Friday, September 4, 2009

I love Jolly Ranchers!

Alright, so I have a Public Speaking class this semester. My first speech has to be a process speech. It can be about anything (says my teacher). She even said I could trace the history of a specific company if we wanted to! Like presenting a timeline to the class! The company I've chosen is Connected Ventures.

I spend enough time on their sites and know enough about the company already, it'll be easy to talk about it. And I'm sure I won't have any problems with finding enough information to present. I think my biggest problem will be making a smooth segue from one point to the other.

I think segues are my biggest issue when required to speak in public. I've spoken plenty of times, and have no problem doing so. I live for the laughs I get when addressing a group of people, but I hate spending time coming up with ways to transition from one subject to another.

But I have until next Wednesday to prepare and to make sure my transitions are smooth.

I think the only type of Jolly Rancher I'm not fond of is the apple kind. Can't they find someone who likes the apple kind and give them all the ones from my bag? Can't I just have a bag of blue, red, pink, and purple?

See? Did you see the complete lack of segue there? I mean, I went from talking about a class to talking about jolly ranchers! What the heck is that?! Where did that come from? I don't know. You don't know. No one will be able to find a connection that isn't there!

But seriously, Jolly Rancher people, if you could just find it in your hearts to make customizable bags, that'd be great.


Liz said...

I have to say, Mary, that your segue issues extend to your everyday speech as well. You often remind me of Cody from "Step by Step"...I have trouble following you on your journey to get to the point!! You do have a knack for making it work, though!
As for the Jolly Ranchers...I'm sure that they sell them separately in all the high-end, specialty candy shops. I'll check in the Chocolate Ox the next time I'm in Nisswa, MN.

ReuBen WalKer said...

u have a pattrn of a jolly rancher i love them so much tooo