Thursday, June 19, 2008

There we go.

Alright!! Switched over all my medi medi accounts (I had alot, trust me) to my new e-mail. Finally. I decided to switch when stickam decieded it didn't want to accept my regular e-mail as a valid address. And since I've been wanting to have a seperate account for my blogosphere world, I finally did it.

I had to switch over:





And this blog.

So now my profile says I'm a new author or whatnot. Psh. I wish it was easier on here like it was on twitter or britekite. That would be nice.

But unfortunately, it was weird switching. Like I had to register this e-mail as an author and then as an administrator and then delete the old one from the new one.

I lost all the "profile views" that I had, but I'll be adding a sitemeter for things like that soon.

I had fun with all of you tonight on the Dr. A show!! It was awesome!! Maybe soon we'll have another dance party?? Maybe?? I hope. If Doc A doesn't have one, I'll set one up myself!!! And you'll all be invited!! Haha.

Anyway, that's it for now. Just testing out the blog from the new e-mail.


Doctor David said...

I'll come to your dance party!

Dreaming again said...

Will you play CCR? ;o)