Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grand Rounds and Google

Gruntdoc's been having a pretty good week for posts. His April Fool's edition of Grand Rounds was amazing! I jumped from blog to blog, to blog to blog to blog to blog enjoying Grand Rounds even more than ever, and I'm still not done reading all of the amazing submissions. Maybe someday I'll have something to submit to GR. That'd be nice. Anyway, I now have a whole load of mediblogs to add to my link's list. Doctor Anonyomus' Video Hosting was by far my favorite. His commentary on the whole thing was amusing and insightful at the same time. This week has been , by far, the best Grand Rounds ever. Thanks to Nick Genes, the Grand Rounds coordinator for putting together yet another wonderful Grand Rounds. You picked all the right people to help.

Next up on my list, Google's version of E-mail. I've wanted to mention this for the longest time, but I haven't really thought about it when posting. Gruntdoc's post on Google's april fool's joke reminded me.

I have a gmail account. When signing up, they say "no more spam!" or "less spam than everyone else". That's a load of hoo-ha. With my current e-mail provider, I get anywhere from one to three spam messages a day. Whenever I log in to gmail, my "spam box" is loaded by the hundreds with spam mail messages. I really am thinking of getting rid of this gmail account. Mainly because it's redundant. All I really do with it is use it to send or receive things that I think are taking too long on my normal e-mail provider. But even that is just a show. It doesn't really go faster. It usually works when sending, but receiving depends on when it's sent. So there's not much difference there. I really only do it to keep the wait from being boring. I do not recommend gmail.

On a seperate note, I have been playing games on MSN Messenger. My friend recently pointed out to me that MsnMess. had this feature. It's a wonderfully enjoyable experience. Especially when I'm the winner. Which I am when we play Seven Hand Draw Poker and Competetive Sudoku. But he's better by far at 8-ball pool. It's been very very fun and I hope to eventually try out all of the games. We've been having a blast.

I wish I could post audio clips on here. Ones that I had gotten from my other friend. He is practicing his Captain Falcon voice. It's pretty funny. Especially when he asks for a peanut butter sandwitch. I'll see if I can't grab a few snatches of audio gold from him.
update: got some!

Finally - Why does This Guy have to be so darn good looking? It's kind of annoying.

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