Sunday, November 8, 2009

School! So stay in it!

Unless you are one of those kids from that movie The Faculty. Then you can run away from your school as fast as your legs will take you.

But if you're in a normal school, then by all means, stay there! And I don't mean in the same way Ryan Reynolds did in Van Wilder, but in the way that all the students did in that movie Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman.

Stay in school to get an education and a diploma and degree, so you can keep yourself from being a hobo.

Side story, I fed a hobo the other day at the hospital. I gave him most of the fries from my chick-fil-a meal, and half of my chicken sandwitch. That counts as a good deed, right?

Does it still count as a good deed if the hobo is my brother-in-law? I'm sure it probably does.

Anyway, back to the subject of school.

Book learnin' is good for ya. So keep at it. If you're thinking "I can't do this, I should just drop out!" , then DON'T! Think positive thoughts! If Doogie Howser could handle it at the young age of 10, then you can do it at the not so young age of however old you are. I know you aren't ten. Ten year olds don't read blogs! The thought alone is ridiculous.

Education will serve you throughout your life. Education is the one thing you can take with you wherever you go. Education is the one thing that you cannot get too much of.

But don't take my word for it! Listen to "Swingin' on a star" by Bing Crosby, as sung by Bruce Willis in this classic clip from the 1991 movie "Hudson Hawk"-

I really only made this post for the references I wanted to make, links I wanted to share, and video I wanted to post. I had no real point other than to be. But stay in school kids! School is cool!


Jenna said...

Cute post! Good advice - I wish that I would have finished college 21 years ago!!!

Dreaming again said...

I wish I'd gone to school right out of high school ... but, then I'd be back in anyway because my ideals of life have so dramatically changed. So it does no good to beat myself up over it.

The only thing I have to say is ...for some people, particularlly males, but even some females ...there should be allowed a year between high school and college, without penalties for loosing scholarships, that they can take a break to grow up.

A lot of girls are ready, some boys are, but some girls and many boys just *need* the break and *need* to mature to be able to function properly (this isn't just my opinion, many of my professors feel the same way after years of teaching boys right out of high school, then teaching boys a few years older)

My son would have greatly benifited from that year. If this was his first year, he'd be so different than a year ago, but instead, he made the mistake a lot of very bright males do ...and now has to suffer the consequences.

Mary said...

Jenna- Thanks!

Pk- I agree! Gimme a break! I like school, but sometimes feel like I definitely need a break, but then I get stressed out about falling behind others my own age. But you always make me feel better about myself. Thanks mucho for that!