Monday, July 6, 2009


Today, whilst joining in some horseplay with my little bro, I went too far ( I guess). You know that movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop? That part where Kevin James' character headbutts the guy and they're in the ball pit and he moans afterward "Nobody wins with a headbutt!" Thats sort of not true. I won. Well, and I lost. See, I got in trouble for it, but at least I didn't cry about how bad it hurt like someone. So I won and lost at the same time, I guess. Is this proof that I'm tougher than my little bro? I think so. And don't forget it!

I'd take a picture of the bruise I left on my head, but my camera is M. I. A, so I can't. But it's a pretty big red circle on my forehead. Luckily (even though I have a class tuesday night), it's like, 4 days until the next ysa dance, so I don't need to worry about it. It'll be gone by tommorrow most likely. And if it bruises, that'll be long gone come friday night.

Here's some music to send y'all off with, and a sweet fanmade vid to go with it- check it out, y'all!

I'm gonna go take an advil for this headache. (Totally unrelated- the headache is from the paint fumes filling our house right now thanks to the painter guys painting our house with paint.)


Liz said...

Yeah....I'd say you lost with that one!! And I'm sure glad that the 'painter guys' used paint to paint our house...what were their other choices again???

Mary said...

Hahaha, well there was the old standby mashed potatoes, and of course, no paint selection would be complete without a little blood thrown in. We could have blood walls right now. Think about it. And you're welcome.