Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some people. . .

Are just ridiculous.

[WARNING: This is a side of me you really only see if you live with me. This is a side of me I let out when I see something ridiculous in the world that just isn't right. If you want to continue seeing me as the happy-go-lucky young woman that I usually am, please don't read any further.]

Other warning: I get sidetracked for a minute in the middle, I just realized. So I've marked that bit so that you can see where I got distracted from the story. It is an on-topic rant, but I tend to get wordy and long winded on these sorts of things.

I watched this on youtube.com this morning. It's a few weeks old, but that doesn't change the fact that it is just plain sad.

Let me give you the low-down before you actually watch it, though. Apparently, this man had accidentally hit a small girl with his car. Accidentally. He didn't drive away, which says to me that this is neither a hit and run nor a malicious act of violence. Instead, he got out of his car to see to the little girl and maybe to get someone to help.

That is a pretty sad story.

But wait- that's not all. That isn't the really sad part. That's coming up.

The little girl's family was having a get together of some kind (this is what I've gathered, at least, from the story) and there just happened to be alot of people there who saw what happened.

These people, for whatever reason, decided that they'd attack this man. In mob-form. These people actually formed a mob and attacked this man who accidentally hit a toddler with his car.


Where would the toddler be if they had been responsible grown ups? It wouldn't have been playing in the street at that time of night, that's for sure. My guess is that "this-get" together involved alcohol.

There is a growing trend that I've noticed as of late. Instead of people waiting until their children are asleep to invite friends over for a few drinks, they let the kids stay up! I've seen them in my cul-du-sac, their lawn chairs out, in the middle of the night with their kids running around in the street while they drink the night away.

I've seen them around town in their driveways, keeping their kids up until one in the morning because they didn't feel like putting them to bed. Or maybe it's because they thought that that would make them the "cool parents", I don't know. But I know one thing, it's irresponsible. Get your kids to bed at a decent hour, will you? And stop drinking alcohol in front of them, it'll give them the opportunity to sneak one of your cups and try your "mommy and daddy drink".


Anyway, on with the story. These terribly irresponsible parents and their friends went after the man, and started beating him. The man saw a firetruck that had come to help, and ran to the protection of the firefighters. Once safely inside the truck, the man was in no more danger. However, the firefighters who went to help the little girl were not spared by the mob. Yes, that's right. These people- these ADULT people- started beating up a fireman who had come to save a girl that had been hit by a car.

That is the really sad part, by the way.

Luckily, the girl is now in a hospital, being taken care of. No thanks to these ridiculous people. The firefighter needs surgery, and the man who accidentally ran her over is too scared of the mob to come forth and identify his attackers.

The End

Now, what I'd like to know is- how in the world can they get off that easy?? They need to feel as stupid as they acted. They need to be sat down, and be shown exactly how ridiculous they were. They should be ashamed of themselves and their actions.

"Look at this man, Mr Mob guy. Do you see what you did? Do you see the harm you have caused him?? Do you realize, do you, that you have just beaten up two innocent men? Wonderful vigilante work, really, ganging up on a defenseless man who is a victim of circumstance, and a fireman trying to help your little friend. Bravo. How proud of yourself are you, really? Do you want a medal for your bravery? How about a parade in your honor? Oh, and next time you try to teach your kids that violence isn't the answer, please don't think yourself a hippocrite, no. Think of yourself as a weak minded idiot who fell victim to a mob mentality situation. Two thumbs up, really."

Something like that. To each individual who participated in that mob. There is no reason they shouldn't be charged with assault and battery, either. Why can't the firefighter identify them instead? Is he scared as well?

Sorry for those of you who didn't realize I had it in me. But some things just make me angry. Ignorant people who should know better are at the top of the list.


Liz said...

To those of you who DON'T live with Mary, let me assure you, she was outraged!! I listened to her rant until she decided to rant to all of you instead. Mary is, if anything, a fan of justice, mercy, and the American way!! You go,Mary!! I love you.

Scott & Jenna said...

Oooh! I agree - go Mary!!! I also see the drinking parties with kids running crazy. I don't like it one bit. It's too bad that the whole party didn't get arrested & thrown into jail. Weren't those crazies worried about the toddler getting medical attention? Their beating kept that child from getting help. Go Mary! Go Mary! Yeah!

Dreaming again said...

Can you imagine the guilt this poor man would feel just for having hit her?
Then to have been attacked?

How awful!!

Rebecca said...

Just another reason why alcohol is bad for you. Not only does is make you forget logic and things you've done, it also makes you attack poor innocent men instead of taking care of your child. Pathetic.