Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poppins anyone?

I love the movie Mary Poppins. It's terrific fun! I watched my favorite song from that movie today. I know why it's my favorite one. Do you know why?

I like it because I love hearing people singing about me. That's why. My mom sings this sometimes and I love it! Also, Dick Van Dyke is awefully goofy in this movie. Always good for a laugh.

On a different note:

Yesterday after Math class, a friend invited me (more like told me I was going to go) to a "dance party" downtown. Apparently, there are parties on saturday nights. I had no idea. I don't know if I want to go. It's not really my scene. If you know what I mean. (rhyming mostly un-intentional).

I mean, a party? Downtown? Where there could be things that I don't want to see/hear/ingest? Where it goes from 7:00 to who knows when? I don't think so. I'll have to ask about it. It'd be nice to go out and do something for once, but not at the expense of my integrity and values. I might just invite him to the church dance that is the friday before and ask him to compare.

Also, someone made the comment that it sounded an aweful lot like it was a date. It's not. It doesn't matter if I go or not, it's not a date. He invited me and our other friend in math class to go. So I don't think it's like that. Although he did get my number. But only so he could call me and give me the details about the party.

But he is cute.

But I don't date non members.

But I don't date.

But I shouldn't care.

I guess I'm just going to have to talk it over with my mom. She always has good advice.

On yet another, more different note:

I was whistled at twice yesterday. Wolf whistle. Once it was a guy I had no idea who he was, and another time was a guy I did know who was just playing around (I hope). I ignored both of them. Hahaha.

I guess being attractive has it's disadvantages.


Scott & Jenna said...

oh! oh! oh! NO DANCE THIS WEEKEND!!! The conference in Columbia beat out the dance so it was canceled. (Did you know canceled has one L and not two? I am a pretty good speller & missed that one.)

I love your song, too.

Is it a date? or a friend? Are you driving? (Driving is better if there's any chance of alcohol involved. How am I supposed to know how many drinks are too many? And how will they?) Good luck --

How's math???

patrick said...

Disney came up the the idea for Mary Poppins first right? i guess there're making it into a play as of now.