Friday, October 23, 2009

Going to go have fun!

I'm going to go out tonight with my friends to a Halloween Themed YSA dance! I think it's going to be fun. It's a dress-up thing, so I'm going as a cowgirl. I can't get enough of being around people I love. It feels so awesome to get out and be around people who have my back. I won't be home until around 2am, but I honestly don't care because I'll be in good company!


Had a pretty awesome time! I met my "little brother"'s new gf, and shall report back to my "other mother" as soon as possible. Also, I almost entered the costume contest, but when I was informed that the prize would be a date with the host of the party, I decided it wasn't all that worth it. Hahaha! I think that guy likes himself too much.

Anyway, my favorite costume was some girl who was dressed up as Flo, the progressive insurance lady from the commercials! (linkage to my favorite commercial with her)

Anyway, I had a pretty awesome time, but was up super late! Got to bed around 2pm! Holy cow! But then I slept for ten hours, and now I'm all better.


Jenna said...

I think we should see a picture of your cute cowgirl costume (with you in it, of course).

diane said...

Girls just wanna have fun. Enjoy yourself!

Mary said...

Haha, Jenna. I'd totally post one, but SOMEBODY still has my memory card. . *coughcough it's dj j-buff coughcough* Eyeroll! Boys are frustrating. Anywho, it was a way fun dance! Yay!