Tuesday, November 27, 2007

College Kills.... Do It!

It does, really. I have six papers to do before the weekend starts. One of which is late, and none of which have been started at all. I have two take home tests, two research papers, an essay, a speech (probably two of those as well if I'm lucky enough to make up for the one I missed), and a whole load of studying because finals are coming up. Two of the finals are the Take home tests, but the other ones will be painful.

College pranks are worth going to college for. http://prankvote.com/ is a wonderful place to go for new ideas of how to prank an annoying room-mate.

Also, I have been trying to learn how to shuffle cards. It's hard. I mean, I can mix them up good enough, but I just don't have that *flare* that is needed when trying to not look completely incompetent. Big Brother's been to vegas... I should ask him for some pointers.

I learned both parts to Heart and Soul (nothing like what Geena Davis did in Stewart Little, though) just in case someone else needs to play it in an emergency music session and I'm around.

On a different note (which is trying to present itself without screaming "I'm weird"), I was talking with Mom this morning and we decided that if several people in my family died, leaving me to write the screenplay of the tragedy, then Mom would be Jamie Lee Curtis, Dad would be Bruce Willis, and my uncle would be Stephen Fry. That's as far as we've gotten so far, but I'm sure that if the whole family put our heads together, we might be able to think of a few more.

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