Sunday, August 30, 2009

Any Advice?

Thinking of switching from blogger to Tumblr. Any thoughts? Objections? Advice? I don't really know alot about Tumblr but I think you can customize a whole lot more. But I also don't know alot about designing something like that. Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there. Dunno if it'll be a good idea, but I'm just trowing it out there.


Liz said...

I love how you talk like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid....'just trowing it out there'....I say go for might be fun!

Vijay said...

Why don't you try posterous, Mary? There's no option to customize other than the theme, but posting via email is so easy. Check mine.

Mary said...

Hahaha, Mom! Leave it to you to find the one typo. (I hope there's only one at least). And, as always, thanks for the encouraging words!

Vijay- Gracias, mi amigo! Thanks for the advice! Posterous looks cool! Just e-mail your posts and they'll be organized into a blog?! Crazy awesome! And waaay easy to use. But easy is not what I'm looking for. I figure maybe if I get a tumbl/r, I'll be forced to learn some html/ccs stuff to design it. Thanks for your input though!

Sean said...

Hmm. I guess it would all depend on why you're leaving and wanting to choose tumblr as opposed to wordpress or as vijay said posterous.
I stopped using tumblr mid-summer and now just use posterous in addition to my blog (a lot of us do)
What are you liking about tumblr as opposed to posterous?

Vijay said...

I didn't know that you needed html/css for tumblr. If learning those are the aim, I would suggested getting your own website with self-hosted WordPress. I've been forced to learn quite a lot after I switched from to self-hosted WP!

Mary said...

Sean- Hey budddy!! :D Anyway, I think, of all the blogs I've seen on tumblr have been those of young 20-somethings who are hip and cool. I think that's why I want to switch. It just seems (to me) to have a younger demographic. All the tublr blogs I've seen are by young independant college grads. Ex: All of the staff have tumblrs. I know it's weird to have that be the reason, but I'm not gonna switch over without having more than one reason. I'm gonna do my homework on this one before switching. So thanks for all the other suggestions guys! I'll be sure to include them in my "switch or not" research!

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