Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun in the Rain.

There was a dance tonight. Big Brother and I went late and left early as usual. The funnest part of the evening was sticking our hands out the window in the rain. Now, you might think that that's lame. "What's so fun about sticking your hand out the window when it's raining?" you ask. Well, it's not just any window. It's a car window. And at about 40 mph, even a light rain starts to feel like pricking needles against your skin. Try it sometime. Maybe you'll see what I'm talking about. Next time it's raining, go for a drive. Make sure you have a t-shirt on, so that no sleeves are ruined in the process, and stick your hand out the window once you hit the freeway. See how long you can keep it out there. Sure it's painful at first, but eventually, the chilling cold from the combination of wetness and wind start to numb your arm. You still feel the pricking sensation from the rain, but at least you don't feel the pain from sticking your arm straight out for a half hour. That's the fun part for us. Seeing how long we can go without brining our arms inside the car. We went 40 minutes last night, no joke. We would've gone longer if we had been further away. But even that small amount of time was worth tons of laughs. And lots of stinging sensations on the arm. Going 70 something down the highway while in slightly heavy rain?? Wow, it hurts. But it's sooo worth the feeling you get when you get home and dry and numb your arm. Kind of makes you appreciate your windsheild a bit more as well.

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Anonymous said...

I love having the windows down when it rains. The smell is just lovely and I've missed the rain a lot. Rain=greenery