Friday, July 17, 2009

My vid for Annie, Kimmeh, and whoever else.

Already showed them, but I figured I'd put it up here for y'all to check out.


I was sittin there, at the Annie and Burl show last Wednesday, and the topic of conversation was Pickup Lines. So I have a pretty good one that I've learnt and it helps me pick up spanish speaking hotties. But that is a lie. So I shared it with the chat room, and Annie tried to pronounce it. Which turned out to be hilarious. But at least she was braver than kimmeh and burl! Who both dismissed even attempting to say it.

So during the show, I figured I'd make a quick little vid about how to actually say it! So here is the video for you guys to check out. Enjoy!

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Liz said...

Thanks for the Spanish lesson, Mary. But what exactly does it mean???