Monday, April 7, 2008

Embarrasing Doctor Things

Sometimes it's hard to be a student of medicine. I mean, talking about organs and blood and bones and nerves is fine. It really is. In fact, sometimes, it's just plain fun! But there are certain things that I knew would come along sooner or later that just come right up and bite you. Things like the reproductive systems. Things like the birthing process and stuff that I feel I really don't want to know about. This topic came to mind when on my daily rounds. You all know I start over at It's fun over there. All sorts of medicinal reviews of comic books, and shows. It's pretty interesting to see. Well the other day, I start my rounds and I come across This Post from the good Dr. Scott over at A comic book doctor having trouble telling a young lady that she is "with child". He found it amusing, and I guess I did as well, but I quickly came to the defense of the poor old comic doc. Sometimes those things are hard to talk about! You can read my comment on the whole thing from there. Basically, I said that sometimes, people don't want to deal with embarrasing things such as that. I mean, someone being pregnant, is, I'll admit, one of the easier things to talk about compared to what it could've been. The doctor could've been telling her that that rash on her you-know-where was an std. It was even embarrassing for me to write that! I know I'm going to have to deal with all of this someday, but for now, I'd really like to just not have to. I have a test today on the reproductive systems, and I really don't want to even study. I've done fine on the rest of the tests, so I'll be fine if I just do my best. But I'm not looking forward to diagrams. 'Cuz that stuff is yucky!

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