Friday, May 16, 2008

Could have danced all night.

So. . .

You know that scene in "My Fair Lady" when Eliza is, according to Higgins, pronounced officially ready for the ball, and she dances with him out of excitement?

And then it's time for bed, but Eliza still can't stop thinking about what an exciting night she's had, and sings her little heart out that she "could've danced all night"?

That's kind of how I felt last night. Last night, of course, being the 34th show of the Doctor Anonymous Podcast. I came early so that I wouldn't miss it, and was early enough that I was the first one in the chatroom! The first thing I did, of course, was announce that I had won the "first one there" contest (I do this whenever I am the first to anything).

Dr. Anonymous was there, so I got to say hi to him and we talked for a bit. It was pretty exciting! Dr. A, talking to me! Wow.

After awhile, other people started filtering through the virtual-yet-figurative doors of the chatroom. First one in after me was Ramona from her blog Suture for a Living. I said hi, but was really to nervous about the whole thing to start up a convo further. I tried saying "How are you?" But there was a long, kind of awkward pause as she didn't respond. Luckily, Dr. A saw it and, after he realized what was going on, responded with "I'm wonderful!" or something like that. Hahahaha. That was awefully nice of him.

Next up to enter the chat was Scan Man from the blog Scan Man's Notes. Everyone confused me by saying "Hi Vijay!" when his name was Scan Man. But apparently, everyone's on a first name basis. Soon after he arrived, so did Dr. Val! It was exciting to me to say the least.

She apparently remembered me as "the one who wrote that pee post, right?" for those of you who want to know, the "pee post" can be found here. We chatted for awhile, (Oh, and Head Mirror was there as well) and then I noticed that Dr. A was moving his mouth. I couldn't hear anything, so it was kinda weird. I found out that he had started the podcast already. I spent the next few minutes trying to get some audio to match the video that I was seeing through the Dr. A Cam. When I finally got some audio, we laughed about Dr. A's trip to Vegas. There were a few good jokes, and alot of witty conversation. Dr. A laughed at my "fashion police" comment, which I thought was awesome.

Someone asked where my blog was, and if I had one, or if they had seen me before. I think it was Vijay. I pointed the way to my blog, and once they found it I got a "I found your pee post! It was so funny!"

Now, I was pretty excited that these people were actually going to my blog and reading a post. But "the pee post?" talk about slightly embarrassing. But, I did have plenty of fun, and halfway through, Dr. A went to a musical break and didn't come back. The chatroom exploded with stories and laughs and all sorts of fun. Poor Dr. A was frustrated that he couldn't finish it, and decided to just call it a night. But unbeknownst to him, we chatters weren't. We kept talking probably for as long as the show would've taken anyway. It was fun, and I was able to talk to these amazing people. It was wonderful! Thanks Dr. A, Dr. Val, Scan Man, Head Mirror, and Ramona for being so much fun! I had an awesome time!


Vijay said...

It was great fun wasn't it. I'm pleased to have met you.

rlbates said...

Hey, we would have danced with you. It was great fun!

Anonymous said...

lol Sounds like a blast! ^_^ I still have yet to see that movie though. I can sit through 6 hours of pride and prejudice though. ^_^ *sighs* Mr. Darcy is so lovely.

Dr. Val said...

Guess I'm "the last one in" in terms of commenting on this post. Dr. Val's always the last to know... Glad you had fun. Sorry I called you out on such an indelicate subject (pee), but hey, blogging is very public. I hope you won't be referred to as "the pee lady" on the next call... We really should reserve that for Keagirl's Urostream blog. :)