Thursday, July 24, 2008

Talk about a social step backwards.

This was on MSN News this morning. I think it's a huge step backwards socially. I mean, sure, there are times where it would be handy to call straight to someone's voicemail. But in the way that they suggest in this article? Very tacky if you ask me. Like a vocal text message. <Rant Coming> Which are also slowly killing our social communication skills, by the way. I mean, sure, sometimes, you just can't be on the phone, and text messages are handy for subtle communication, but what's wrong with calling a friend up on the phone?? Nothing that I can see. But of course no one does that anymore because of "texting". <End of Rant>

Dump Your Lover Directly on Voicemail

"Everybody has gone through the scenario where they've called somebody and just
hoped they got voice mail so they didn't have to have a conversation,"

Certain things should be dealt with face to face. Not on the phone, and definetly not through such cowardly means.


Liz said...

Personally, I love it!! There are all kinds of times that I just want to leave someone a message, but instead I have to actually TALK to them! I mean, if I only have one short something to say to someone, but that particular someone talks FOREVER on the phone and you can't get off no matter how hard you try-then sign me up!!
(If you think I am talking about YOU, no, I am NOT talking about YOU!, I LOVE to talk to YOU on the phone!)

Cierra Rafajko said...

I think it is just amazing how technology is today. Pretty cool if you ask me.. But I can kinda see both sides to it because you still want to build a relationship with your friends directly rather then just leaving messages.. but I also see if you are really busy and running everywhere on a particular day it is easier to leave a message.

Scott & Jenna said...

OK, good because I was starting to get a complex!!! Sorry to hijack your posting Mary -

Sometimes I do just hope that I get a message - it's just quick & easy & I don't even have to think. But usually I love the one-to-one interaction.