Monday, June 2, 2008

United States Geography

Is apparently my weak point. Who knew that Delaware was not just a river, but a state as well?? Obviously not me.

States I can find on a map:

Georgia- Because it's where I was born.

Tennessee- Because I moved there after GA.

South Carolina- Because it's where I live now.

North Carolina- Because it's right above South Carolina.

Texas- It's huge.

Idaho- Solely because it's where I hope to be going to college soon.

Utah- That's where the hq is.

California- Also huge.

Alaska- It's the only one beside Canada.

Hawaii- It's the only island state.

Florida- Because of it's unique shape and location.

Maine- It's the one at the very top of the East Coast.

Oklahoma- Because of the musical.

Washington- It's in the corner!

I can't name all of them, and I won't even try. But the reason I'm going through this sudden realization of ignorance is because I've been looking at medical schools. I have a book that I've been looking through trying to at least eliminate some of the possibilities.

But I have to consider all sorts of things. Tuition, room and board, all sorts of different percentages, and LOCATION. Now, how am I supposed to figure out if I want to go to medical school in, say, Oregon if I don't even know where it is?? I should be able to visualize these things! I should be able to say "oh, I have family in Southern California, that's close to *looks on a map* Nevada." without the whole "looking at a map" part. It would be awefully nice.

So I've decided to buy a map and get creative. Maybe a color coded index based on the location and maybe even arranged alphabetically?

But I know that as soon as I get that map, I'll be looking at it and trying to memorize where the states are. I used to know all 13 original colonies back when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. But now I can't even name five.

But come on- I was such a nerd back then. . can't you tell?
Look at that sweater.


She's almost laughing at me for not knowing. I can see it.

But that definetly looks like doctor material to me. Definetly.


rlbates said...

MMM, you didn't list Dr A's state (Ohio) or mine (Arkansas). We need to get you that map.

Scott & Jenna said...

What a cutie pie! Hope your states come back to you - Oregon is nice. Green & mountainous, free spirits, the cold ocean & rocky coastline not too far away. I've been there!

Rebecca said...

So, I though I would help you out a little bit. Here is a link to a map. FYI, there are 13 states that border Canada. Also, Hawaii isn't the only island that belong to the US, the US Virgin Islands are our territory now. HAHA, Mary you crack me up! I love the picture. You were so cute in elementary school. :D

paul profitt said...
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Liz said...

Mary, Mary, was actually in Kindergarten that you could name all 13 colonies. And you've never been a nerd. You're WAY too cute and well rounded. A nerd is more one-dimensional. You are multi-faceted, and therefore, much more interesting than any nerd I've ever met! BTW, that is one of my favorite pictures of you!

Cherie said...

That is one of the cutest pictures I've seen. Definately not Nerd material. And why fill your mind with useless information like memorizing georgraphy. Why do you think we have maps anyway?

Bongi said...

and for the advanced geography class, can you find south africa? i'll give you a clue. it's in africa.

Vijay said...

Yep. Definitely Doctor Material. Cute Doctor Material.

Advanced Geography 301. Find Tamil Nadu in India. Clue, it's at the tip of the Florida shaped peninsula in Asia, which of course is next to Africa.