Friday, October 9, 2009

Upbeat Post

My big bro just texted me, and shared a hilarious story, and I thought I'd share it with you!

His text said "So theatre nerds just mobbed the crap out of me."

I texted back "Freak, man. For real?" ("freak was said because my phone can't spell "frick")

He texted "Yeah, there's a regional high school competition, so they're roaming the streets in hoards"

I texted him "I hope you are planning to elaborate"

Then he called me and explained that he was on his way to The Grind to get some hot chocolate, and when he walked in, a group of theatre students at a table looked at him. One of the students, a girl, said "That's him!!!" and they all rushed toward him.

My brother, of course, asked them what they were talking about.

Apparently, they said, they had a friend in the hospital with a broken knee.

At this point, he panicked, thinking that they were trying to blame him for the mishap.

But they went on to explain that she had one request before she went into surgery.

She said that the last thing she wanted to see before surgery, (in case she didn't make it through) was a hot guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Apparently, this describes my brother. I personally have no idea if he's hot or not, so I have to rely on outside sources, which confirm that he is a looker. All this means to me is that I have to help him beat off the crazies with a stick. But other than that, good for him.

So they took his picture, sent it to their hospitalized friend, thanked him and left.

My poor big brother. I hope he can learn to avoid situations like this in the future. I'm not out there at school with him (He's in Utah!) so therefore can't defend him from the evils of girls and theatre kids.

Watch out Bro! Keep an eye on those ladies! They're tricky!


Jenna said...

What a great story!!! tfs

Anonymous said...

Oh my cup and saucer. I couldn't stop laughing when I read this Mary and I was having a bad day. Thanks! :) lol It totally made me laugh.

Vijay said...

Hey Mary, Is there a photo of this "hot" bro of yours on facebook. I want to see if he'll be competition if ever I go to Utah ;)

Mary said...

Jenna- thanks!

Panda- Lol, I've never heard "oh my cup and saucer" before. that's adorable! I'm takin it!

Vijay- Hahahaha, there is a pic of him there. In fact, he's in a vast majority of pictures that I'm in because we hang out together so much (BEST BUDDIESSSSSS!!!!) but I am sure that you won't need to worry about competition. With a moustache like yours, no one can compete! ;)