Thursday, September 24, 2009

Checkup from the Neck-up.

That was a line from Fern Gully. Such a good movie.

Anyway, so I've been collecting quotes from my American Government teacher for quite some time now (as I did with my Anatomy and Physiology teacher) and I don't care if this means I have one less quote to include in a future blog for fear of being too repetitious. It went a little something like this. . .

"When a government fails, who's fault is it? It's your fault. It's your neighbor's fault. It's your mother's fault. It's always been your mother's fault. Always."

. . . My first thought? Don't you be talkin' bout my momma like that.

My second thought? He is out of his mind.


Dreaming again said...

there was a time when this was true. But this summers town hall meetings proved that so very wrong. With politicians on both sides of the fence saying that they did not have to listen to the people at the town hall meetings and that they were there to inform the public (rather than hearing from the public) and both sides saying that (my paraphrase here) they will vote their conscience over what the 'people' want ... it proves that the government is the power and the people are there to serve the government rather than the other way around.

Sean said...

Fern Gully was the shizznit. I loved Robin Williams in that one.