Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Luckily, I like trying new things.

Finally checked out google reader. It's one more thing that I have to check. I seriously need to decrease the number of things I check. I guess since google reader lets me know when someone posts a new blog, that's that many less blogs I feel obligated to check. But I still need to start decreasing the number of things I need to check.

I have

  • 4 e-mail accounts

  • 2 msn screen-names

  • 3 "what'cha up to?"/multimedia update sites (twitter, etc.)

  • 3 swapping accounts (paperbackswap)

  • 3 miscellaneous memberships to different "artsy" sites

  • 1 pch subscription that I need to get rid of

  • 2 job search site memberships

  • 2 different school accounts (current, future)

  • 1 blog I have to update.

  • 1 social networking page

  • 3 different webcam show/broadcasting sites (ustream, etc.)

  • 1 photo-storage site account
  • A billion other random things that I can never keep track of

It's more than I'd like to keep track of. And I think I need to find a way to dump some of the less important ones. Some are ones that I like more than others. Like the things I can use to keep in touch with you blog buddies. But other ones are either just plain redundant or superfluous.

Cleaning out the closet in more than one way then, this weekend. For those of you who follow me on twitter, you know that I now have more laundrey than I can handle. I need to ravamp my closet in real life, and now I find I need to do some online closet cleaning as well. It'll be a pretty nice experience. Kinda like a "shave your legs, put on some lotion, and jump into a bed made with clean sheets" feeling. You girls know that feeling. It doesn't happen frequently due to poor timing of either event, but it feels good on the outside and the inside. Like you're somehow. . . more smooth than you were ten minutes ago.

Anyway, that was a pretty bad side track. The point it I'm going to start eliminating some of the more unnessecary elements in my life.


Scott & Jenna said...

Thanks to Google reader I can tell that you recently updated your blog! Love it! That shave your legs-lotion-clean sheets deal sounds like something I need to try soon.

Love, your hopefully-not-superfluous friend

Anonymous said...

Hades, you and me both girl. I miss one day of checking Deviantart and I find that I have 22 deviants, 18 messages and a note! I can't keep up!!! DX I guess that's what it's like to be an artist. It's hard keeping up with websites.... There's got to be an easier way... We should put our heads together and invent one!

Liz said...

'Spring' cleaning, whether actual or figurative, is good for the soul!! A cleaned out closet, e-mail account, hard drive, bedroom, whatever, can renew us. I know it always make life easier to face when I've cleaned out something! Good for you! Way to go, Mary!

Scott & Jenna said...

You are a busy-busy gal!

And - I tagged you on my blog.