Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yet another day at the Beach

So I spent the day yesterday in Charleston, SC. I was at the beach for about 8 hours. It was nice. I got totally burnt, though. Lots and lots of sunscreen went nowhere. So I'm hurtin' bad. Thanks for Ramona's advice, though! I'm going go around tommorrow and try to find the . . aquaphor? that she suggested for the sunscreen.

I had a pretty fun trip there with the group I went with. It was about 5 hours to get there. So it had the potential to be very boring. But we passed the time joking around, playing high stakes Farkle, and playing some weird but hilarious game where we passed around a paper alternating drawing a picture or describing in one sentance a picture that has been drawn.

This game is hilarious, and I would like to share it with you! I loved playing it and would've played it over and over agian. I think I was the only one who saved my bit of paper that we played it on, though.

So here is to. . . Paper Telephone

(I totally just made that name up)

Step One: Write a Sentance. Any sentance you want, as long as there's a verb and a noun, it doesn't matter what it says.

Step Two: Pass the paper to the person on your left, and receive a paper from the person on your right.

Step Three: On the sheet of paper you've been passed (by the person on your right, of course!) there will be a sentance. Draw a picture to match the sentance that has been written.

Step Four: Fold over the original sentance to hide it from the next person.

Repeat step two: Pass and Receive again.

Step Five: On the paper you have received, there will be a picture! Describe it in one sentance!

Step Six: Fold over the picture so that the next person will only see the sentance you have written.

Repeat Steps 2-6 again until you get back the paper with your original sentance on it.

Step Seven: Read them out loud and enjoy!!

Here is the paper that I started. My sentance was: "Stabbing a tennis player so your favorite player wins." This was inspired by listening to This Awkward Ballad by Hugh Laurie on my Zune. Don't worry, I'm not crazy.

As you can see, there were six people who played. The first three were: Me, Big Brother, and Best Buddy. Best buddy drew a beautiful picture to match my sentance, and Big Brother wrote a very creative explanation for her drawing.

And one last thing: Thanks to those of you who have been stopping by! I really appreciate all of your comments! I'm especially glad my favorite uncle ever has found my blog.

(for those of you who don't know- I'm not just saying that he's my favorite uncle because he reads this. He really is the one I like best. He visits most often, he's more fun, and he's the only one that I actually know and feel comfortable around. He's the reason I'm looking at medical schools in California, too! It'd be so much fun to be that close to him!)

Thanks Uncle Pete! I love you!


rlbates said...

MMM, the Aquaphor is a healing balm, not a sunscreen. Look for Bullfrog SPF 30 or higher. Reapply every few hours &/or every time you towel off.

Dreaming again said...

FARKLE!!!! It's a blast!!!

We had church picnic today ..sunscreen, hat, shade ...sunburned!! good grief!

I've got some healing balm my sis in law makes that feels awesome, but never intended for large parts of body. She makes all kinds of skin products. So now I've sent her an email ... you need to make this stuff into a bath salt!!!
(3/4 of her products are because I said "I need ....)

I wish she made sunscreen, but she won't mess with the FDA laws on that one. Her lotions and lip balms are to die for.

Scott & Jenna said...

Just noticed that your blog readers are an educated bunch. I thought that I might skip out on capitalization and punctuation but my pre-posters have set the bar.

I think that CVS has Aquaphor. It might feel great tomorrow morning. Ryan has officially blistered.

BTW Was your drive home safe?

Dreaming again said...

Scott and Jenna ...don't let me set your bar. While I'm a writer, I'm terrible with grammar and punctuation etc.

I have an 18 year old grammar nazi who tends to hover over my shoulder correcting me!

He keeps telling me that as I writer I should know better. I keep telling him that's what editor's are for. (does a ' belong there? Can't remember and he's gone to camp)

uncle "pete" said...

Mary, Mary, Mary. How much do I owe you for the endorsement?
Hope your sunburn is healing...
That game looks really fun. I want to play!