running around the neighborhood with my buddies starting "no girls allowed" clubs, climbing trees, skinning my knee, jumping in creeks, hiking through the woods behind Phillip's house, and catching frogs, salamanders, lizards, and other miscellaneous things mom never let me keep.

Five things on today's "to do list"

1) Be cool

2) Be gooooood looking

3) Kick some butt

4) Feel good about myself

5) Try out some dancersizing

In case you're wondering, these are daily things that are accomplished indefinetly.

I enjoy: Watching/playing soccer; Chillin with my buddies at the Doc. A. show, and the off again on again post-show party; I particularly enjoy the company of my good friends Doc. A, Vijay, Ramona, Theresa, Pk, Val and Rico! And I love blogging of course; and I love watching funny movies, or action movies, or sci fi stuff. There are alot more things, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

I have lived in:

Heaven :)

Atlanta, GA

Memphis, TN

Greenville, SC

And of course, I tag no one. Sorry for not passing it on Jenna, but I hate tagging people.

Unless we're playing real tag. Freeze tag is my favorite. TV tag is also tons of fun! Ohh, and I love jump tag. It's awesome.

On an unrelated note: I love S'mores, and the movie Billy Madison.


Liz said...

Just want to note here that I was NOT the one who tagged you!! (Of course, that could be because Jenna tagged you first) I love your rant, and your answers. I'm glad you played, even if you didn't forward!

30 years from Darling said...

I for one, am so glad you didn't tag!!! And am glad you played! ;o)


Anonymous said...

lol I used to hate these games and when people don't tag, sometimes they're just fun to fill out when you're really really bored. ^_^

Scott & Jenna said...

If there would have been 100 questions, I wouldn't have tagged you - promise! You seemed to be the meme type - and I bet you even know how to pronounce it. I don't mind answering the questions but I hate the pass-it-on part. (For instance, I was tagged for a recipe club & I just let it drop.)

Thanks for taking charge of SS. ;)