Friday, September 4, 2009

There are no bells in college!


We all know what it's like. We've seen "Animal House".

We've seen "Accepted".

We've all seen our share of college-themed movies and shows.

Some of us, me included, are actually in college ourselves!

And we know what it's like. The drinking, the partying, the tiny refrigerators with the too-small freezer that you can maybe fit a few dozen fla-vor-ice freeze pops in, the R.A.'s, the microwavable meals. . .they all give the impression of "yeah, I'm in college"

Now, we've all seen that show Saved By The Bell, right? The high school kids, the early 90's, and the antics that followed them through all four years of school?

You know you have. Don't act like you didn't laugh that time Slater and Zack had to fix Mr. Belding's car before he got back to school but the shop kids took the whole thing apart. Oh those roughneck auto shop kids; always making things more difficult for Zack and the gang!
The hilarity is almost overwhelming!

Now, like a good show about kids in school, it stuck to the time limit of four years. So the kids went from freshman year all the way to graduation in a very timely manner.

But in 1993, they tried to send the kids to college. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of higher education, but anyone can see why Saved by the Bell: The College Years only lasted one season.

While they attempted to cover the basics of fraternities, sororities, and raising money to go to spring break in Cancun, they failed to grasp college as a whole.


  • They went to all of their classes. And when Kelly skipped a class or two, Zack yelled at her and told her that she'd "never amount to anything" if she continued the behavior.

  • They all went to the same college and stayed best friends forever. Zack even married his high school sweetheart in the season finale! (oh, come on, you know you weren't planning on watching this anytime soon!)

  • They were all best friends with their Resident Advisor who is an ex football player and way too old to be in college. (NOTE: My apologies. There's no such thing as "Way too old to be in college", and I should not have said that. My anatomy and physiology study buddy last semester was in her 60's at least and making better grades than me! So my bad on that one.)

  • I didn't see a single illegal substance during the whole one episode I watched.

  • And lastly- There were no Bob Marley, John Belushi, Scarface, or generic hot chick posters anywhere!

Oh Saved by the Bell. You disappoint me.

Hopefully, one day, we'll have a show that tells it like it is. A show that does for college what The Office did for desk jobs. But for now, we'll have to either put up with ABC's "Greek", or just stick with National Lampoon's classics.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go check out some Collegehumor.


Dreaming again said...

FOUL!!! Icall FOUL ...what to you mean way to old to be in college??????/???

Mary said...

Ahhhh, ohhhh. I meant. . . I meant that yaknow. . . dang. I guess there's no way out of this one. Sorry pk. My bad. I totally didn't mean it like that. All of my apologies go out to you. (good thing I have some left to send out because I've been screwing up like crazy lately! I broke the washing machine and my car all in the same 48 hours!)

Sean said...

OMG. love this list and analysis. So true. So true. This is coming from someone who is a repeat offender of being a student.

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Liz said...

Okay, maybe "Saved By The Bell: The College Years" was NOT an accurate portrayal of what college is really like. Having said you really think that "Animal House" and "Accepted" were any MORE accurate?? They each had their target audience, and successfully reached said audience. Now go do your homework, Kelly!!

Mary said...

Thanks Sean! I definelty appreciate the feedback

Blatant spammer- The only time I've mentioned the flight of the conchords in my blog is when I mentioned the cd I got for my birthday last april. So I don't see how it could've been seen as an "article" on them. And anyway, that article was semi-personal, so I don't see how spreading it around will help the purpose of it. So thanks, but no thanks. That's the sort of thing I work out over e-mail anyway.

Momma- I love you! And everyone knows that John Belushi and Justin Long never lie. So how could Animal House and Accepted be misrepresentations of college life? Impossible!