Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Med. Term. Geo- Partay!!!

Okay, so in Med. Term. Class, we play Jeopardy to review for the tests. I am not as awesome in this as I thought I would be. It's all diseases and symptoms, no anatomy!! How's a girl supposed to ace the class if the anatomy part is all. . . gone? I mean, I kill at anatomy. I do. I am the best at knowing what things are and where they are. But when it comes to diseases and things like that, I stink. It's a weakness.

Also, in Math, I got my second test back and I have to get 100 on all the rest of them to pull through the class with a 70. I need a tutor. Badly. Jenna, I hope you don't mind this selfish plea for help. But math class is killing me.

On a brighter note, I think that all this getting up early in the morning stuff is starting to wear off. I've been getting up at 6 for the past. . . 4 years? And I'm finally beginning to not be a grumpy crusty eyed zombie! Yay for me! I knew that I'd be able to beat it one of these days. I just hope that springing forward won't mess that up. I so like being a morning person.

Last night in A&P class, the teacher (best one ever, by the way) was passing out tests, and pronounced my name wrong. I corrected him, but then told him that it was okay to mispronounce my name because "I love this class". That is probably the thing he hears most from me. There is a certain door in our classroom that he sometimes uses and when he is leaving through that door to do anything (sush some kids in the hallway, grab some stuff from his office, etc) I call after him with "I love this class". There is an unspoken "by the way" tone to how I say it. He thinks it's hilarious. But I think he's hilarious. When he reads things from the textbook, and he doesn't like it, he calls it "Hogwash!". He is fun stuff. Really. I feel like he's the funny old grandpa I never had.

Well, I do have two grandpas, but they don't count. I don't see them as much. But of course, they do live in Utah and Minnesota. So there's an excuse.

Anyway, my foot is asleep. And I think I might want to be joining it soon. I do have time before my next class to get in a few hours.

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Scott & Jenna said...

OK girlfriend -- when shall we get together? I'm happy to help!!!

Call me K? I don't want anyone crashing our study session! ;)