Thursday, August 27, 2009

School is. . coool?

Well, not all the time.

I've started a new semester and it's on to dealing with a whole new group of teachers. My American Gov. teacher seems to want to turn his class into an ethics/philosophy class, my Stats teacher wants to show us the long way even though we "won't ever need it", and my pub. speaking teacher was out for the first two weeks havin a baby and I haven't met her yet. My American History teacher is a little too enthusiastic, but other than that, fine.

Meanwhile, my big bro is across the country going to school in Utah. He gets to have a snowboarding class. How unfair is that?! And he hasn't called his favorite sister at all since he left! I guess he's having too much fun without me. . . but I miss my wingman.

Anywho, I've got a busy schedule and lots of homework. I'll be transferring next fall to USC and I've got to get my GPA up to a reasonable level. Dude, I'm such a slacker sometimes. I let videogames and hackeysac get in the way of more important things. But ah well. I'll get it together before I transfer. F'real.

Also- Mom has "Tennis Elbow". How funny is that? I mean, it's not cool at all for her, but it's funny that they call it tennis elbow, because she doesn't play tennis at all. But she's been Wii Boxing like crazy! So maybe she has "Wii Elbow". That should be a thing. Somebody make that a thing.

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