Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sugar and Spice but I'm not very nice.

Oh guh-ross! Barbies?? Blegh! I do not like Barbies. The doll that looks like it belongs in the playboy mansion. The doll that comes with . . . *shudder* Unicorns and. . . blegh, adorable pink bunnies, and even worse-

A career!

I just saw a commercial for Barbie. And let me tell you. I wasn't wrong to distrust those plastic boob havin' , 1950's Doris Day lookin', unattainable goal projectin' . . . punks!

Growing up, I played with toy dinosaurs. Those things are awesome. And they were the kind that had the name on the belly so you could tell what dinosaur you were playing with. I had two Pachycephalosauri who constantly bumped heads with my one triceratops. One Anklyosaurus, who liked to bludgeon my Iguanodon, a Tyranosaurus Rex, and an orange one that was bigger than the t-rex, but didn't have a name on the bottom. But he was a carnivore for sure.

Anyway, so whilst I was playing with my dinosaurs, my best friend was playing with barbies. When she brought barbies over to my house, I would play with them, yeah. But they'd be doing something awesome. Like re-enacting some scene from Rambo, or flying.

My mom never bought me Barbies. And I thank her endlessly for that.

This commercial I saw just a few minutes ago had the usual Barbie commercial song. Stating that you can "Be who you want to be! B-a-r-b-i-e!"

And you know what career they were giving her today? Today- the inaugural day of the first Black President. Today- nine years and twenty days into the twenty-first century. Today! The time when women can not only vote, but can also have careers and lives outside of housework and homemaking!! Hallelujah the strides we've made!

And today- Barbie was cooking. Barbie was making pie, I think, to be more specific.

Now, what's wrong with cooking? Nothing- lots of people do it. What's wrong with pie? Nothing, I enjoy pie, and I myself can make a pretty mean apple pie.

What's wrong with the commercial? Everything. Barbie is a sort of example for girls out there. A sort of spokeswoman if you would. And you know what she was telling your little girl? She was telling your girl to be who she wants to be. . . as long as it's feminine.

See, I have this sort of problem with these sorts of ads. I have a definite problem with multiple toy commercials. Commercials for barbies, commercials for hot wheels, commercials for video games, etc.

Any commercial that tries to draw a line and put "toys for little boys" on one side and "toys for little girls" on the other gets on my last nerve.

And McDonalds is the worst! Every month or so, they come out with a new promotion. Giving away new toys in their happy meals for little boys and girls to enjoy. What's the big deal? I'll TELL YOU what the big deal is! When you order a happy meal for your kid, they give you a specific toy based on the gender of your child. If you have a little boy, he gets a hotwheels car. If it's a girl, she probably gets a pretty little barbie.

But what if your little girl doesn't want to be restrained by the ideals of society? What if all your little girl wants to do is race her brother down a mountain with a wicked awesome car? Well too bad, little girl. You'll lose that race. Because you know what? Barbies don't come with wheels, specialty paint jobs and amazing modifications (. . . insert joke here). Barbies come with dresses and aprons and cleaning supplies. And those don't stand a chance against brother's new corvette up on that racing mountain. Not a chance.

Little Tikes Hot Wheels Car Adventure Mountain

Weird but relevant- Whenever I get happy meals, I always have to specify that I want a "boy toy" (. . again, insert your own joke here).


Jenna said...

I don't remember ever having Barbie dolls growing up. I am glad however that I am able to stay home with my kids - nurturing is part of who I am.

Anonymous said...

Awh, I kinda liked Barbies... I had the Ariel and Pocahontas Barbie, but that was it. Two others I believe, but no more than four. I was more into littlest pet shop, beanie babies and Polly Pockets. Oh my Polly Pocket village rocked. I still have it! It's great! :) Then when I grew out of those, American Girl Dolls were next. I liked playing with the hair the most, but now it's ratty and ruined. >.> Silly me. ^_^

Rebecca said...

I loved Barbies. I would make my own clothes for them. I think I had about 20 or so. I would get all the Disney barbies (I even had miniature ones). I only had two male ones. Ken and Aladdin.

Anyway, I understand that you don't like Barbies. But I wouldn't say she is a bad role model, because she isn't a role model at all. She has so many different roles becuase she is meant to appeal to a vast amount of girls with different tastes.

The commercial thing irritates me too. I agree with you on that point.

Just remember Mary, that no one is trying to change you. You don't have to like Barbies (or doing/playing with other feminine things), but you shouldn't harp on things that other girls like to do. If you don't want people to harp on you about you not liking feminine things, then don't harp on girls that do. :)