Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is the government my 5th grade math teacher?

They can get anyone to apologize for anything.


  • After the President used some less-than-kind words to describe a certain stage-rushing musician, and then was quoted, the person who quoted him had to apologize for "quoting words that were never intended to be made public". But I think that's kind of silly, don't you? Shouldn't one be held accountable for what they said instead of someone else being held accountable for repeating it?

  • When a certain congressman from my own state shouted out very rudely during a presidential address, he rightly apologized to the interruptee. But apparently, that's not good enough. Not just one, but two or three apologies are needed! Geez!

So I have a question for you. Can the government do me a favor and make all the mean kids from 6th grade apologize? Ohh! And my 6th grade music teacher. He was really rude to me. OHH OHH! And that guy from 9th grade who drew mean things in my yearbook. Can the government make him apologize too? OH OH! And my 6th grade school psychiatrist who wouldn't believe that I was kidding about having an imaginary friend, so he called my mom to ask her to get me "psychiatrically evaluated"? 6th grade was an ugly year for me. The government should just find everyone I came in contact with that year and make them apologize for all the stuff I had to deal with.

Oh, and since they're in the business anyway, can they make my little brother apologize for running into my fist? It was a traumatic experience for me watching him writhe in pain while I stood over him and laughed. And maybe the government should make whoever it was that told that one girl that I thought her shoes were ugly apologize for spreading it around. That'll be good enough until I make another mistake or misspeak. Maybe if this blog is taken the wrong way and critisized meanly, the government can make everyone who read it apologize for their pre-suppositions!


Jenna said...

I expect an apology young lady! I don't know what for, but whilst we're calling for apologies, pay up!


Hope you're feeling better.

Liz said...

Mary...I have to apologize for your 6th grade year. It was all my fault for making you move to another state when we were doing just fine in GA!
I was going to apologize for something else, but then realized that the list would be too long....though I am sorry that you don't have a job! (does that count?)

Rebecca said...

I agree with you that if members of the government are going to demand that people apologize for the most ridiculous things and act like children about it, then they should exercise such power by making those who harass kids for years on end apologize.