Sunday, February 1, 2009

QLD and the blind.

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Thanks guys! I know I've already e-mailed some of you and I'm sorry if you don't like getting e-mails like that, but I'd still appreciate your help to get me into the top 1o!

This is the shortest blog I've ever written I think.

But maybe not, because I feel a random thought coming on. . .

Why don't dollar bills have braile on them? I mean, blind people can't tell the difference between bills! How much more convenient would it be for them if bills were different? Y'ever thought of that? They have to rely on people to tell them which bill is which. And some people are dishonest, and might not tell them the truth.

Yes, I watched that new reality show that came on after Deal or No Deal. So sue me.


Liz said...

Braille money....what a great idea!! You are so brilliant! (and yes, I rated your video 5 stars!)

Reef Job said...

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Good Luck!

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PTR said...

Here in Australia, each denomination of note is a different size so that blind people can tell them apart!