Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In San Diego

My mother's favorite brother called me on the 13th of January on his way home from the hospital. His foot was broken and he had just gotten a cast on it.

He needed me to come out and help him drive to and from work, so I told him I would come as soon as possible.

I was there the next Wednesday.

I've been in San Diego now for about 2 weeks and I am looking for something more to do. Maybe a job, maybe volunteering, maybe writing. I don't know. I've been sitting at the apartment for two weeks now and while the weekends have been full of trips to the mall and seaworld and oldtown and other fun places, there's only so much I can do during the week at home.

I've already cleaned the apartment. It'll only get so clean.

I've already made cookies (sugar free sugar and chocolate chip for my diabetic uncle!!) and apple pie. There's only so much cooking one can do before there's nothing to make anymore.

I've done the dishes, I've unpacked boxes that had been packed, I've looked online for jobs, and I've updated twitter, facebook, and now my blog.

I'm going stir crazy.

Anyway, I'm just letting the world know how I'm doing. Now to look for more jobs.

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