Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy busy busy!

So I'm taking the semester off because I'm just tired of school.

I've decided to just work until the next (summer) semester comes along. So far, I have a few things lined up. They're not exactly 9-5, but they're good. I'll be house sitting and dog sitting for a friend, catering a certain event, cleaning a house, and babysitting! What can I say? I'm a woman of many talents!

Also- Basketball season has started! Well, Church Ball has started. I've been practicing with my girls since November and on the 9th of January, all our hard work totally paid off! We won a game against another ward by 40 points! Congrats, girls! I'm so super proud of all of you!

Now I just hope that Saturday's game goes just as well. It's against a group who has a track record of being good at basketball. I told the girls before the first game that I didn't care if they won or not, as long as they had fun. The same thing stands here. I just want everyone to have a nice, clean game and have fun playing!

I've heard there's a group that has been playing a little rough, and I don't want my girls playing against that, but I guess we'll just stay positive and hope to have more of the older girls there just in case. Not that the younger girls on my team can't hold their own, they're just smaller and easier to knock over. Hehe. But they're adorable.

Anyway, I digress.

Wish me and my team of church basketballers luck! I'll come back later and blog something cool.

Also- GO! DO! HELP! It's so easy to help, it really really is. And Haiti really needs it right now.


Anonymous said...

:) You're awesome Mary! Good luck with those jobs and getting money until next summer. Don't forget to get back in the saddle for next summer! It's so hard to get back into the swing of things after you've taken a nice long break. I'm sure you can do it though! :)

JP said...

Hey Mary - good luck with your semester off. Just a word of advice in terms of medical school admissions - make sure you are doing something medically oriented!! It is VERY important to show you maintained your interest/passion for medicine during your time off. It's actually an ideal time to do more volunteering (more clinically oriented the better, more hands on (not candystripers!) the better) and maybe even research. Use the time off to your advantage and think long term about it - best wishes...And yes I watched a couple episodes of scrubs med school and will post;)

Mary said...

Panda- Thanks so much! I feel as though I've done the right thing taking a break because the day after I decided it, opportunities just sprung up! It was amazing!

JP- I'm planning on starting up with the Standardized Patient Program here again. And I have a friend who is a patient transporter up at the hospital, so maybe I can get him to help a sister out! Haha. Thanks for all the helpful tips! I love advice!

accident compensation said...

Hi Mary, nice to see you are going to keep yourself busy and earn some cash at the same time, and good luck with your basketball games :)

Mary said...

AC- thanks for dropping by the blog, and thanks for the good luck wishes! We'll need all the luck we can get to get to the finals! Haha!