Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, I've managed so far. . .

. . . To stay away from discussing politics.

Yeah, I know. Its weird for me to post more than once a week lately, but I found some interesting stuff.

So, the reason I've avoided this topic so far is that I know no matter where I stand, there will always be someone who supports a different candidate. Also, people whose opinions I value support Obama and make fun of those who support McCain. That made me hesitate to share my political view as well. And the old saying that advises against discussing politics and religion. Well I've already discussed religion on this blog, so why not go politics?

Just so you know, I'm very opinionated when it comes to politics.

First of all- VOTE! I don't care who you vote for! Just vote! Those of you who don't really have no right to sit there and critisize the government for it's shortcomings when you yourself didn't go out and participate in the voting process.

Second- Check your facts! Don't go around beleiving whatever your favorite news anchor tells you about a candidate. Make sure you find where they got their information and do a little research!

Third- Don't let the Media decide for you! If you see a video on youtube, or on facebook or something, look up the things they say and make sure you understand where they're coming from. At least check Google or Wikipedia. Because while they're not always the most reliable sources, at least it means you've attempted to find out more. Try to find a non-biased site that reviews claims from both parties and evaluates their accuracy by citing speeches and voting records. For example- This is a very informative site.

Fourth- For the youngguns out there- make sure you know why you're voting for your candidate. Don't let the reason be because your parents have voted that way all your life, or that all of your friends are voting for that candidate, so you should as well. NO! Look at the issues that are most important to you and research what your candidate plans on doing about them. See how your views, opinions and concerns match up against your candidate's views, opinions, and concerns! Who knows, you might change your mind about who you want to vote for!


Dr. A said...

These are great tips. I also told my self "no politics" posts. But, I did write a couple of semi political posts this week. I just want this election to be over already - Sheesh!

Liz said...

So you don't value MY opinion????