Saturday, April 4, 2009

You look like you could use a haircut. . and maybe some surgery.

So lately, there have been alot of . . . injuries . . in my family. A little more than a month ago, my little brother broke his leg. Both the tibia and fibula.

Luckily, doogie howser-lookin' resident at the local children's hospital was able to fix the bones and put them back in place. He did a really good job, so my little brother didn't need surgery. He would've needed a plate and some screws if it hadn't gone as well as it did.

About a week after he got his cast on, my big brother called from a hospital up in North Carolina about his broken collarbone. He had been snowboarding and I guess he fell off of the lift straight onto his face. So he's been hurting for a little less than a month.

He is going in today (I'm writing this friday and posting it saturday) for surgery, and will be home later this afternoon. So he'll be getting a plate and 3-4 screws in his collarbone to stick it all back together. It was broken in three different places!

But he has been super frustrated. He's afraid that the bone will have healed wrong by now. And he was really mad that Surgery was "scheduled" for Tuesday, and then moved to Friday. Apparently, the person who told him surgery was on Tuesday was new and made a mistake. He apologized and scheduled (for real this time) his surgery for Friday.

Big bro wasn't too happy about that at all.

But he's finally going in today for some outpatient surgery. So he'll be home later and I'll be in charge of watching him tonight while mom and dad have their weekly date night. So I guess that's neat. Getting to make sure he's comfortable. I think that he'll be asleep most of the time, though. Poor big brother.

(Quote in the title was from the hilarious show "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack".)

P.S.-25 days until I turn 21! Hurry up and find him! Hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

Your family is accident prone! lol Tell J and P that I hope they get better and the surgery goes well. Don't you go out hurting yourself either missy!