Monday, June 20, 2011


I can control my attitude.
I cannot control the actions of others.
I can control my reactions.
I cannot control others' perceptions.
I can control my mood and my perspective.
I cannot control the decisions that others choose to make.

I wish I had more control than I do. I wish, when things go wrong or when people disagree, that I could mentally place one person in the others shoes. I wish I could take their viewpoint and give it a fresh, untainted perspective.

Take off those thorn colored glasses. See the roses all around you.

Are your actions hurting or helping those around you? Do you even care? You should.

Burning bridges leads only to you being alone on an island with no way out.

I apologize for the vague post. Those who know what has been going on will understand my frustrations.

I sometimes wish life weren't so sad.

I know that if I live as though the Savior were beside me, I will be happy in the end. Sometimes, though, having an Eternal Perspective is very very hard.

What would mom say if she were here?


Cierra Rafajko said...

Hang in there.. It is really hard to see why things happen and its hard to be patient. But as long as we have the Lord on our side everything else will fall into place. Just remember that you are an awesome and strong daughter of God.

pensiuni said...

all of us have to learn